What is the best Montessori observation tower?

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Having children is life changing in many ways. The biggest change is going from a life as a couple to a life of family sharing. You have to find a balance, you have to rethink your organisation and you have to share and interact even more than before. However, a detail that is often forgotten is that they are very curious little beings who are just waiting to discover life. To satisfy their need for discovery,awakening, learning and integration, Montessori invented the observation tower. So practical for sharing everything with your child at home! Let’s go for our selection of the best observation towers in the following article. You will also find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Montessori learning towers.

Faire la cuisine What is the purpose of a Montessori observation tower?

Montessori is an education with a thousand virtues for your baby. It is an approach that is more suitable for the development of children. Their observation tower is a specially designed learning tool. Indeed, it serves the child :

  • tobe at the level of the adult work surfaces,
  • to see what’s going on upstairs and what the parents are doing,
  • to participate in family activities such as cooking, crafts…
  • to be safe compared to a simple stool or chair.

In short, you will have understood, it is an asset to have a Montessori tower at home!

Which observation tower to choose?

In order to find the best Montessori learning tower that corresponds to your needs, you have to look at several criteria including :

  • Safety and stability for your child
  • The materials used: durable, without harmful products and of high quality
  • The price is within your budget
  • The height of the tower so that your child can see and participate
  • The design that blends in with your decor
  • The weight of the tower to move it easily
  • The possible options, modulation or addition of a chalkboard
  • Easyassembly of the tower

tour d'apprentissage Where to buy a Montessori observation tower?

Rather difficult to find and yet, you have plenty of possibilities where to buy one!

  • Specialised Montessori education shops
  • Baby and children’s shops
  • Online shops
  • Thanks to our selection

However, be careful, your purchase in a shop in town will not have the same price as in an online shop!

From what age can you choose an observation tower?

It all depends on how advanced your child is. It can be as early as 10 months or as old as 24 months and more. For example, some babies can be very advanced and stand up straight quite quickly, while others are real daredevils. It is important to think about safety first, it is not a problem if it takes longer to stand up straight while being calm, the main thing is to do it at the right time. Therefore, the right time is when your child is ready for this exercise and can enjoy the family activities.

The best observation tower

Without further ado, here are the best-selling and most popular observation tower references. That is, the best Montessori towers for children and babies. Invalid table id.

MeowBaby Learning Tower Montessori Learning Tower Natural Wood Kitchen Helper For Toddler Made in EU Transparent With Board

To begin with, here is the product of the brand Meowbaby, specialist in games and accessories for babies and children. It measures a total of 51 centimetres long, 39 cm wide and 90 cm high. What’s more, the height of your child can be adjusted in 3 different ways. The child can therefore be positioned at 20 cm, 33 cm or 47 cm from the floor in order to be at the same height as the work surfaces. Otherwise, the structure is solid. The manufacturers use pine wood. In addition, the varnish that covers the wood is a natural and ecological wax. It is based on oil and resin, so it is safe for children. The tower weighs less than 10 kilos. As far as the design is concerned, we are very satisfied. The tower is sleek and Scandinavian in style and available in several colours. Otherwise, the big advantage is the integrated blackboard. The child can also use it to draw on, very practical this 2 in 1 side! As far as safety is concerned, 80% are satisfied with it, so it’s a good indicator. In addition, the few other people have not always received a tower with good finishings, which influences this criterion. Finally, as far as the price is concerned, this product is among the cheapest on the market. It is therefore a good deal with an encouraging price-quality ratio!

ully by moblì®| the first learning tower in natural wood | Made in Italy according to Montessori principles | Designed by expert educators | Learning tower with adjustable shelves

Next, we move on to the best tower on the market, the Mobli brand. Let us introduce you to it, it’s worth a look! First of all, its dimensions are 38 centimetres long, 40.5 centimetres wide and 86 centimetres high and it weighs 7.3 kilos. This makes it a tower with perfect dimensions and an impeccable weight to be able to move it. Moreover, this tower is also adjustable 3 times to the size of your child. From 28 centimetres to 40 centimetres and 34 centimetres from the ground. And when it comes to the materials, Mobli is once again hitting the nail on the head. The tower is made of natural birch wood and no paint, varnish or solvents are added! This is really the best for our children. Otherwise, on the design side, we have once again a beautiful observation tower in light wood with rounded lines. Indeed, the corners are polished to guarantee extra safety for the children. And speaking of safety, this Montessori learning tower is equipped with anti-slip pads. It is truly a sturdy structure that is sure to help your children thrive. Moreover, the assembly of the educational tower is easy to do and the screwdriver is included. On the other hand, we really appreciate Mobli’s approach of having these towers made in Italy with quality materials in an environmentally friendly way. However, the price is not that high and it remains very fair for the quality offered. Especially since delivery is free.

KiddyMoon Montessori Learning/Observation Tower ST-003 Kitchen Helper, Plywood/Grey

Then, here is our third product on the list to find your child’s kitchen stool. This step stool from KiddyMoon is also highly regarded for its assembly and sturdiness but we’ll get to that in a moment. To begin with, here are the dimensions of the tower: 39.3 cm x 49.4 cm x 91.5 cm high. Otherwise, the tower weighs 8.6 kilos, which makes it stable. Therefore, the maximum allowable weight is 50kg. Otherwise, the height of the tower can be adjusted on 3 levels. The base can be set at 30.5 cm, 40.6 cm and 50.8 cm from the ground. This is convenient because these dimensions are not the same as the other towers, it offers other measurements. In terms of safety, it is also not bad because it has side feet that prevent the tower from tipping over if the child is unruly. In addition, the edges are polished here too and the bars are well reinforced. A special feature is the removable bar on the back, which allows the child to climb up and down easily and tobe safe on the tower. In addition, the paint and varnish used are non-toxic, everything is present to guarantee the safety of our child and the durability of the stool. Finally, as far as the design is concerned, the tower is available in different colours to match your interior. Finally, the price is a bit high but it remains reasonable for the quality-price ratio.

Bianconiglio Kids ® Montessori Observation Tower Convertible to Desk – Clear Finish, Natural Wood Visible, Height Adjustable, Convertible to Desk, 5 Positions in 1 Object

And now, we present you the most atypical product of the Montessori pedagogy in terms of a tower. Indeed, it is a folding stool that transforms into 5 pieces of furniture according to the need. First of all, the learning tower is 40 centimetres long, 39 wide and 90 high and has a weight of 7 kg. Otherwise, the manufacturers of the Bianconiglio Kids brand use birch wood to make this high chair. Its main advantage is that it can be transformed and adapted to any situation. For example, it can be transformed into a learning tower, a coffee table, a small desk for your child and folds up to become a table. Or, for parents, it can be used as a high table. It’s really a 5-in-1 piece of furniture and more, it can also be used as a bench. Nevertheless, we are disappointed because the observation tower has onlyone level of height for the child which is 45 cm from the ground. Otherwise, the design is nice, a bit imposing but the wood is natural and the paints are non-toxic. It is a quality product where the wood is very well chosen and durable over time. On the other hand, the assembly is quite simple, we recommend you to be 2 to do it. Finally, we come to the price criterion which we think is too high although the tower can be used in several ways.

Bianconiglio Kids ® EVO 2019 Montessori Observation Tower, white matt finish, height adjustable (White)

We continue with the second learning tower from the Italian brand Bianconiglio Kids. It will follow your child everywhere in the house whether in the kitchen or the bathroom! Back to the product, this step ladder has the following dimensions: 37 cm long, 49 cm wide and 90 cm high. The tower has a weight of 7kg which is perfect to move it easily. Otherwise, this stool is scalable with 3 height levels. The first is 30 cm from the ground, the next 40 cm and the last 50 cm from the ground. It is a quality purchase for several reasons including the wood used which is birch from self-managed forests. But also by the non-toxic paints that the Italian craftsmen use. On the other hand, this product is available in different colours and we find that it is a design chair in a house. Moreover, the assembly of the tower is simple and quick, only ten minutes are needed. Just before going on to the price we wanted to point out that the brand Bianconiglio Kids is a pioneer in the Montessori tower and other Montessori materials. Finally, for the price, we find it slightly above the observation tower market but no doubt the quality is there. This kind of products are still good gifts to offer to parents in a birth list.

Angelove Kids Montessori Learning Tower Made in EU Observation Tower Kitchen Helper

We finish our selection of the best learning towers with this one from the brand Angelove. As usual, we start with the dimensions of the tower which are 51cm long, 39cm wide and 90cm high. The stool weighs 9.3 kilograms which is rather heavy but this is because of the pine wood used. This is another model with 3 shelves of 20 cm, 33 and 47 cm from the ground. Otherwise for the design we are on something natural with a simple and classic style, it will not fit in a house with a modern decoration. On the other hand, the observation tower is safe for babies and children because the manufacturers use an ecological wax based on oil and resin. To ensure the safety of the child, it is recommended that the maximum load does not exceed 30kg. But don’t forget that for any learning tower, you have to be vigilant and always keep an eye on your baby when he is on the tower. However, its big advantage is its price, one of the lowest on the market! Moreover, the reviews remain favourable and even support the ease of assembly and the solidity. And here we are at the end of our selection of the best observation and learning towers. We hope you’ve found the right one for you! In the meantime, keep in mind that this is one of the best gifts you can give to both the parents and the child. However, don’t forget to keep an eye on your child when they are on their tower! See you soon.

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