Robotic Lawn Mower: our selection of the 6 best models

Written by Agathe Rosse

At last the warm weather is here again! You love your outdoor area but when it comes to mowing your garden, it’s a little less so. On the one hand, don’t worry, for the vast majority it’s the same: a chore. On the other hand, we have THE solution, the robot lawnmower! Perfect for enjoying your beautiful garden effortlessly. The advantage is that a robot mower takes up much less space than a manual lawnmower. And let’s not forget the noise level, which is also much more pleasant! In short, it’s a real pleasure because these connected robot mowers are easy to handle and ergonomic. So here is our selection of the best robot mowers with answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Calculer la surface de son jardin How do you choose a robotic lawnmower?

Indeed, buying a robotic lawnmower is not easy, especially when you see the choice and the possibilities that are offered to you. Simply, we advise you to first calculate the surface of your garden in square metres. Then look at the customer reviews. Finally, to get the best prices, the internet and Amazon are the most attractive.

Which robot mower for 300m2?

In our article, we present many robot mowers for an area of 300m². Here are the best ones for us:

  • GARDENA SILENO city 300 | Robot Lawn Mower up to 300m² – WORX

  • WORX – LANDROID Wireless Lawnmower – WR130E – up to 300m2

  • LANDXCAPE Cordless Lawn Mower 300m²LX799

You can find them below in our selection of the best robot mowers.

Which robotic lawnmower for 500m2?

There are not many robot mowers that can cut 500m², but there are several models:

  • LANDXCAPE Cordless Lawn Mower 600m² LX790i

  • WORX – LANDROID Wireless Robot Lawnmower – WR141E – up to 500m2

  • GARDENA smart SILENO city 500 | Connected Robot Lawnmower up to 500m² – LX790i

All 3 of them come from brands that are mentioned in the article and that we screen.

What is the best brand of robotic lawnmower?

It’s hard to name just one brand of robotic lawnmower. However, for us, the 3 best brands are :

  • Gardena, part of the Husqvarna Group,
  • Worx,
  • Landxcape

In any case, between the three of them, they dominate the robotic lawnmower market with their different ranges for both small and large gardens.

station de charge base Where to place the robot lawnmower base?

Firstly, we advise you to place your robot lawnmower base within 10 metres of a mains socket, in which case you will need an extension lead. Secondly, a shady location is preferable to guarantee the durability of your robot. Finally, leave some space around the base (about 50cm) on both sides so that the robot can come and go from the base.

What is the price of a robotic lawnmower?

The price can vary greatly between certain models of robot mowers. It depends on the brand, the quality of the robot and also the application. Prices can start from 400 – 450 euros and go up to more than 1000 – 1300 for devices that can mow a large area. You should therefore take a good look at the average prices according to the surface area of the lawn you want to mow, so as not to be taken in.

Our comparison of the best robot mowers

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GARDENA SILENO city 300 | Robot Lawn Mower up to 300m² – Mows in rain and narrow passages, Bluetooth App, Frost sensor, Very quiet, Automatic – Robot Lawn Mower (15001-26)

We start our selection with this superb model of autonomous lawnmower from the Gardena brand. For more than 50 years, the Gardena brand has been a specialist in garden tools. For them, the robot mower business is a story of improvement since 2012. Otherwise, this Gardena robot mower has the following dimensions: 55cm long, 36cm wide and 22cm high. All in all, this automatic mower can mow a lawn of up to 300 square metres. On the other hand, in terms of its technical features, it is connected via Bluetooth to your phone. However, only up to a distance of 10 metres. A big advantage of this robot is that it mows the grass even in rainy weather! This is perfect for starting the mowing season when it is still raining often. In any case, this also means that the robot can be cleaned very easily with a water hose! In addition, small areas in corridors are not a problem, it mows them in the same way as large areas. Moreover, the cordless mower can even cut grass on a 35% slope. Otherwise, the battery is made of lithium, the charging time is 60 minutes and the autonomy is 65 minutes. Another advantage is the adjustable cutting height of the blades, which varies between 2 and 5 centimetres. As far as noise is concerned, it does not exceed 60 decibels, which is quiet. On the other hand, its price is a bit high, which is a pity because it offers some nice advantages.

Bosch Connected Robotic Lawn Mower – Indego S+ 350 (smartphone control, 19 cm cutting width, area up to 350 m², with accessories)

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Second mowing machine, this time from Bosch. The German brand is so well known that we don’t need to introduce it anymore, but for this model they could have done better. First of all, in terms of dimensions the robot measures 44 x 36 x 22.2 centimetres (LxWxH). Secondly, this robot mower covers an area of up to 350 square metres. However, this device is not comfortable mowing the lawn when the weather conditions are not good. This robot mower can cope with slopes of up to 27%. Otherwise, the lawn is mowed between 3 and 5 centimetres, the choice is yours. The robot is connected to your mobile or tablet through their dedicated app which tells you where the robot has been and what it has left. You can also program your battery powered mower. On the other hand, the device has the Logicut system which allows you to map your garden and mow the lawn in a smart and fast way. Then, for the security of your robot mower, you have to enter your PIN code to prove your ownership. The large STOP button also allows you to stop the robot in an instant. Otherwise, its charging base is smart, it only sends to mow if time permits and the robot returns to it automatically. However, the charge lasts 1 hour for 40 minutes of lawn mowing. Be careful though, your lawn should be as passable as possible, holes make the mower fickle. Fortunately, Amazon’s after-sales service is very responsive in the event of a problem. You don’t have to worry, you can order it via the link to be taken care of if needed.

WORX – LANDROID Connected Robot Mower / Cordless Lawnmower – WR130E – up to 300m² (Easy installation, mows in the rain, Autonomous, remote control, Smart Mowing)

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This is our favourite robot lawnmower model, in our opinion it is one of the best mowing robots on the market. Manufactured by the Worx brand, specialists in garden maintenance and DIY, it is very popular with gardeners and gardening enthusiasts. Otherwise, it has the following dimensions: 50.7cm long, 36.1cm wide and 20.5 centimetres high. The robot lawnmower maintains a lawn area of up to 300m². It also works even when it is raining. The mowing is well done, even impeccable, and is just as effective in the more complex areas as it is on the edges. But there is no secret, a good installation changes everything. Of course, it takes time to delimit the area, but the better it is done, the less problems you will have later on. As for the slopes, they should not exceed 35%. In addition, the robot mower has a low noise level, which is pleasant. The cutting height can be adjusted between 2 and 5 centimetres. This robot mower has a longer charging time than most. It has a lithium-ion battery. Otherwise, we really appreciate the application through which the robot is connected. Indeed, you can program the mowing times, the updates are frequent for a better use every day. The best part is that there is even a hedgehog preservation mode, which limits the robot’s activity at night. In short, this is one of the most optimal robotic lawnmowers available at a fair price. It is one of the best value for money.

LANDXCAPE Cordless Robot Mower 300m²LX799, 3 Blade Cutting/Mulching System, Connected Lawn Mower, Shock Sensor, Side Loading Digital Display

We continue our selection of the best robotic lawnmowers with this model from Landxcape, a brand that only specialises in robotic lawnmowers. This device mows a maximum area of 300 square metres and measures 51.1cm x 35.6cm x 21cm (LxWxH). In addition, the product is equipped with a rain sensor, which allows it to stop and start again later. The electric lawnmower can cope with a maximum inclination of 25% (15°). It is also very intelligent, and when it runs out of battery, it returns to the recharging station itself. In fact, it takes 210 minutes to recharge the entire battery. On the other hand, its mowing time is 1h10. On the other hand, you can choose the height of the cut grass between 20 and 60 millimetres. Otherwise, the robot remains skilful even in narrow corridors, the mowing is well done. Don’t forget to clean it from time to time to remove grass residues. No need to add much, this is a good product with good value for money. For the record, it’s all the rage in Germany.

WORX – LANDROID Cordless Robot Mower – WR143E – up to 1000m² (Easy Set-up, Rain Mowing, Autonomous, Remote Control, Smart Mowing with Edge Cutting)

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Second robot mower from Worx but not the least. This one can mow up to 1,000 square metres! It is 55.8cm long by 40.4cm wide and 20.5 centimetres high. What’s more, it’s not afraid of rain, slopes of 35% and narrow areas! As far as noise is concerned, it is still quite quiet compared to a manual mower. On the other hand, it has to stay at the charging station for 1.5 hours to recharge its batteries. You can automatically schedule your robot mower via the mobile application or tablet. In short, apart from the installation, you have very little effort to make afterwards to enjoy your well-mown garden! Otherwise your lawn will be cut between 3 and 6 centimetres. Alternatively, Worx offers the “Cut to edge” system for these robotic mowers, which allows the grass to be cut right up to the edge! The device also has an anti-theft device that allows you to locate your robot mower if it is stolen. All in all, this is a good robot mower for large areas at a very reasonable price. The mower delights users and he recommends it for large gardens.

Yard Force Robotic Mower SA900ECO with Obstacle and Lift Sensors for Lawns up to 900m², SA900ECO/900m² (Easy set up, mows in the rain, autonomous, remote control, intelligent mowing with edge trimming)

We finish our selection with this good model from the brand Yard Force. This robot mows a maximum area of 900m². The robot has the following dimensions: 57 x 39 x 26 centimetres (LxWxH). It is otherwise rain-resistant and can withstand inclines of up to 40%. The cutting height can be adjusted between 20 and 60 millimetres. The charging time is 90 minutes for an 80-minute mowing session before returning to the charging station. In addition, as soon as the battery is low, it returns to the docking station by itself. Otherwise its low noise level is very appreciated. However, what we think is a shame is that there is no mowing strategy. It is random, so you will have to wait several days before you have a perfect lawn. Finally, the price is very good compared to the competition for this mowing surface, which offsets the small defects it may have. Finally, we have come to the end of our comparison of robot mowers and hope you have found your model. From now on, it’s your turn to have free time when the robot mower takes care of the lawn all by itself.

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