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Our top of the best bike carriers for electric bikes

Written by Agathe Rosse

Today we are witnessing a great increase in the use of electric bicycles. More and more cycling enthusiasts own an electric bicycle. Whether for reasons of practicality, comfort,ecology or performance, the electric bicycle is on the rise. Indeed, it makes cycling more pleasant with less effort to cover more kilometres. Moreover, although this kind of bike is not cheap, it is more and more accessible and, above all, economical. Instead of taking a scooter, a motorbike or a car that consumes diesel or petrol, here it’s electric. Much cheaper and more ecological for the planet. However, there is still the question of “How do I transport my electric bicycle? This is not obvious with the slightly higher weight of electric bikes, but also practicality. So don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything for you! From technical questions to a selection of the best electric bike carriers, we are here to help you in your choice.

How to transport a bicycle?

First of all, we would like to warn you. Home-made bicycle transport systems are risky. Indeed, we advise you to buy an adapted bike carrier that is specially designed for this use. We can never be too careful on the road. That is why it is best to choose a reliable and solid model to avoid accidents with unsafe do-it-yourself equipment. To transport your electric bicycle, here are the types of bike carriers for electric bikes :

  • Bicycle carrier by towing hitch (tow ball)
  • Bicycle carrier for roof bar
  • Bike carrier tailgate

The bike carrier on thehitch is, in our opinion, the best option to consider. Indeed, it is the safest type of model and is compatible with all cars unless you have the tow ball. Therefore, we will only offer you products under this system. Moreover, the towball is really an asset for a car. Towing a trailer or another car and mounting a bike carrier may not be common in our lives but it is very practical when the opportunity arises.

Which bike carrier for electric bikes?

First of all, it is important to know that a basic bike carrier is not suitable for an electric bike. It is especially important to concentrate on a model made for it, as the weight of a classic bike is not the same as that of an electric bike. The difference in weight can be between 5 and 15 kilos more for a battery-powered bike, which is a lot in total. It is therefore essential to find out the maximum load that the bike carrier can carry so as not to exceed it. fixation porte vélo Secondly, take a look at the support and fastenings that the bike carrier provides for your mountain bike. Lest your bikes escape, be sure of the quality and the different types of fasten ings:

  • Fixing arm (with clamp)
  • Clamping strap
  • Adjustable clip buckle

In any case, if you have to add a strap yourself, it is because the model is not good on the safety side and should not be continued like this. The good stability of the bikes is therefore non-negotiable for everyone’s safety. You will understand that the more fixings the bike carrier has, the better it is.

What is the best bicycle carrier on a trailer hitch?

If you’re looking forward to it, you can have a look at our selection of the best trailer-mounted models. However, if you still want some advice, we can recommend the best brands of electric bicycle carriers:

  • Thule, the best known and specialist in the field of car accessories.
  • Eufab, German brand of quality bicycle carriers.
  • Westfalia automotive, another specialist in transport storage accessories.
  • Mottez, a DIY brand with a good price-quality ratio.

Of course, the brand is not everything. It is a guarantee of quality, yes, but you have to pay attention to the previous criteria all the same! Otherwise, a wide range of brands is available such as Menabo, Atera Strada or Peruzzo. They are also well referenced brands in the field of bike carriers but in our opinion, less interesting.

How do I mount a towbar bike carrier?

monter un porte vélo Above all, it depends on the different models. But don’t panic, you don’t need to call a professional to do it. Only the coupling ball needs to be. So please read the instructions included in the delivery box. Nevertheless, the vast majority of bike carriers can be fitted in the same way. First of all, the towing ball must be fitted with the bike carrier hitch and locked in place. Either by a screw or a handle depending on the model. Then, unfold the handrail against the trunk if there is one. Usually, you will find the fixing clamps on it. Then, it is time to plug in the electrical socket that provides the electricity needed to turn on the lights of the bike carrier. After that, you can put your bike on it and fix all the fixings to the jig of your mountain bike. Repeat the operation if necessary. Finally, lock the bike holder with an antitheft device if there is one and check all fixings before riding.

What are the best bike carriers for electric bikes?

Thule 933100 EasyFold XT 2B 13 pin, Black, 1 size
Mottez A028P2 Folding Electric Bicycle Rack
Westfalia 350036600001 BC 60 – Version 2018 – Foldable towbar Mounted Cycle Carrier for 2 Bikes – Suitable for eBikes (max. Load 60 kg) – Multiple Accessories Available – Universal fit
Thule 933100 EasyFold XT 2B 13 pin, Black, 1 size
Mottez A028P2 Folding Electric Bicycle Rack
Westfalia 350036600001 BC 60 – Version 2018 – Foldable towbar Mounted Cycle Carrier for 2 Bikes – Suitable for eBikes (max. Load 60 kg) – Multiple Accessories Available – Universal fit
Thule 933100 EasyFold XT 2B 13 pin, Black, 1 size
Thule 933100 EasyFold XT 2B 13 pin, Black, 1 size
Mottez A028P2 Folding Electric Bicycle Rack
Mottez A028P2 Folding Electric Bicycle Rack
Westfalia 350036600001 BC 60 – Version 2018 – Foldable towbar Mounted Cycle Carrier for 2 Bikes – Suitable for eBikes (max. Load 60 kg) – Multiple Accessories Available – Universal fit
Westfalia 350036600001 BC 60 – Version 2018 – Foldable towbar Mounted Cycle Carrier for 2 Bikes – Suitable for eBikes (max. Load 60 kg) – Multiple Accessories Available – Universal fit
Here is our top 6 of the best bike carriers for electric bikes:

Thule VeloCompact 2 7-pin, light and compact towball bike carrier for everyday use (for 2 bikes).

This is one of our top Thule bike carriers, the VeloCompact for attaching two bikes. It’s a really good quality product and easy to use. First of all, its dimensions are 130 cm long, 56 cm wide x 76 cm high, so it will be easy to store in the trunk. In addition, it is the lightest as it weighs only 14.1 kg, hence the name véloCompact. It is made of steel and plastic. Electric bikes are well maintained thanks to the fixing arm which adapts to the diameter of the frame. It has clip-on quick-release straps for quick and efficient installation. Anti-theft locks are provided for added security and support, as the bikes are not about to escape. Finally, the little extra is the easy access to the boot. Indeed, the bike carrier can be tilted when you want to use the boot. In conclusion, it is a reliable, compact and efficient model, which nevertheless, at a slightly high price for the number of bike places.

Mottez A028P2 Foldable 2-bike carrier

Bicycle carrier of the Mottez brand, remarkable and also renowned for its good value for money. The dimensions of the product are 67 cm long, 111 cm wide and 69 cm high. What we like is its“easyfold” function which can be folded easily. On the other hand, in terms of weight, we are on a 22.6 kg bike carrier which is a bit heavy. However, it supports up to 54 kg for both bikes, which is a solution for electric bikes with a high weight. Moreover, its installation is very simple, in less than 10 minutes it’s done! Concerning theinstallation of the bikes, it is also very easy. Its access ramp is very appreciated to mount the bikes on the bike carrier, as is the gutter to block the wheels. The attachment to the towing ball is locked with a handle. The bike carrier’santi-theft device is a real plus when the car is parked. Like the previous product, it can also be tilted for comfortable access to the boot.

Westfalia 350036600001 BC (Version 2018) trailer | Foldable towing door for 2 Suitable for e-bikes | Payload 60 kg | Extendable with various accessories

It has everything to please. This adaptable bike carrier for electric bikes has many advantages. Starting with its folded dimensions of 58 x 22.5 x 69 cm (LxWxH). This very compact bike carrier is easy to store in the garage or in the boot of the vehicle. When unfolded, however, the dimensions are 66 x 1 26 x 69 cm (LxWxH). The bike carrier weighs 18.4 kg, a reasonable weight as it can support up to 60 kg of load from bicycles. So we have a good ratio, thanks to a solid transport platform! Its installation is very ergonomic. The access ramp is not supplied but it is possible to order it as well, and we recommend it because electric bikes are quite heavy. The wheel fixing system is very well thought out and does not move once the adjustments have been made. Finally, the big positive point is the swivel system that allows the bikes to be tilted by 90° to gain access to the boot.

Thule EuroRide 3 7-pin Bike carrier on functional towball for all your basic needs (for 3 bikes).

The second model of the Thule brand in our ranking of the best bike carriers. An amazing product that holds surprises. First of all, it is 105 cm long and 75 cm wide and weighs 17.9 kilos. The good thing about it is that it has 3 places to put your bikes. However, the maximum load does not exceed 45kg. You will tell us that this is a problem but it is precisely an opportunity. Here we have a solution to avoid friction between the bikes. Of course, there is then only the possibility of putting 2 electric bikes but at least they have enough space so that they don’t get damaged. What’s more, the price is attractive! The wheels are held in place by flexible fastening straps and the bikes are attached and stabilised by fastening arms. We like thequick installation on the hitch which has an anti-theft device. In this way, it prevents theft of the bike carrier from the car. Here again, access to the boot is free with the ball joint system.

Thule EasyFold XT 2, Fully foldable, compact, easy to use and compatible with all types of bicycles.

We continue with the third and last bike carrier forelectric bikesfrom Thule. This model of bike carrier is fully compatible to support electric bikes. It measures 63 cm x 123 cm x 68 cm. The“easyfold” function is what we love most of all. It can be folded up to take up very little space and can be stored anywhere in the boot and garage. It weighs 17.9 kg and has a maximum load capacity of 60 kg for both bikes. We have a quality platform that withstands any test. According to our opinion and the opinion of cyclists, it is one of the best models of bike carrier for electric bikes. Thule is a leading brand in cycling for carrying bicycles. There are fixing arms to wedge the frames of electric mountain bikes and clip buckles to strap the wheels. In conclusion, with the quality we have here, we can say that it is a premium product.

EUFAB 11521 Premium bike carrier 2

Last product of our selection that comes from the quality brand: Eufab. We have here a very ingenious compatible bike carrier for electric bikes. Indeed, the unfolded dimensions are 54 x 115 x 65 cm (LxWxH). However, this bike carrier literally folds in 4 to become a product similar to the velocompact, small and space-saving. Very easy to install, the bike carrier is placed on the towing ball very easily. The electric bikes are held by fixing arms and the wheels by clip straps. In addition, the ball-and-socket joint system allows the electric bikes to be tipped over and the door to the boot of the car to be opened without difficulty. This Eufab product is part of the premium range of electric bike carriers. Finally, designed to last, the mountain bike carrier ensures safety for the car driver and other road users. Thank you to the readers for reading our article. We hope that you have made an informed choice and that you have taken action. Finally, we wish you a great ride on an electric bike!

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