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Written by Agathe Rosse

Fitness elastics are becoming more and more fashionable with the popularity of sports at home. Indeed, they are very practical for building muscles, stretching or simply doing a physical activity. Their effectiveness has been proven many times over on their toning up, moreover, they are not bulky at all. The real advantage is the multitude of possible exercises to do with these resistance bands. All the muscles of the body can work with just one elastic band. This fitness accessory is just as suitable for beginners as it is for experienced sportsmen and women. However, the competition is fierce, and there is so much to choose from that we don’t know which one to choose. This is why we will help you find the best sports elastic that best suits your expectations and your level.

🏆 The best sellers of the moment

Why buy sports elastics?

Elastic bands are often perceived as torture during sport, yet they are not there to hurt you, quite the contrary! They are designed to make you work your muscles and joints to get you back in shape in the same way aselliptical bikes . However, how can you use a muscle-building elastic band? How is it possible to use a sports elastic band?

Doing sport at home

First of all, because of the health crisis that has pushed us to stay at home, sport at home has become widely democratised. So we realised that not going to the gym was complicated to continue exercising and building muscles. This is why resistance bands are very popular for home sport. Thighs, calves, buttocks, pectoral, dorsal, biceps, triceps and abdominal straps all go in! Indeed, with the help of simple fitness exercises such as squats, lunges or running on the spot carried out over several repetitions with your elastics will allow you to sculpt your whole body. Thanks to its elastics, a good number of sports accessories are no longer useful as they can replace: muscle-building machines, alters, ball medicine and many others..

Rehabilitation and stretching

Moreover, they are also highly recommended by physiotherapists for their gentle and effective re-education effects. They combine stretching and muscle strengthening. Weak joints after an accident will regain tone and strength by developing the muscles around the joint. Tendons and ligaments will be deeply strengthened. Many problems can be cured by using a resistance band. On the other hand, resistance bands are also widely used for sports such as pilates, yoga, dance and gymnastics. Indeed, these practices require a lot of flexibility which must be maintained and gently warmed up. What better way to do this than to use fitness elastics calmly but surely.

Our selection of the best muscle-building elastics

Resistance bands

FitBeast – Exercise Resistance Tapes, Stretch Tape Kit with 5 Fitness Tubes, 4 Foam Handles, Ankle Straps, Door Anchorage

Let’s start with this Fitbeast brand set consisting of 5 strength elastics with 4 removable cuffs, 2 wrist or ankle straps, a door anchor, a storage bag and a small exercise booklet to do. All the elastics are not of the same strength, they range from 4.5kg for the weakest, then, in ascending order: 6.8kg, 9kg, 11.3kg and finally, 13.6kg for the strongest. In reality, the resistance weights of this product are not round because it is an American brand counting resistance in pounds (lbs). In any case, don’t worry, the resistances are well enough to build up your muscles because you can also add them up to have more resistance. On the other hand, resistance elastics are made of natural latex with a lining, so it is very rare for them to break.

The advantages

  • Very resistant over time
  • Made of natural latex
  • Double handles, very popular for sports with 2 people
  • Good value for money

The drawbacks

  • Very rare cases of breakage

Bemaxx- Set of Elastic Resistance Bands + Exercise Guide – 5 Professional Latex Tubes | Handles, Door Anchor, Foot Straps

Let’s continue with this second model of the set of 5 bodybuilding bands which comes from the Bemaxx brand. This one also includes two non-slip handles, two neoprene ankle bracelets, a door anchor, a small bag and a training guide to be downloaded free of charge. Here the strengths are higher ranging from 4.5kg through 9.1kg, 13.6kg, 18.1kg and 22.7kg for the strongest. Therefore, as you will have understood, it is rather a model for people already trained or who want to build up their muscles. Moreover, they are 125cm long and non-tensioned and are also made of natural latex. However, these sports bands are not to everyone’s taste. Indeed, some find them too expensive while others find them of average quality due to the few sections. The after-sales service is still correct if the strips are cut, so no worries.

The advantages

  • High strip strength (22.7kg for the strongest)
  • Good after-sales service in case of strip sectioning
  • Comfortable, non-slip handles and straps

The drawbacks

  • Higher than average price
  • Rare case of section

TOMSHOO – Elastic Muscle Band 5 Resistance Strips + 1 Door Anchor + 1 Handle, Natural Latex

We offer you this Tomshoo model of flat resistance bands. The package contains 5 of them and is delivered with a double handle, a door anchor so you can work on your arms and legs and a storage bag is provided. These bands are very resistant over time as they do not contain any metal that could rub on them. In addition, these resistance bands that form a circle are useful for assisted traction. As well as stretching thanks to the flat elastic band which is more gripping than a round elastic band. In natural latex, you are also doing something for the planet. Nevertheless, be careful to use the right elastic to help you in your pulls, if it is not strong enough it will break, take the strongest one. Don’t be surprised the handles are not individual, but don’t worry, you can still find alternatives.

The advantages

  • Highly durable flat belts
  • Special belt for traction
  • Made from natural latex

The drawbacks

  • No ankle or wrist strap

Elastics for thighs

Gritin – Elastic Fitness Band, [Set of 5] Resistance Band

For more targeted needs, we also offer resistance bands for thighs. This pack contains 5 of them with different resistances. The lowest resistance is 4.5 kg, then 6.8 kg, 9 kg, then 13.6 kg and finally 18.1 kg for the strongest. With its colours and indications it will be easy to find your way around and find the strips you need. Also made of natural latex, the quality of the rebound is optimal. Small and easy to carry, they will follow you everywhere, even when you travel. The straps have a 60cm non-tensioned circumference, which makes them more comfortable for wide movements. Otherwise, they are 5cm wide, which seems a bit tight. On the other hand, as mentioned above, the width is small, which results in curling. This is therefore a bit problematic on some movements.

The advantages

  • Colourful style that facilitates the assimilation of resistances
  • Good flexibility for extended movements
  • Good rebound for the price

The drawbacks

  • The strips roll on themselves when placed on the thighs

DISUPPO – Elastic band Fitness Set of 3

One of the best thighfitness elastic sets on the market. Neither too loose nor too hard, the three bands are perfect for beginners and advanced or for the various exercises performed. On the other hand, in plain or colourful colours, the choice is yours. Woven from stretch fabric, cotton and polyester, these fitness elastics also have small anti-slip pads sewn into the lining. They last over time and do not deform even after long use. A small bag is supplied with them to avoid losing your sports elastics and to carry them easily. In short, everything comes together to tone and shape your body. However, it is a little more expensive than the rest of the market but still very accessible. Moreover, the quality of the fitness elastics is very good. They are strong and suitable for home sports.

The advantages

  • Very strong fabric quality, no tearing on the horizon
  • Small leaflet with exercises
  • Perceptible resistance levels between the 3 buttocks fitness bands

The drawbacks

  • One hair more expensive than the other

Beautifive – Resistance Fitness Strips Set of 3, Non-slip Buttocks Exercise Bandage

Finally, here is a slightly more “girly” model from Beautifive. These three bands of thigh musculations come in beautiful colours ranging from purple to pink and bluish. Moreover, each one has a different strength of resistance to improve little by little or to adapt to the intensity of the exercises. Made from elastic fabric and cotton, this time the fitness tape no longer slips or rolls up. As a result, you will enjoy your sport 100%, without having to replace the elastic. The well thought-out small anti-slip pads sewn into the inside of the elastic buckle ensure a good grip. Concerning the negative points, there are none, except to warn you that these strips are very resistant. They will be perfect to work in depth the muscles of the buttocks and thighs.

The advantages

  • Strips made of elastic fabric and organic cotton
  • Non-slip interior and 8 cm wide, perfect for a good support
  • Colourful look to boost motivation and energy

The drawbacks

  • Caution: rather resistant strips

Multi-use elastics

JJunLiM – Exercise Loop Strips Latin Stretch Strips 15-20 kg

Now comes the turn of multi-purpose elastic bands. This type of elastic is perfect for rehabilitation, stretching, flexibility work and of course sports. With the 11 inserts, you decide where to put your feet or hands according to the exercise and resistance you want. This kind of elastic band can be adapted to any situation and wishes. Made from stretchy polyester fabric, it is more comfortable than the rubber models. With a maximum resistance of 15 kg, you have the possibility to sculpt your body or simply to stress a part of your body following an accident. However, connoisseurs are not always happy with this brand. Nearly 15% find it too fragile with seams that sag faster than expected. The resistance is a little too much seen on the rise, some estimate it is rather around 10kg.

The advantages

  • 11 loops to find its perfect resistance
  • Material pleasant to touch and practice
  • Multiple use for rehabilitation, sport, flexibility, stretching..

The drawbacks

  • Slightly weaker resistance than expected
  • Quite fragile seams for some items
Sveltus – Elastiband® – 10 kg – Yellow – Elastic Finally, here is our selection, theElastiband, from the famous brand Sveltus. All yellow, it corresponds to the resistance of 10 kilos. Thanks to its 8 parts, you can define your own resistance requirements. With a length of 80cm without tension, you have the possibility to do a multitude of fitness and rehabilitation exercises and stretching for your flexibility. On the other hand, it is machine washable at 30°C, which is not the case with all fitness elastics. Composed of Polyester, Polyamide and Elastodiene, it has a good bounce that will last over time. Moreover, the quality/price ratio is very good. The quality of the product is perfect. Nevertheless, a small booklet with a few exercises could have been appreciated by the brand. In order to have a basis and not have to go searching on the Internet.

The advantages

  • Very good value for money for a brand
  • Machine washable at low temperature
  • Perfect for all types of sports including sheathing, flexibility, yoga, physiotherapy..
  • Elastic with solid resistance and durability over time

The drawbacks

How to choose a fitness elastic band?

When you don’t know your way around, it is difficult to make the right choice. That’s why we’re here to help you find the best fitness rubber band for you, your wishes and your level. Follow the guide, home gym sessions are just waiting for you and your rubber band!

The use of

First of all, in order to make the right choice, you need to think about the expectations you have regarding theintensity of your sessions. To tone up quietly, to build up more muscles, to work on your flexibility or simply to do your re-education? Depending on the answer, you will go for elastics with a lot of resistance if you want to develop your muscles intensively. Conversely, if you want to buy a rubber band for rehabilitation or flexibility, choose a model with little resistance instead. Also know which part of your body you want to work on. If you want to concentrate on your arms, opt for bodybuilding elastics with handles that have a door anchor. If you want to strengthen your thighs and buttock muscles, choose a thigh band. It’s all about targeting your body’s needs and choosing the right tool for you. We therefore advise you to find out what types of exercises exist to get an idea of what you want. Similarly, if you are a beginner, first choose a model that doesn’t have a lot of resistance. It may be a shame to tell yourself this, but you’ll be less discouraged and will start off gently to avoid big aches and pains.

The material

In terms of subjects, there are 2 schools, those who prefer latex elastics and those who prefer stretch fabric elastics. Both are equally effective when the quality is good. It is mainly a function of how you feel about the material. You can also see that certain types of elastics do not fit in certain shapes and vice versa. This is why we recommend that you know which type of training and which part you want to work on. Afterwards, nothing prevents you from taking a fabric thigh band and a set of latex muscle-building elastics, both of which you will use and you will have both materials to test.


For people who have the will to build muscles, if you are a beginner and in good general shape, starting with a resistance of 9kg (20 lbs) is very good. This will allow you to start gently without rushing your muscles. If you are in re-education or in bad physical shape, we advise you to go even more slowly by working with a resistance of 4.5kg (10 lbs). There is no need to force yourself, doing the movements calmly and several times will allow you to get back on your feet more easily and gently so as not to hurt yourself. On the other hand, if you are already a very sporty and muscular person, resistances starting at 18,1 kg (40 lbs) will do the trick.

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