What is the Best Children’s Clock Radio in 2020?

Written by Agathe Rosse

The mornings, whether during the week or at the weekend, are not restful for parents. Waking them up to go to school as a child or teenager is not easy every day. So it has to be done gently, while adapting to their age and character. On the other hand, for the weekend, you will have to deal with young children who wake up very early and come to wake you up when you would have slept more. And what could be more distressing than to see your teenager waking up only after 10 o’clock. Over time, this is a problem that will create a family imbalance and only the alarm clock radios will be able to fix this. This is why we suggest you read our buying guide on the best alarm clock radios for children and teenagers. You’ll be in a good mood in the morning!

🏆 The top 3 best children’s clock radios in 2020

Claessens' Kids – My First Alarm Clock
Wake up Light
Metronic 477023 Juicy USB Projection Alarm Clock Radio Orange
Claessens' Kids – My First Alarm Clock
Wake up Light
Metronic 477023 Juicy USB Projection Alarm Clock Radio Orange
Claessens' Kids – My First Alarm Clock
Claessens' Kids – My First Alarm Clock
Wake up Light
Wake up Light
Metronic 477023 Juicy USB Projection Alarm Clock Radio Orange
Metronic 477023 Juicy USB Projection Alarm Clock Radio Orange

Why buy a clock radio for a child?

As a parent, it is tiring for you to be woken up at dawn by your child who does not yet know the time. Likewise, it is annoying for you to have to wake up teenagers who get up less than ten minutes before going to school. One of the best solutions is a clock radio. It will allow you to make your offspring more responsible. Teaching the youngest children the notion of time is essential. On the other hand, motivating your older children to get out of bed is also a challenge. So, the radio alarm clocks are your allies.

Regaining balance

Physically exhausted from being woken up at 5 a.m. by your 4 year old and mentally tired from fighting with your 13 year old to get up, you can’t take it anymore. Your family life is in disarray with this kind of problem and all you want is to get back to balance. Children’s alarm clock radios are there to help you get over the situation. Educational for the little ones and stimulating for the older ones, alarm clock radios hold many surprises in store for you to improve your daily life.

Putting you in a good mood as soon as you wake up

First of all, to be honest, it’s true that being woken up early by our young child doesn’t fill us with joy, but what doesn’t help is seeing your teenager in a bad mood when they get out of bed. To remedy this, we invite you to discover our selection of alarm clocks for children. Some will teach little ones how to stay in bed in a fun way while others will stimulate a good mood awakening for pre-teens and teenagers. Something for everyone to agree on and spend harmonious mornings with the family.

Our selection of the best alarm clock radios for children:

Clock radios to teach the smallest children the notion of time:

Infinifun – My Learning Alarm Clock

A promise made, a promise kept. Here, this alarm clock teaches children to stay in bed if it’s too early. Set with an alarm, as long as it is not time to get up, the alarm clock will light up red. This red colour indicates to the child that it is not right to get up and that they should simply continue to sleep. Then, once the time to wake up has passed, the little guy lights up green and “authorizes” the child to get up with soft, energizing music. In addition, you have the possibility to program 3 alarms for different times such as weekday mornings, siesta time and finally the later alarm clock at the weekend. What is well thought out is the night light function when pressed. On the other hand, the settings are easily accessible by innocent little hands. This could result in the alarm being cancelled.

The advantages

  • Its pedagogy of red and green light,
  • Simple programming,
  • Its design is very cute for a children’s room,
  • The nightlight function to reassure the child

The drawbacks

  • Alarm settings accessible by children

UrbanHello – REMI

This colourful alarm clock is sure to surprise you! Although it looks simple, it is actually connected to a smartphone application that allows you to control it remotely. In fact, in addition to serving as an alarm clock, it also fills thebaby listening station. This is very useful if your child is having a nightmare and you want to reassure him without having to get out of bed. Its concept is also educational to help children understand the hours of getting up and going to bed. It is precisely because his expression changes according to the night and the day. That is to say, in the evening and at night when it is time to go to bed and sleep, REMI will have a sleepy expression. When it is time to get up, the alarm clock will have a smiling expression and open eyes. Everything is reflected with this connected alarm clock, from pre-recorded lullabies to the sleep monitoring application. However, this is also its weak point. The application is not always compatible with all smartphones and the updates are not regular enough sometimes. On the other hand, the price may seem a bit high, but it’s also a small revolution to have so many features with an alarm clock for children.

The advantages

  • Night light function for greater peace of mind
  • Babyphone mode for easy remote communication and monitoring
  • Very flexible parameters for a better adaptation to your lifestyle

The drawbacks

  • Mobile application that is hard to update
  • High price but the concept is good

Pabobo – claessens kid clock

Then, for our third children’s alarm clock, here is a model with a clock. Admittedly, a little less fun but just as educational. Its integrated dial prepares your child to learn how to read the time, rather clever! However, don’t worry, reading the time with the hand is not necessarily required by your child. In fact, to help him understand when he can get up, the little drawing where you can see the little man having fun lights up, otherwise it is the one where he sleeps that is lit up. You also have 3 alarm sounds. However, what we find unfortunate is the setting of the alarm which must be done every night when you go to bed. On the other hand, we find this model a little fragile, it should have been designed a little stronger for children.

The advantages

  • Familiarisation with the dial with hands
  • Progressive alarm volume for a gentle wake-up call
  • Interesting Pabobo range and several colours to choose from

The drawbacks

  • Average strength
  • Setting the alarm to be done daily in the evening

Metronic 477044 jungle radio

] Finally, this latest alarm clock radio for children is a little more advanced than the previous ones. Its compact size is very appreciated as well as its aestheticism for a very nice decoration. Here, we are no longer on an educational model but what we appreciate is that it is equipped with FM radio and a USB port to have its own songs when waking up. Moreover, speaking of alarms, 3 choices are possible, the radio, the USB key or the beep. In addition, a rare feature for a children’s alarm clock radio, ten stations can be saved. To conclude, this model is rather interesting for its night light placed on the upper side and its very soft price, nevertheless, for the solidity we will iron.

The advantages

  • Very accessible price
  • Clock radio with FM radio and USB port
  • Melodic timer

The drawbacks

  • Fragile for a child model
  • Correct sound quality, but nothing more

Clock radios for a stimulating awakening of teenagers :

Metronic 477023 Juicy Radio alarm clock

This pretty, very lively and rounded alarm clock radio can only be appreciated and give our teenagers an early-morning peachy feeling! Nothing better to shake them up as soon as they wake up. Adopted by a large number of young people, it mainly pleases for its function of projecting the time on any smooth surface. What’s more, its USB port is very popular with teenagers, who consume digital music. For the more trendy ones, FM radio will be the icing on the cake! When it comes to the alarm, he can choose between the buzzer, his favourite radio or his music of the moment. In short, the choice is there and he can wake up with a good atmosphere. What is to be reviewed is the sound, not of surprising quality but it will be enough for an alarm clock. Its durability, on the other hand, is not always optimal, which is a pity but it remains a good value for money.

The advantages

  • Very practical time projection
  • Rounded design and colourful range to suit all tastes
  • USB port used by many teenagers

The drawbacks

  • Wake-up time not always optimal
  • No more than good sound quality

Fitfort – Morning Radio Alarm Clock with Light Effects

With this Fitfort model, teenagers are awakened gradually and gently. The radio alarm clock reproduces the dawn of the morning and the brightness gradually increases. This alarm clock is perfect for the morning refractory! Its double alarm is very practical to differentiate between weekday and weekend days. Equipped with FM reception, you can fall asleep with it or wake up to a song with your favourite station. In addition, you also have a bank of ringing tones from nature sounds for a peaceful awakening or the buzzer for a more dynamic awakening. However, what we find annoying are the pimples, which are a little too numerous for our taste. They complicate the handling, however our teenagers are good technophiles so they will adapt quickly.

The advantages

  • Simulation of sunset / dawn with several levels of brightness
  • Reasonable value for money
  • Practical double alarm for week and weekend

The drawbacks

  • Too many buttons that can be an obstacle to its ergonomics
  • Melodies of nature a little disappointing

WamGra – LED Bedside Lamp

Grumpy mornings? That was before! With an alarm clock like this, your teenager will wake up early and in a good mood. Thanks to its colourful lighting effects, the right mood is guaranteed, what’s more, if it’s the music of the moment that pulls him out of Morpheus’ arms. They can play their favourite song via the integrated USB port or the SD card slot. In addition, for his leisure time, he can use his alarm clock as a music speaker because he can connect his mobile phone via Bluetooth. This model is really suitable for pre-teens and teenagers so that it can be used for several types of use. What is practical is its recharge through its USB port, so there is no problem with expensive batteries or leaving it plugged in all the time, it is mobile and handy. The sound for once is very qualitative and it’s pleasant, but don’t forget that this kind of tool is fragile and must be used with care.

The advantages

  • Colourful light effects to get up on the right foot
  • Quality sound for an alarm clock
  • Multiple music source: USB, SD card, Bluetooth

The drawbacks

  • Fragile alarm clock
  • No French notice

How to choose your children’s alarm clock radio?

Make him happy by letting him choose or choose for him? What advice should be followed and what criteria are relevant to look at before buying? These are the questions we ask ourselves… To best answer these questions, we invite you to read our list of criteria in order to make the best purchase for your child or teenager.


First of all, your child’s age or behaviour is a determining factor in the choice of alarm clock radio range. That is to say, for the first age range from birth to 7 years old, you can refer to our first section. This first age group is specialised for children who do not have a sense of time and need guidance. The second age group can concern certain children from the age of 8 to 17. This corresponds to our second, more developed alarm clock section and features more typical of pre-adolescents and teenagers. These age ranges are given for information purposes only. As you will have understood, what you need to do is to choose an alarm clock radio that is in adequacy with yours.

How to use it

What will the alarm clock be used for? You may have a thousand and one reasons of your own, but identifying them is also a good start. For example, the goal may be to teach him the times of day, to teach him when it’s night and you have to sleep and when it’s day and you can get up. Because you would like to be able to sleep in one go without being woken up at 6 o’clock at the weekend. Or, you just want to get him used to being more independent, to managing himself. And lastly, as a last example, you want to see him smiling in the early morning because you’ve had enough of grumpy breakfasts. Now you just have to match the use to the right alarm clock according to our selection.

The design

If you do not wish to make an unnecessary purchase, it is absolutely essential that the clock radio is validated by your child. Aesthetics is a key criterion for children and even pre-teens and teenagers. They must have a favourite look to be sure they will use their alarm clock. Also, remember to look at the alarm clock formats so that they can be put where you imagined them to be.


This is a rather important point because for the little ones it will be up to you to set the alarm clock. For the older children, they will do it themselves but if a problem arises, it will also be up to you to help them. As a good practice, we invite you to look at the customer comments to see what they think so as not to have any unpleasant surprises.

Additional features

We don’t always know what functionality is possible, so here is a non-exhaustive list of additional features that may be of interest to you:

  • Nightlight
  • Double / triple alarm
  • Timer for music in the evening
  • FM Radio
  • USB port
  • SD slot
  • Coloured or progressive light effects

Safety and security

A battery-powered or electric device is not necessarily incompatible with the word child, just make sure that the alarm clock has the right safety standards and that it is safe. At the same time, we recommend that you teach your children about good practices and the dangers of using this type of appliance.


When it comes to objects intended for children, durability and solidity of the object are necessary and should not be neglected. That’s why looking at consumer opinions can help you make a better choice.

The price

Often the number one criterion for parents, however, its estimation is complex. In order not to be fooled, we advise you to find out about the market for children’s clock radios. Knowing which model is at what price will help you better evaluate the monetary criterion.

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