What is the best children’s football table of the year?

Written by Agathe Rosse

You have memories of playing table football in the local café when you were younger with your friends. That’s why, when your child told you about having a table football as a present, you jumped at the chance and are now looking for a children’s table football! Indeed, what a pleasure it is to play together as a family or to see your children having a great time at this game which has so many values in your eyes! However, your child is still small and standard table football is too high for him. Therefore, finding a table football table that fits the size of a child is not always a simple matter. Good timing, our mission today will be to help you to find the table football child corresponding to your expectations! Follow the guide to our selection of the best table football for children and then the selection criteria to be checked.

🏆 This year’s best table football for children

Smoby 640001 Multi-Function Table Football Powerplay 4 in 1
Leomark Children's Football Champions Sport Table Football Table with Accessories Wooden Table Football Party and Playroom Height 82 cm
GRAFICA MA.RO SRL Soccer Football Model Maracana Table Wooden Family Game Fusball Play Table SOLID AND STRONG 680mm x 1170 mm
Smoby 640001 Multi-Function Table Football Powerplay 4 in 1
Leomark Children's Football Champions Sport Table Football Table with Accessories Wooden Table Football Party and Playroom Height 82 cm
GRAFICA MA.RO SRL Soccer Football Model Maracana Table Wooden Family Game Fusball Play Table SOLID AND STRONG 680mm x 1170 mm
Smoby 640001 Multi-Function Table Football Powerplay 4 in 1
Smoby 640001 Multi-Function Table Football Powerplay 4 in 1
Leomark Children's Football Champions Sport Table Football Table with Accessories Wooden Table Football Party and Playroom Height 82 cm
Leomark Children's Football Champions Sport Table Football Table with Accessories Wooden Table Football Party and Playroom Height 82 cm
GRAFICA MA.RO SRL Soccer Football Model Maracana Table Wooden Family Game Fusball Play Table SOLID AND STRONG 680mm x 1170 mm
GRAFICA MA.RO SRL Soccer Football Model Maracana Table Wooden Family Game Fusball Play Table SOLID AND STRONG 680mm x 1170 mm

Why buy a children’s table football table?

Whether or not your children know what they want for Christmas or their birthday, a table football table will always be a good idea that will be appreciated by all. Indeed, you might think that this game is only for boys but make no mistake, more and more girls are having fun! On the other hand, having table football at home is really satisfying because having to go to a bar is not always suitable for children. At home, they will be able to have fun in complete safety and much more times than they would like. Moreover, there are several types of table football to have fun at any time, even when travelling or having multiple possibilities for other games.

Playing together

Table football has always had a place in your heart and knowing that your child loves to play it fills you with joy. It’s only natural. After all, you will finally be able to play a game with your children that you know and love. Not to mention the fact that they will all be proud to learn the tricks and the right move by your side. Even if you never played much when you were younger, this is the time to make up for lost time, and with your children too! This game is user-friendly although it is played as a team to win. The good times and wild games are just waiting for you and your children!

Entertain them with a mythical game

Today, we know how complicated it is to make our children play without a screen. So, we are happy to tell you that yes, your children will finally be able to get off their console and play something else. Not just any game, by the way… Table football! It’s been around for generations since the early 1900s and it’s not about to stop. This game is timeless and although the materials have evolved, the game is still the same. It has become mythical over the years. Above all, what we appreciate above all is its simple character without a screen and yet it guarantees great entertainment.

Our selection of the best children’s table football :

Table football on foot :

PLAY4FUN – Baby Foot Teenager Deluxe

PLAY4FUN - Baby Foot Teenager Deluxe
  • BABY FOOT DELUXE TEENAGER: The ideal table football table to start in the best conditions. For added safety, the table is equipped with a telescopic pole system.
  • Solid and robust: it has an MDF frame designed to last over time, the legs are chrome plated and two metal bars that connect the legs to ensure perfect stability.
  • Easy to install: We recommend 2 adults at a minimum. Installation manual is convenient for easy assembly.
  • The table is 48 inches long, 24 inches wide and 33 inches tall. The dimensions of the playing field are 105 cm long by 58 cm wide. The table weighs 25 kg, is lightweight and easy to move.
  • Included accessories: delivered ready to play: 2 plastic balls and ABS players.
For more security, you can opt for this model. With these telescopic bars, your children won’t get hurt while playing. With its beautiful design in black and light wood, this is the most aesthetic table football table in the selection. Its height of 84 cm is perfect for children from 7 – 8 years of age, especially those who are just starting out on their passion for the game. Moreover, its materials made of MDF, PVC laminate with chrome legs make it a quality and quite robust children’s table football. The playground is 1.05 metres long and 58 cm wide for a great game of football! In addition, the table football is very stable with the feet connected by a large metal bar at the front and back. However, to guarantee a good durability of the table football table, Play4fun, the specialist brand in children’s leisure activities, advises you to keep your oiled and clean bars well maintained. Finally, for assembly, be at least two adults to do it, it’s not that complicated but it’s quite long.

The advantages

  • Good building materials for a stable and durable model
  • Model for children and teenagers very design compared to the others
  • Safe play with retractable player bars

The drawbacks

  • Caring for the table football is important to ensure that it lasts over time
  • It takes time to set up the table football if you are the only one to do it

GRAFICA MA.RO SRL – Baby Foot Model Maracana

GRAFICA MA.RO SRL - Baby Foot Modele Maracana
  • TABLE FOOTBALL Model "MARACANA" SOLID AND STRONG The product is new and packed PROFESSIONAL! REGULATION SIZE! Table Football model "Maracana" with excellent price/quality ratio. In fact, the product is built in solid MDF wood, with metal bars, which reinforce the legs, making the article indestructible and strong. Ideal for pleasant matches with friends or relatives.
  • Its weight of more than 45 kg makes it very stable, the solid poles slide easily to facilitate the game. The table football is suitable for young people and adults (it is not suitable for children under 36 months). This item is delivered in a strong box and it is easy to assemble by following the instructions included in the package.
  • TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Colour: wood Material: MDF wood Weight: 40 kg Size: 137cm length x 82cm width x 83 cm height With 2 balls Table Football Material:MDF Poles: 7 mm Play field: 680 mm x 1170 mm
  • FURTHER SPECIFICATIONS raised corners to keep the ball in play at all times anti-slip handles chromed adjustable feet 100% SAME AS PICTURE EASY AND FAST ASSEMBLY!!
Rather top-of-the-range, this table football table is very robust. Grafica MA.RO SRL is a well-known brand for good quality tabletop leisure activities such as billiards for example. Indeed, made of thick and solid MDF wood for the structure, the whole weighs a little over 45 kg and offers a nice stability to the table football. Moreover, the game is fluid in many ways. On the one hand, the corners of the field are curved so that the balls roll and return without stopping. On the other hand, the player bars slide very well and are robust although they are not retractable bars. However, the editing seems a bit complex as well, as there is nothing sorcerer’s about it. However, the playing field is very wide which allows for a more airy and pleasant game. Furthermore, we appreciate the two balls provided on delivery.

The advantages

  • Raised playground corners for a game without stuck balls
  • Sturdy football table even for children who get a bit too excited
  • Quality materials for a solid and stable hobby

The drawbacks

  • It takes a long time to assemble the table football table

Leomark – Table of Babyfoot Champions

Leomark - Table of Babyfoot Champions
  • MINI TABLETOP FOOSBALL GAME – This 51cm x 31cm tabletop foosball game offers the same fast-paced action in a miniature version of this classic family friendly football game
  • 6-A-SIDE FOOTBALL ACTION – This tabletop football game has 6 players on each side allowing for a competitive game to take place at home in the office or anywhere else you want a match
  • BUILT IN SCORING SYSTEM – This desktop football game comes complete with a sliding scoring system so you can easily keep an eye on the score
  • MINI FOOSBALL SET – This foosball table looks sounds and feels like the real thing! It’s just a scaled down version of a timeless classic featuring 6 players each side 2 footballs and a scoring system behind each goal
  • GLOBAL GIZMOS – Global Gizmos has a wide range of unique and entertaining toys gadgets and classic games all of which can be found at the Global Gizmos store on
Then, for this second model, we are on a more stable table football with wider feet. It also has larger dimensions that will make it easier to play with the parents. We recommend this model for children from 7 years old because of its height of 82 cm. Furthermore, it is mainly made of wood, has an abacus for scoring and comes with 2 balls for a more fluid game. As you can see, the design is successful with its world of a football stadium during a big competition. All in all it has a good quality/price ratio. Otherwise, the assembly is quite simple but takes time, it is better to be several to do it quickly. On the other hand, be careful when you play, the bars are not retractable on themselves and can hit the person opposite if they are too close to the frame.

The advantages

  • Good value for money
  • Attractive design worthy of adult table football
  • Height that allows for more comfortable family play

The drawbacks

  • Easy but time-consuming assembly

Smoby – Babyfoot Challenger 620200

Smoby - Babyfoot Challenger 620200
  • The legs of the football table are detachable
  • Product size: 106 x 69 x 74 cm
  • Recommended age: 6 years and up
The unmistakable Smoby brand is here to sign a very good table football for children. Screwed on metal legs and fitted with anon-slip rubber toe cap, this model ensures good stability. Supplied with two small balls, it will delight your children from the age of 5-6 years with its 47cm height! Moreover, in terms of the quality of the materials, this model seems to prove its durability. The assembly of the table football is very simple and intuitive, it will also allow you to play a few minutes after the child has unpacked it. Above all, what often seduces parents is its French manufacture. Last but not least, the bars are retractable and therefore do not protrude from the frame, for safe play and protected tummies. However, at the time of its marketing many returns were not very encouraging regarding its quality, that’s why Smoby has reviewed its model and since January 2019 all parents and children are very happy with it! However, it remains a model for children, so it is very light and can move a little depending on the parents. Don’t worry, it is a very good value for money.

The advantages

  • Good value for money
  • More secure retractable bar
  • Metal feet with anti-slip tip-up

The drawbacks

  • Low weight that moves the body of the table football table

Table football without feet :

COLORBABY – Deluxe Wooden table football table

Specialising in children’s toys, the ColorBaby brand offers a wide range of toys for all tastes. Here, this model is on legs, but it remains very low with a height of only 24 cm. This means that it takes up little space and is easy to fit into a children’s room vertically when not in use. In addition, the 3 handles make the table football table accessible to the youngest children from the age of 4. With its beautiful, sporty design, you’ll make more than one person dream about it! What’s more, its frame is easy to assemble, so you can do it with your children, who will be happy to help you. However, its solidity is questioned for children who are a little too nervous. It seems that children over the age of 7 who are too nervous manage to bend the bars with the strength of their arms… Don’t forget to teach them a good fair play mentality and a good player to calm down the game and increase their entertainment.

The advantages

  • Beautiful design with the look of a professional footballer
  • Space-saving format, well suited to children aged 4 to 8 years old

The drawbacks

  • Solidity to be reviewed but correct for its price

Wiki – Table football table

Wiki - Table football table
  • Who will see victory and who will be defeated?
  • This terrific table top version of table football, feels, sounds and plays just like the real thing
  • It has easy-glide player bars and is therefore suitable for all members of the family
  • It also features a sliding scorer at each end of the table
  • Lightweight and portable, just place on a table and play away
For this first model, we start on a table football without feet at all. At first glance you may not understand its principle but make no mistake, this table football has several advantages. Its small size makes it a space-saving football table. That is to say it takes up little space in a room but also in a car! When you go on a trip, you can take it with you so that your children can have fun wherever they are: in your summer rental, at grandma and grandpa’s who don’t live next door, at your friends’ wedding… In short, anywhere. What’s more, not having an integrated stand allows them to play as they wish: sitting on the bed, on trestles adjusted to the centimetre to their size or simply on a coffee table. As you can see, this model is aimed at the youngest children from 4 years old with only two handles to handle. Its wooden frame and its beautiful players also make it a very decorative table football table in addition to its correct solidity considering its small price.

The advantages

  • Compact size to take it everywhere
  • Low price
  • Perfect for learning how to play with the little ones

The drawbacks

  • The quality is correct, but for use by children it could have been stronger

Multi-game table football :

HJ – Multi Games Table 4 in 1

HJ - 4 in 1 Multi Game Table
  • Folding Product Overall product dimensions: 121.5 x 61 x 81.5 cm. Playground dimensions: 107 x 61 cm.
  • Includes: table football tray, table tennis tray, hockey tray, pool tray and accessories.
  • Great for spending good times with this multi game table. Perfect as a gift
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Material: MDF, changeable tray, folding legs.
Above all, how many children have already known which game they really want? Not many, there are so many choices that it’s complicated to make just one. However, with this model of table football, you won’t have this problem as it is equipped with 3 other trays. Billiards, table football, shuffleboard or table tennis your children will be able to test everything and play for hours without screens! Moreover, the little extra of this model is the fact that it can be folded to be stored more easily and take up as little space as possible in your little monsters’ rooms. It is very well suited for family play from the age of 7. However, each model has its weak point, and it is its solidity that is questioned. The boards will split quite quickly if the players are quite upset. Too bad for a model designed for children. Nevertheless, the price of 150 – 200€ is rather reasonable for 4 games in 1.

The advantages

  • Good value for money / quantity of games (4 games in 1)
  • Foldable model that doesn’t take up much space when stored away

The drawbacks

  • Fairly thin wooden planks that split if used too intensively

Smoby – BabyFoot 640001 Powerplay 4 in 1

Smoby - BabyFoot 640001 Powerplay 4 in 1
  • 4 popular games in one game device
  • Table football, Billiards, Table Tennis and hockey
  • Dimensions of the table: approx. 95 x 59 cm
  • Suitable for ages 8 +
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 120 x 90 x 86 cm
To conclude our selection, here is once again a model of the famous brand Smoby. Like the previous one, this model is also composed of 4 tabletops including a table football, a ping pong table, a billiard table and a hockey table. Therefore all the accessories of these games are also provided for hours of fun between your children and their friends! This table football table is made entirely of wood for the boards, legs and frame. This means that it is probably one of the strongest and most stable children’s table football tables. Like Smoby’s other model, it is made in France, which guarantees good quality. It is a good product with a reasonable price except for 2 details. First of all, the assembly of the set is a bit complicated and takes 2 hours. Secondly, playing ping-pong is rather complicated because the table is too small to make nice racket movements but for children it’s good enough. Of course, it remains our favourite model.

The advantages

  • It is the strongest of the whole selection
  • Secure with the telescopic table football bars
  • The 4 trays are of good quality

The drawbacks

  • Assembly a little long to carry out

How to choose a children’s football table

Making a choice is always the most complicated moment because you ask yourself a lot of questions as to whether the child will like it or whether the table football will last a long time… In short, there is a lot of hesitation when all you need to do is to find out about certain criteria to make the gift fit the child as well as possible. By following our guide you will be able to make the right choice according to the age, character and profile of your child.


The age of the child greatly determines the type of model to choose. If the child is very young, i.e. 4 years old, it is better to choose a very simple model. For example, footless table football is perfect for this young age, with the least amount of grip to manage. Conversely, for children from the age of 6, you can go on a table football on foot. It will be easier for your child to play, apart from the fact that they will be happy to do as the grown-ups do! Then, for slightly older children, around 8 years old, you can opt for a multi-play table football table. As they grow older, they will be more able to understand and appreciate billiards. They will also be more independent when changing the game boards. Once again, these age range breakdowns are only indicative. If your children are taller or shorter for their age, adapt your choice of foosball table according to your children. The same applies if your child is early or late, you will have to choose a more advanced table football or not. Your children grow at their own pace so there is no pressure to put them under, just love them, adapt to them and their needs. Your children will be even happier if you adapt to them.

The use of

Often we don’t think about all the uses of a table football table and what it can do. In the first instance, it is usually used at home in the child’s bedroom or playroom where, once mounted, it will not move from there. But make no mistake, with the small models without feet, you can take it from wherever you go because their dimensions are often small and they slip easily into a car. The child can therefore play with it while you are on holiday 500km from home! It’s a fun and family game that will make your evenings on the campsite more enjoyable. Otherwise, adapting the table football to your child’s character is also a good idea. This means that if your child is a rather bad player or very involved in his game, it is better to have a very solid table football to avoid premature deterioration. Intensive use will have a big impact on the durability of the children’s table football. Finally, you will have to judge your child’s wish to have a table football. In other words, you need to find out if it is a new whim of your child that will disappear in 6 months or if it is a new passion that he really likes. If it’s a desire that will pass in a short time, choose a model of lower quality that will necessarily be cheaper. On the contrary, if he is really interested, choose a robust model that is a little more expensive, which will be able to follow him for a few years before investing in a top-of-the-range model.

The dimensions

So that he can play in his room, don’t forget to look at the dimensions of the table football in advance. You know that their room is not very big with all their toys so think about measuring the space you have. Depending on this, you will adapt the table football table that best suits you. If space is limited, choosing a model without feet or foldable is the best option. Otherwise, treat yourself… especially your child! Then take measurements of your child as well. Especially the one between his feet and elbows. To find out whether the table football is suitable for your child’s size, he should not bend his elbows more than 90° at right angles. Beyond this mark, it will be difficult for your child to play table football.

The safety aspect

When you say child, you say clumsiness. Because we are never at the end of our surprises with them, we must take every precaution to avoid all possible and unimaginable disasters. Here the biggest danger is mainly the metal bars where the players are placed. On some models, the bars are not retractable on themselves and come out on the other side of the table football. This is why it is important to make sure that this type of model has good tips so as not to injure your opponent. Then, for table football on legs, you have to look if the angles of the frame are not too sharp. In which case it will be necessary to be vigilant or to put table corners to absorb the potential shocks.

The solidity

As our children sometimes turn out to be little monsters, it seems that learning about the solidity of table football does not seem to be negligible. Indeed, one might think that they are not that strong, yet how many things have they broken? You don’t count anymore but it remains a good criterion to watch closely in customer comments. It is always better to play on thick wood, metal and MDF table football than on plastic.

The price

Last but not least, the price of children’s table football. First of all, the thing to know is that table football will be cheaper on the Internet than in shops. So you’re off to a good start with our 100% online selection. Secondly, the price varies according to its dimensions, materials and little extras such as 4-in-1 table football. Overall, the articles selected are all good value for money. However, to go further, we advise you to always look at the buyers’ opinions to see what comes out of them. Here you are, with all the keys to a successful purchase of a children’s table football table. Thank you for following us and see you soon for the next article!

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