What’s the Tommee Tippee brand worth?

Que vaut la marque Tommee Tippee ?
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A brand of one of the leading groups in the international small childcare market, Tommee Tippee is gradually developing in France and Europe, with innovative products and a strong ambition.

We’ll find out a little more about the brand and its products: what does Tommee Tippee offer? Are its products reliable?


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Tommee Tippee’s story in a nutshell

Created in 1965 by a Californian plastics company, and launched in the United Kingdom, the origin of its name comes from a story with a cup with a lead bottom so that it tips but never spills (tippee) and a dog named Tommee.

As part of the Mayborn Group, Tommee Tippee offers a range of innovative products and has become the market leader in the UK and Australia, with strong growth in the USA and Europe.


His credo

The will of the brand is to accompany parents and offer them innovative and quality products to make every day a little easier for all parents around the world.

Tommee Tippee is very close to its clients and has a real approach to support and advice to facilitate parenthood.


Awards for Tommee Tippee products

The Tommee Tippee brand has won many awards for baby food, soothing and hygiene products.

  • The Closer to Nature bottle was voted Best Product of the Year by French consumers 2 years in a row in 2017 and 2018
  • Their Grobag sleeping bag received the Best Baby and Toddler Gear 2016 Gold Award for the most innovative baby product, an Innovation Award, the 2017 Best Sleep Product Award and many other awards.

Nightlights, cuddly toys, alarm clocks, curtains, towels… the brand has been awarded numerous prizes for its innovations and quality in the small childcare market.


How reliable is the Tommee Tippee brand?

As we have seen, Tommee Tippee has received numerous awards for product quality, innovation and accessible, consumer-friendly branding.

Although Tommee Tippee is a smaller brand than others on the market, it remains one of the most trusted and recognized childcare brands in the world. Recommended by generations of parents and adored by babies, it is experiencing significant growth, with the aim of offering its consumers intuitive, innovative and modern products.


Tommee Tippee: what price range?

The big positive point of the brand is that it offers quality and innovative products at very reasonable and accessible prices. You are assured of having useful and intuitive products of good quality that will last you over time without the need to spend a fortune.


Tommee Tippee Highlights

Tommee Tippee today focuses on feeding and breastfeeding, changing, caring for and sleeping with baby. It offers few products to privilege quality and design. Some of these flagship products include baby bottles, diaper bins and feeding kits.

Feeding bottles

Tommee Tippee stands out in baby bottles with two popular ranges. The Closer to Nature bottle and its patented extra-large and soft teat that mimics the shape and suppleness of the breast for better acceptance of baby. The brand’s anti-colic bottle is also highly recognized, combining innovation and design for a unique ventilation system that significantly reduces intestinal disorders.

Nappy bins: Sangenic range

Tommee Tippee’s patented system for blocking odours from dirty nappies has set itself apart and has become the leader in the hygiene category in France, thanks to its design and optimal solution that considerably reduces bad odours.

Baby’s crockery: Explora range

To encourage dietary diversification when baby is in transition after feeding, Tommee Tippee has designed a range of dishes, cups and cutlery to accompany baby’s discovery of food with products that are strong, safe and easy to clean.


Quality of customer service

Tommee Tippee is very close to its customers and is willing to support them on a daily basis. The customer service is very accessible, and provides instructions for use, tutorial videos and replacement products or spare parts in case of problems.

Where to reach the after-sales service?

You can reach the after-sales service via the brand’s website, in the “Contact us” section.


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