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Written by Agathe Rosse

Whisky, an excellent alcohol, comes to us from the Celtic countries between Scotland and Ireland. Very appreciated as an aperitif or as a digestive like the good Rum. It gives the nose a typical and recognizable scent. However, Whisky does not lack different flavours and tastes. Indeed, its colour, smell and taste can change depending on the cereals used and its preparation, which can vary depending on where it is made. With the addition of peat, for example, Whisky takes on a nice smoky note. In any case, whether it is Japanese, Irish, Taiwanese, Scottish, French, English or North American whisky, they are all very appreciable thanks to their particularities which make each one of them unique. It is therefore complicated to find your way around with such a wide range of choices. That’s why we’re here to help you find the best Whiskies from our selection, the one that suits you best! Then find out below how to drink whis ky and how to choose a good whisky.

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Why buy a good bottle of whisky?

To offer a good whisky :

When you want to make a good impression, the best thing to do is to offer a nice bottle of alcohol, the most elegant being Whisky. The person receiving it will then be honoured. A good Whisky as a gift is a sign of class and that the person receiving it is distinguished and refined. If the person consumes alcohol, whisky is a sure value. There are, as said before, a multitude of choices that will surely satisfy the future owner. The advantage ofoffering a good bottle of Whisky is that the gift is edible. This way, there is no reason to make mistakes.

For his own pleasure to drink a Tasting Whisky:

There’s nothing wrong with having one of the best Wh iskies just for yourself. Taking a break with a tasty glass of whisky in your hand does good from time to time. If you’re a whisky lover, you know that there are all kinds of whiskies. So having a Whisky collection is not so absurd to change your pleasure as much as you wish. Moreover, what makes all the difference to this exceptional beverage is its manufacturing expertise. With a master’s hand, the distiller knows what it takes to develop powerful yet gentle aromas. Whisky is an art.

🏆 Our TOP 3 single malt whisky

Our selection of the best whiskies :

Kavalan Single Malt Whisky – Taiwanese Whisky – 70 cl

To start our selection of the best whiskies, we present you with aTaiwanese whisky . Rather exotic you will tell us, to start our selection of the best whiskies, but what an originality in the mouth! The amateurs will be conquered thanks to the beautiful flavours of mangoes which makes the whole complex and finely spiced. As for the final note, you will have a touch ofcitrus fruit that will stay in the mouth for a long time but which will slide smoothly down your throat. The whole is not dry but rather sweet even if its alcohol content is 43%. Single malt whisky is made frommalted barley from a single distillery, Kavalan here for the occasion. Moreover, let’s not forget to mention its very elegant bottle which reminds us of the famous Taipei tower in Taiwan. Finally, the 7 year old whisky has a magnificent amber colour, as you can see. To conclude, it is a very original and elegant whisky that is not lacking in flavour. It is a sweet invitation to travel.

More about Maison Kavalan

: Its first whisky was marketed in 2008, then quickly, in 2016 it was crowned ” Best Whisky Producer of the Year ” by the IWSC and in 2017, the distillery of the year. Kavalan whiskies have received international recognition because Taiwan is a true whisky consuming state of excellence which has in turn produced the best.

Royal Salute 21 Years Old – Blended Scotch Whisky – 70 cl

Afterwards, we present you the 21 year old Royal Salute whisky made by the famous house Chivas. This is truly an exceptional whisky as it was presented in 2013 during the 60th anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. As for the qualities of this whisky, you have the delicate scents of a bouquet of honeyed flowers complemented by a hint of apple and pear. On the palate, lovers of more classic whisky will be won over by a pleasantly fruity but perfectly balanced touch. Finally, the final note remains full-bodied and long on the palate. This blended whisky thus mixes barley malt and grains for a powerful taste that is very well controlled. All in all, it is a rather full-bodied whisky which has character with its 40° alcohol content. Without forgetting to mention the bottle which is a real masterpiece. Enamelled with porcelain, this glass bottle is hand engraved and is available in the colours of the royal crown: sapphire blue, ruby red or emerald green.

More about the House of Chivas

: The House of Chivas was founded in 1801 by two brothers in Scotland. In 1843, they received the official title of Royal Whisky Supplier. From there, their renown was heard everywhere and they became very influential in the industry with a range of excellent Whiskies that did not fall below 12 years of age.

Four Roses – Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey – 70 cl

This Bourbon whisky from Four Roses is also part of our selection. Indeed, although it is more accessible in terms of budget, this does not detract from its gustative prowess. On the nose, it develops aromas of vanilla and coconut. However, on the palate you will rather taste candied fruit mixed with maple syrup which will also be good served raw or with ice cream. This whisky comes to us from Kentucky in the United States and is what we call a single barrel whisky. This means that it has aged in a single oak cask here and is not diluted with water. That is why this whisky is also highly alcoholic and reaches 50% alcohol content. Moreover, it is bottled in a nice, very pure bottle that lets you appreciate its beautiful golden colour. Finally, if you’re still not convinced, maybe saying that it has already received 5 awards will make you succumb to the purchase. We would like to remind you that alcohol should be consumed in moderation.

To know more about Maison Four roses

: Founded in 1888 in the United States in Kentucky, the house of Four roses has made a name for itself in Bourbon Whisky made from corn grain. Japan is also a big fan of the brand.

BELLEVOYE NOIR – French Whisky – Triple peaty malt – 70 ml

Rather surprising for a whisky, we are happy to tell you that France also produces it and that it is a great success! For its characteristics, on the nose, although it is a peated edition, thesmell is quite tender. Moreover, we are not disappointed because it has a full bouquet: liquorice, coffee, mint, pepper and apricot can stand out and create a balance. Then, in the mouth you will be satisfied with smoky notes of mint, pepper and liquorice. Finally, the finish, will delight you with the same previous flavours but in a more lively way that will be enhanced with lemon. On this triple malt, we are really on a peaty dominance which reveals a woody and roasted profile. What we like is its 100% French production, carried out with a masterly hand. Moreover, the bottle is very elegant and reminds us of French haute couture. In any case, if you like peated whisky, you will be delighted by this bottle and its 43° of alcohol.

To know more about Maison Bellevoye

: French Whisky House created in 2013 by two pillars in the world of spirits, Bellevoye aspires to a great reputation with its 100% French and very sophisticated production.

Redbreast 12 Years Old – Pot Still – Irish Whisky – 700ml

Very sophisticated, this Single Pot Still whisky offers beautiful, complex and balanced flavours. This Redbreast has won numerous awards and puts Irish whiskies in the spotlight. Indeed, its fruity nose of red fruits and sweetspices such as pink berries develops a rich flavour of ripe blackcurrants and peaches on the palate. Its long and firm finish will amaze you with its spicy note that tends towards ripe pear at the end. What makes it so unique and appreciated with its Christmas flavours is the fabulous composition ofmalted and unmaltedbarley that has been aged in oloroso sherry barrels. It is a perfect whisky for connoisseurs and non connoisseurs alike who will be delighted by its full-bodied and well-balanced aromas. In our opinion, you are looking at the best Irish whis ky! Moreover, it remains rather accessible which is not to displease whisky lovers. We advise you to taste it as it is as a digestive, it will only be better this way.

To know more about the Redbreast Brand :

A pioneer in Single Pot Stills, Redbreast has a perfect mastery of the production of top-of-the-range whisky. It has been distilled by the manufacturer Irish Distillers since 1980 but has existed since the 1900s thanks to the Gilbeys distillery. It has also been nicknamed “Priest’s bottle” because of its success with priests.

The Dalmore 15 Years Old Scotch Whisky

Here is the most gourmet whisky of our selection of the best whiskies. The Dalmore House offers here a gourmet Wh isky that has fine scents of peach and baked apples that give way to a good smell of spiced brioche and orange peel. On the palate, the nose flavours intensify and give more space for the taste of malt with cinnamon, clove and ginger on a biscuity base. The final note is then long and greedy revealing a note of coffee and vanilla wood. These scents and flavours are due in particular to its 12 years of ageing in a white oak bourbon cask, then transferred to very good quality Sherry casks and aged for a further 3 years. It is therefore a very good single malt whisky for any type of connoisseur. Finally, let us recall the prestige of this whisky which, during its production, passes through 8 copper iron stills, top-of-the-range equipment for distillation.

To know more about the House of Dalmore

: From its Gaelic meaning “the great field”, The Dalmore was created in 1839 in the north ofScotland. As previously mentioned, it has old stills which have been in use since 1874. The Dalmore is a whisky house of excellence to achieve perfection.

Glenfiddich – Project XX Single malt whisky

Let’s continue this fine selection of the best whisky with this amazing beverage from Glenfiddich. Whether it is its manufacturing prowess or its incomparable flavours, you will not be disappointed and will be pleasantly surprised. Indeed, this whisky is the fruit of the experiment carried out by Brian Kinsman accompanied by 20 guests from the four corners of the earth and a whisky expert. Together, they chose the best casks to hold the single malt. Once assembled, the 20 casks gave birth to an exceptional and original whisky. Its nose is very fruity, notably apple and pear blossom which blooms well in summer accompanied by notes of vanilla intertwined with slightly spicy liquorice. On the palate, it is a sweet revelation of toasted almond and cinnamon. As a result, a deep, mellow and refined aroma emerges from the tasting. Finally, for the finish, satisfaction will be the order of the day with a long oaky vanilla sweetness. This unusual and innovative project offers a beautiful golden coloured whisky, strong at 47° of alcohol.

More information on the House of Glenfiddich

: William Grant created the distillery in Scotland in 1887. Glenfiddich also means “valley of the stags” in Gaelic. In addition, Glenfiddich’s malt singles are the best selling malt in the world. This brand is one of the most inventive and innovative in all areas (manufacturing and marketing).

Nikka Whisky From The Barrel – Japanese Whisky – 50 cl

To finish our selection, we couldn’t miss this excellent Japanese whisky which denotes European whiskies. Its scents are very fine and form a floral blend of lilac, fruity apricot and spicy clove, just for this delicious smell we say yes right away! However, that’s not all, because in the mouth it will be an explosion of firm, woody, peppery flavours that arrives on more fruity notes of caramel apple and peach. The whole will be filled by a long, rather iodized and fruity finish of plums and peaches. Moreover, Nikka Whisky from the barrel, the best Blended maltwhisky we know, fine and balanced, is a delight that appeals to many whisky lovers. As a reminder, blended malt whiskies are whiskies resulting from a blend of several single malt whiskies. Here, the choice of single malt is made with taste and mastery, which results in an original and unique aroma of this whisky. Generosity and ambition are the watchwords of this Japanese whisky.

About Nikka Whisky

: It was founded in 1934 in Japan by Masataka Taketsuru, the father of Japanese whisky, after having created the first whisky distillery in Japan. It has made a name for itself and has since received many awards for its authentic and typical whiskies.

How to drink whisky?

In order to drink your whisky in the best possible way, we suggest you complete your bottle choice with whisky stones and whisky glasses. Whisky stones will allow you to refresh your whisky without diluting it, unlike ice cubes. As for the whisky glasses, their specially designed shape will allow a better development of the aromas. We provide you with a selection of the best whisky stones and whisky glasses.

How to choose a whisky?

Very complex to make, the choice of a good whisky varies according to several criteria which are listed below.

The different types of manufacture :

Single malt: this is a whisky made from malted barley and is not the result of a mixture of several distilleries but of a single distillery. Triple malt: It is simply the blend of three single malt whiskies Blended malt: it is the result of a blend of several single malt, 2 at least Blended whisky: this is a whisky that is made from a mixture of barley whisky and grain whisky (made from a grain other than barley) Bourbon whis ky: this is a whisky made from corn, at least 51% Single pot still: this whisky is made with half malted barley and half unmalted barley Single barrel whisky or single cask: these are whiskies taken directly from the cask and without any modifications. Peated whisky: it comes from malted barley passed over a peat fire (a kind of earth)

The type of barrel chosen

There are several types of wood used in the manufacture of casks used for ageing whisky. All of them bring their own distinctive nose and mouth notes. Then, when they have already been used to contain Sherry or Sherry, they are very interesting for the aromas they can bring. Finally, the size of the casks as well as their age influence the colour and taste of the Whisky.

The country of manufacture

Of course, the country of manufacture will influence the flavours of the whisky in several ways. On the one hand, the gastronomic culture of the country will define a good part of its aromas. Depending on the taste of the country, you will have more or less exotic, flowery and fruity whiskies. On the other hand, the temperature can influence the taste of the raw materials used and finally the water used, determines 5% of the whisky’s flavours.

The flavours

So many flavours are then possible with the previous parameters. Just ask about their tasting notes, which can be broken down into three parts: the nose (what you smell), the mouth (what you taste) and the finish (the note at the end of the mouth). From the most classic to the most exotic, let yourself be guided by your own tastes if you don’t know anything about whisky. This concludes our article on the best whiskies. We hope we have helped you with your purchase and wish you a good continuation on the site! See you soon and don’t forget to drink in moderation for your health.

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