What is the Philips brand worth?

Que vaut la marque Philips ?
Written by Agathe Rosse

The Philips Group is one of Europe’s leading household appliance brands. Philips has a wide range of products, from electric brushes to baby bottles and refrigerators.

The brand is present in three sectors, consumer products, lighting and healthcare, and is a leader in the heart care markets with high-tech equipment.

Philips products are often found throughout our homes, in stores and online, and are often universally acclaimed. What about product quality? Can we trust the Philips brand?


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The Philips story in a nutshell

The Philips brand as we know it today is a far cry from the small factory created by the two Philips brothers in the Netherlands in 1891. At the beginning, the two founders had the ambition to manufacture and market carbon filament lamps. In 1914, they opened their own research laboratory with the aim of diversifying their production. From innovation to innovation, many new products are emerging in a variety of sectors, including the first electric shaver and the CD, developed with Sony.

Today, Philips is focusing its technologies to develop innovations in healthcare, lighting and consumer products. The small manufacture has grown into an international group, selling products in more than 60 countries.


His credo

More than just a slogan, the brand supports its commitments with a widely promoted credo: “Making life better is always possible“. The tagline conveys the brand values and introduces the Philips Better Me, Better World Foundation, which aims to reduce health inequalities.

Philips wants to prove that its innovations can both make people’s lives easier and the world a better place with new technologies in healthcare.


Prizes won by Philips

The brand has already received numerous awards, by juries or consumers. Here are a few examples of prices on leading products in France :

These three user awards (among many others) prove that the brand is ingrained and appreciated by consumers.


Is the Philips brand reliable?

Philips has an international reputation, and for good reason. Indeed, whatever the product, the brand is recognized as reliable and is appreciated by its users, whether for the quality of its products or for its customer service. Philips is seen by consumers as a serious brand that offers strong and durable products.

However, if you are looking for a spare part to repair a unit by yourself, forget it! Unfortunately, the brand does not offer any parts, which means that you have to buy a new device.


Philips: Which product range?

Even if the brand advocates innovation, it does not only offer top-of-the-range products! Its wide range of products makes it possible to find mid-range to high-end devices to suit many budgets.

Mid-range products are the most promoted, especially in department stores, which can appeal to a wider audience. Even if the prices are a little lower, the quality remains correct and the products efficient.


Philips flagship products

As we know, Philips offers a very large number of consumer products, enough to equip our whole house.


Philips coffeemakers

To our great delight, the brand’s range of coffee makers offers coffee machines for all budgets. For espresso and coffee bean purists, you’ll love the Super Automatic 2,000 espresso machine or other grinders for a fresh, aromatic coffee. For a simple and economical solution, opt for the classic Senseo pod or filter coffeemaker. A wide choice to suit your tastes, your budget and your needs.


Feeding bottles

It is less suspected, but Philips is also very present in childcare articles. The brand places its innovations at the service of the well-being of babies, with a range of avent bottle which facilitates Baby’s feeding and reduces the risk of intestinal discomfort. Useful technology adored by toddlers!



If you want a solution to illuminate your interior or exterior, you’ll find a wide range of products from Philips. Light bulbs, wall lights, ceiling lights, floor lights etc. All at the cutting edge of technology, with many models of connected lamps or based on the HUE innovation, for luminaires that are both connected and imitate natural light for greater comfort. In the same vein, Philips has a whole range of innovative products focused on light therapy, such as the Awakening Light Alarm Clock, which wakes you up tenderly by reproducing daylight.


Taking care of yourself

Philips offers a wide range of products and technology for the well-being of everyone. Men and women of all ages can find something to pamper themselves. Electric shaver, toothbrush, facial cleansing brushes, depilators, straighteners, hairdryers etc. Enough to satisfy everyone and take care of yourself.


Image and sound

Of course, the brand is more than famous for its products in the field of sound and image, with its TVs, speakers, headphones, projectors etc. that always show good quality.


Quality of customer service

Availability and reactivity! Customer service is ready to answer all your questions to ensure your satisfaction. The guarantee of the products is between 2 and 5 years, and you can be sure to have a trusted and committed after-sales service for any problem.

Where to reach the after-sales service?

  • By telephone: 01 57 32 40 51, Monday-Friday from 8am to 8pm and Saturday from 9am to 6pm.
  • By mail: Philips France SAS, 33 rue de Verdun, 92150 SURESNES, France
  • Online: via the website, Facebook or Twitter.


Philips Shaver: Best sellers 2020

The Philips electric shaver is one of its flagship products, with a wide choice depending on skin, hair and beard length. Easy to care for, you’ll find shavers that suit you, battery operated, corded, for hair, beard, both and more. Here are Philips’ best-selling shavers in 2019:


SweetLF Men’s Rechargeable Electric Razor Wet&Dry 3D rotating heads


PHILIPS S9711/32 Electric Shaver with SmartClean Plus System

rasoir electrique philips aquatouch

Philips S5400/06 Aquatouch 100% waterproof electric shaver




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