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In recent years, Japanese whisky has made its way into the whisky world and is becoming increasingly popular. Is it better than its predecessors fromScotland orIreland? But above all, what are the best bottles of Japanese whisky? So many questions that we ask ourselves as many answers! Here we will answer all the most frequently asked questions about this spirit from Japan. On the other hand, we give you the best selection of Japanese whisky, as well as the best Japanese whisky in our eyes.

How is Japanese whisky made?

First of all, you should know that Japanese whisky has the same basic manufacturing process as whiskies coming from France or America. The peculiarities of Japanese whisky can be found in small changes such as peat which is very little used in the drying stage of the grain. They are therefore less peaty. Moreover, the yeasts used are not the same. Each whisky house has its own. In Japan, they are adapted to the culture and processes present in the country. Yeast alone can change part of the taste, especially for European countries that are not used to Asian flavours. In addition, Japanese distilleries prefer to distill whisky at low pressure. Finally, the casks in which the litres of whisky are stored afterwards are not always made from the same woods known in the West. It is easy to understand why Japanese whisky is different. Japanese bottles are appreciated for their finesse and delicate exotic aromas. Thus, it should also be known that whiskies of Japanese origin are enormously rewarded in the whisky world.

How to choose a good Japanese whisky?

In order to make the best choice for yourself or to offer a bottle, you need to know a minimum amount about it. As discussed in our article on the best whiskies in the world, there are several types of whisky. The way they are made already determines part of their aromas. If the words single malt, blended malts, peated whisky, triple malts, single cask, blended whis ky are familiar to you, that’s good enough. If not, we invite you to read the article on the best whiskies. At the end of this article, you will find explanations related to the types of whisky. According to the editors, we advise you to be bold in your choices. Japanese whiskies are an opportunity to get off the beaten track! To discover new flavours and aromas, so you might as well go straight ahead and take the plunge. However, if you’re not a fan of exotic flavours, Japanese whisky is also a very good guarantee of quality. That is to say, some Japanese spirits are better whisky from all origins. In terms of manufacturing, the Japanese are very respectful of traditions, so the quality can only be better.

What is the best Japanese whisky?

The best Japanese whisky, according to us and according to the many critics is the one that will follow, the Nikka From the Barrel.

Nikka Whisky From The Barrel, Japanese Whisky, 50 cl

You see this bottle everywhere as soon as you talk about Japanese whisky. But it is without any doubt, it is really the best Japanese whisky. This blended whis ky is a great success. A perfect blend of two Asian single malts and a grain whisky, this whisky is a master ofJapanese expertise. One remains bluffed by this intensity and originality which denotes other whiskies. Its fine nose reveals spicy scents of clove, apricot fruit and lilac floral. As for its powerful note on the palate, it is more like pepper, which gives way to fruits such as peach and caramelised apple. The final note is long and develops aromas of plums accompanied by woody vanilla. As the tasting note shows, this is truly a unique product. This whisky from the House of Nikka is appealing but still very balanced. That’s why it seduces a lot! To conclude, of Osaka origin, with its beautiful golden colour and its 51% alcohol content, this Japanese whisky has everything to please.

How to taste a good Japanese whisky?

First of all, it all depends on the advice on the bottle. Often it is written how to taste it. With a small addition of water, with ice cubes or whisky stones, in cocktails, plain… However, like European whisky, we advise you, if you feel like it, to buy a tasting box with whisky glasses and whisky stones. Finally, for a good tasting, be careful where you store your Japanese whisky. Here again, you have to look on the bottle.

Where to find Japanese whisky?

It’s a good question, even if we manage to find more and more of it, it’s not always easy. It can be found in supermarkets as well as in delicatessens and in shops specialising in spirits and whisky. However, the choice is often limited. We therefore recommend that you also search on the Internet, where the range of Japanese whisky is more extensive. Moreover, thanks to our beautiful selection, you have a nice list at your disposal. Thank you for following us all the way! And for your health don’t forget to drink in moderation. The liver is a vital organ for the proper functioning of your body, preserve it. See you soon for a new article!

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