What are the best roof boxes?

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Going on holiday… We love it, but the luggage puzzle doesn’t! All the solutions are good for packing the ton of stuff you want to bring with you. Trailer, tailgate, roof box, bike carriers… What’s best for your driving aboard your vehicle? Which is the most efficient? If it’s a question of luggage, it’s best to opt for the roof box! Ok, but which one then? Here is our selection of the best roof boxes to make your choice easier. Finally, we’ll also answer any questions you may have about roof boxes or the fastening system for your roof box.

How do you attach a roof box to a car?

First of all, you should know that if you attach a soft or hard top box, it’s as easy as either one. In fact, you’ll see that it’s easy to install. It still depends on certain roof boxes, but the ones in our selection can be fitted in these ways.

  • For the power click fastening system from Thulefixation thule coffre de toit

First you turn the knob inside the boot to open the fixing clamp, then you position the boot by aligning the roof bars between the fixing clamps. Finally, you open the boot to tighten the fixing clamp by turning the tightening wheel and seal the roof box to the roof bars.

  • For the Fast Click system

It is almost the same as above except that the fixing is not already integrated. It slides into the holes after positioning the roof box on the longitudinal bars. Once the clamps are in the holes provided, simply tighten the knob to tighten the clamps around the roof bar.

  • For the easy Snap system

First of all, the boot must be positioned on the roof bars. Place the Easy-Snap devices in the designated positions and secure them with the materials supplied around the roof bars. Once the Easy-Snap system is attached, close the handle of the device and lock the system with the button.

What size roof box?

It’s quite difficult to realize what size roof box is made for us. However, if you think about it carefully, there are several small things that can help us. First of all, the size of your car is decisive. If you have a small, city car, don’t lean towards the xxl models of roof boxes. Conversely, if you have a large SUV, saloon or estate car such as a Picasso or Dacia duster, you can afford a roof box with plenty of storage space.Taille coffre de toit Next, your luggage quantity is a good indicator. If it’s a matter of 2 – 3 bags, it’s best to take a roof box of size M. If the boot of the car overflows and more than 3 bags don’t fit, take a large storage space of size L to XL. On the other hand, if you’re carrying long, bulky items such as skis, snowboards or a pram. Here too, you need a trunk the minimum size of their dimensions. Finally, for more comfort when driving, don’t forget to take a roof box model with an aerodynamic design.

What is the best roof box?

When you’re looking for the best roof box, you really want the best. However, several criteria are taken into account depending on the needs. We have therefore made a fine selection of the best roof boxes according to the best on the market, to be discovered right afterwards. In this table you will find the 3 best roof boxes according to different criteria. We consider Thule roof boxes to be the best available.

Thule Force XT XL Black Aeroskin
Thule Ranger Foldaway 280 Litre
Thule 629201 Roof Boxes Motion XT, Black Glossy, Size M
Thule Force XT XL Black Aeroskin
Thule Ranger Foldaway 280 Litre
Thule 629201 Roof Boxes Motion XT, Black Glossy, Size M
Thule Force XT XL Black Aeroskin
Thule Force XT XL Black Aeroskin
Thule Ranger Foldaway 280 Litre
Thule Ranger Foldaway 280 Litre
Thule 629201 Roof Boxes Motion XT, Black Glossy, Size M
Thule 629201 Roof Boxes Motion XT, Black Glossy, Size M

First of all, to find the best roof box, you have to think about your needs. For example, its volume capacity needs to be considered. If you have a lot of luggage or large objects that don’t fit inside your car. We then recommend roof box models with these criteria:

  • The trunk can be opened from both sides, so that you don’t have to ask yourself questions when you want to open it
  • A locking security system
  • Quick and easy roof box attachment to your vehicle’s roof bars
  • Good aerodynamics of the roof box to limit the impact of the wind grip

Finally, if you want fast delivery because your roof box is in a hurry, we advise you to opt for Thule products from our selection. Thule brand delivery is very fast and well done.

Thule Motion XT M, Elegant, spacious roof box optimised for ease of use.

First of all, this is the first model in our selection, part of the beautiful Thule brand roof box range. We might as well tell you from the outset that it’s a big hit with us! We’ll start by telling you its dimensions: 175 cm long 86.5 cm wide and 46 cm high. In total, it has a capacity of 400 litres and a maximum load of 75 kg. This roof box made of ABS plastic weighs 17.5 kilos and is also UV-resistant! In addition, there are 2 colours available for this model, black or anthracite grey. The big plus of the Thule Motion? roof box is the fasteners. They clip easily to even the widest roof bars! Its locking system is also very popular. In conclusion, the Thule Motion XT M roof box is a quality product with good aerodynamics.

THULE 631811 Roof Box Rigid Car Roof Box Pacific L 780, 420 L, Anthracite Grey

For the second roof box model, here’s another one from our favourite brand: Thule. The dimensions are 196 cm long, 78 cm wide and 45 cm high. In addition, the roof box weighs 15 kilos and has a loading capacity of 50 kg with a volume of 420 litres. In addition, itsfastening system is quick and easy with their “Fast-Grip” technology. On the other hand, safety is also one of their concerns as it is equipped with a central and intelligent locking system. Otherwise,access to the boot of the car is quite possible as the roof box is positioned at the front, so the opening is not impacted. Finally, to store your skis, they should not exceed 1.80 metres. To conclude, this is a Thule roof box that offers good value for money.

Thule Force XT XL, Versatile roof box for everyday use.

We continue with our third model on Thule roof boxes. Here we are really on a large roof box with dimensions such as: 2.10 metres long, 86 cm wide and 44 cm high! However, it weighs 21.3 kg. However, it’s a real comfort and it has a strong use with its large volume of 500 litres. Moreover, it has a side opening on both sides which makes it ideal. Its maximum load capacity is 75 kg, which makes it possible to carry a lot of luggage or a pram or skis. In addition, this Thule roof box is made of highly resistant and rigid ABS plastic, which is a guarantee of quality. Finally, it is one of the best roof box models on the market, perfect for a saloon car.

Thule Ranger 90, Foldable roof box for easy storage.

Another Thule roof box, but this time it’s a foldable roof box. Its tough, waterproof fabric material makes it easy to store it when not in use. This is a fairly small roof box, here are its measurements: 110 cm long, 80 cm wide and 40 cm high. In addition, the equipment weighs only 7 kg and has a high-quality zipper. It is therefore ideal for smaller vehicles and has a maximum load capacity of 50kg. On the other hand, its fastening system is the same as the others: it is securely fastened to the roof bars. Despite its small size, the interior offers room for 2 cabin suitcases and a sports bag! Finally, it’s a Thule roof box with good value for money.

Fischer 126000 Foldable Roof Box, Waterproof and Very Solid 270 l with Storage Bag

Second foldable canvas roof box. With its watertightness and reinforced closure, don’t be afraid to find your luggage wet inside this roof box. This time it’s from the Fischer brand of tools. It has an average loading volume, as you can understand with its dimensions: 1 metre long 40 cm high and 80 cm wide. In addition, the roof box has a weight of 5 kg and a transport load of 50 kg. Perfect for any type of roof bar up to 80cm and vehicle. Maintenance for the attachment is quick and easy. Above all, we like the small space it takes up once folded, it can be easily stored inside the vehicle boot. In conclusion, it is one of the products that we don’t hear much about but which have an attractive price.

Thule Touring L, Elegant and functional roof box for all your needs.

The ultimate Thule roof box that reveals large dimensions such as: 190 cm long, 73 cm wide and 39 cm high. The equipment weighs 15 kg and has a loading capacity of 50 kg. Trendy design, painted in an attractive glossy grey, it is one of the most elegant car roof boxes! The roof box is also easy to attach to the vehicle, on any roof bar and in complete safety. In fact, this roof box is ideal for medium to long saloon cars. Thule roof boxes are delivered very quickly and always with great care. Above all, what we like is that the roof box can be opened from both sides. Otherwise, in terms of safety, the boot has an intelligent multiple locking system. Finally, it’s a good means of transport for storing skis, prams or luggage.

Roof box FARAD MARLIN F3 680L black

Last roof box of our selection and not the least! It is one of the largest models of roof boxes you can find. It is 2.10 metres long, 1 metre wide and 4o centimetres high. This roof box from the car equipment brand, Farad, weighs 21 kg however. It has a load capacity of up to 75 kg and an interior volume of 680 litres. The double side opening is a real plus for unexpected and fast loading. In addition, it is easy to attach to roof bars. However, as you can understand, this roof box is more suitable for a large car. It is ideal for storing bulky items such as skis, luggage or beach accessories. To conclude, we have a good volume/price ratio.

Bonus :

Thule 800603 THULE 8006 GoPack Set of Four Bags to Make the Best Use of Your Roof Box Space, Set of 4

The best buy you’ll ever make! These waterproof canvas carrying bags make the most of the interior capacity of your Thule roof box. Indeed, they fill the entire volume, even the thinner end of the roof box, where it’s rare that you can put stock. The use of these Thule accessory products (at a slightly high price) is a real comfort for large or very busy families. In addition, these bag models are of good quality with a strong zip. Although they are black in colour, they are recognisable with a coloured label. So you will be able to find your way around in your luggage! Above all, you will be able to travel more safely because no bags will be left lying around in the car. Opening the boot of your car will no longer be stressful as the bags allow you to make the most of the roof boot. This is the end of the article. We hope you’ve found the right roof box for your vehicle and your needs. See you soon for more comparisons.

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