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Gin is a less well-known alcohol than its counterparts such as Rum or Whisky, yet gin has its rightful place in the range of spirits. Its strong points are the different ways of drinking it, pure “on the rocks” with ice cubes, in cocktails, as an aperitif, with tonic or fruit juice! So many possibilities and tastes to marry. In this article, you will find our guide to the best bottles of gins. You will also find many answers to your questions about this alcoholic drink.

What is the best brand of gin?

Legitimate questions to ask when the alcohol market has never been better! Of course, as you can imagine, there is not one best brand of gin, but several. Here are our best gin brands, some better known than others. First of all, we recommend the Tanqueray brand, but also Bombay Saphire and Hendrick’s. The top-of-the-range gin brand, Berkeley Square, is also a sure bet, as is Silent Pool.

How to choose a good gin?

First of all, in order to choose a good bottle of gin, it is important to know that there are several types of gin. Juniper is a gin originating from Holland and Belgium. It is made from the distillation of corn and rye and flavoured with juniper berries, mostly but also with fennel, cumin or coriander. It is a flavourful gin that is usually drunk on its own. The famous London Dry Gin is composed like juniper for the base of the alcohol but, to be sweeter, is redistilled or coupled with a kind of brandy. Finally, as one might think, London dry gin is not necessarily made in England. Then there is also Old Tom Gin, which is simply a sweeter, less dry gin. As for Cork gin, it is a gin from Ireland. Finally, we see more and more blue gin, don’t worry, everything is normal. It is simply coloured with a blue flower, the clitoria, which offers a nice magic trick when adding the tonic.

Where to buy good gin in Paris?

Gin is a bit the forgotten alcohol, so it’s not easy to find it everywhere, even in the capital! We still have our list of the best shops and delicatessens where you can find good gin in Paris. First of all, there’s the G343 specialising in Gin and Tequila, that’s a good thing! At La Maison du Whisky & Fine Spirits, we also have a nice selection of gin bottles, just like at Les caves du Roy. Finally, we couldn’t miss Gin Carmen who makes its own gin, if that’s not magnificent! However, if you don’t like the in-store selections, or if they seem expensive, we recommend that you look on the Internet , especially on Amazon. This is where you’ll find the most choices and the gin that suits your desires, without having to leave home with delivery. In addition, just below, we offer you our exclusive selection of the best gins. Popular, high-end or Japanese gin, this is where you will make your choice.

What are the best gins?

Without further ado, here is our selection of the best gins.

Opihr London Dry Gin European Premium Edition Western Spice Distillate without Sugar or Artificial Flavour Adds 70 cl

We might as well tell you that the name of the brand is not an enhancement for this wonderful gin! We are more than satisfied with this special edition with the flavours of Europe. Cascarilla bark and the scent of myrrh form a perfect combo rich in Eastern European spices. All with a touch of bitterness. However, the gin remains balanced with a good taste of candied and woodyorange in the mouth. This gin blends very well with the negroni cocktail recipe (gin, campari and vermouth) for a beautiful range of aromas. We are therefore on a product which is a spicy London Dry Gin but at least very tasty. So we have a good value for money.

Tanqueray N° Ten Gin 70 cl

First of all, this gin is very popular with connoisseurs. Indeed, this spirit offers you the bestcitrus aromas, both subtle and complex. The ingredients are lime, oranges and pink grapefruit. It is distilled four times, with the drink’s flagship plants such as coriander and juniper berry. This gin can then be drunk plain with a slice of grapefruit or cucumber. It can also be enjoyed with tonic. In short, we have a beautiful product of the Tanqueray brand and above all of quality. According to a large part of the bartenders it is even the best gin, not surprising when you see its multiple prizes won.

Larios 12 Mediterranean Gin

This gin little known to the rest of the world is also one of the best. Passed through the distillery five times, one already understands that it is a good bottle. Its rather extravagant composition brings together twelve plants that are as much classic for a gin as they are innovative. Indeed, during the final distillation, orange blossoms and angelica are added. In terms of taste characteristics, we are on somethingexotic, mellow, fresh and sweet. The best way to taste it is to drink it in a glass with a little tonic and orange and lemon zest. If gin is available, we advise you to taste it because given its price it is a nice discovery.

Hendrick’s Gin

Unequalled finesse with this gin from Hendrick’s since 1999. Distilled with plants such as coriander, juniper, lemon peel, cumin, angelica… What makes it so unique is the infusion of cucumber and rose petals that is added. Its nectar is sweet with subtle notes of cucumber and rose. The balance of flavours is perfect. Very appreciated by all, it is the gift to offer to your loved ones. Moreover, the stills used are very prestigious and rare in the field. It can be drunk on its own as well as in multiple cocktail recipes with Martini for example. What is also surprising is that this Hendrick’s gin can be drunk cold or hot. It is a classic and even a must have for some people.

Bombay Sapphire, London Dry Gin, 70cl, 40%

Another good classic with good value for money. You will have recognized this beautiful sapphire blue bottle from Bombay. In this London dry gin, you will find a steam infusion of about ten chosen and selected ingredients. Juniper berries are obviously part of the bouquet, along with citrus peels, almonds and even irises! The Bombay Sapphire is a magnificent base for numerous cocktail recipes. Whether accompanied by tonic, Martini or fresh fruit, it is the one for you. It is even better than the original Bombay. Sweet and complex, what better way to make a lot of people appreciate gin? Finally, its price on Amazon is very competitive compared to what you can find in shops.

Peaky Blinders BLINDER Spiced Gin 70 CL

Yes, yes, you read it right! A gin from the Peaky Blinders. Distilled in Great Britain in the Sadler Distillery, we have a rather strong product. Beautiful exotic notes and a pepper taste are a nice asset. Spicy ingredients, juniper berries and citrus fruits bring a nice freshness to its final note. As you will have understood it is a nice tribute to the Birmingham gang. To offer for a fan of the series and this spirit can be a good gift. It is not an exceptional gin but for its price it is reasonable. Sip this gin in a glass diluted with a bit of water to make it less strong and hop it’s like taking a leap into the past!

Best top-of-the-range gins

Silent Pool Distillers Surrey Hills 43% Gin Giftbox and 2 Copa Glasses, 70cl
Berkeley Square London Dry Gin, Ultra-Premium Award Winning Savoury Hand Crafted Mayfair Gin Distilled to Perfection, 70 cl 46% ABV
Ableforth's Bathtub Gin, 150 cL
Silent Pool Distillers Surrey Hills 43% Gin Giftbox and 2 Copa Glasses, 70cl
Berkeley Square London Dry Gin, Ultra-Premium Award Winning Savoury Hand Crafted Mayfair Gin Distilled to Perfection, 70 cl 46% ABV
Ableforth's Bathtub Gin, 150 cL
Silent Pool Distillers Surrey Hills 43% Gin Giftbox and 2 Copa Glasses, 70cl
Silent Pool Distillers Surrey Hills 43% Gin Giftbox and 2 Copa Glasses, 70cl
Berkeley Square London Dry Gin, Ultra-Premium Award Winning Savoury Hand Crafted Mayfair Gin Distilled to Perfection, 70 cl 46% ABV
Berkeley Square London Dry Gin, Ultra-Premium Award Winning Savoury Hand Crafted Mayfair Gin Distilled to Perfection, 70 cl 46% ABV
Ableforth's Bathtub Gin, 150 cL
Ableforth's Bathtub Gin, 150 cL


This is a beautiful box for lovers and connoisseurs of this drink. To lay the foundations, Silent Pool is a famous mixture of 24 plants and 100% handmade. Also its manufacture is unique. It is cut in four artisanal steps. First of all, there is the maceration of certain plants. Then, the infusion of tea, the second part of the flowering herbs are processed. Then, it is the infusion in basket, that is to say that we will take care of the fruits to develop their aromas. A fruity taste, floral flavours and a soft finish, we have here a beautiful product. Finally, we are crazy about glasses, we have enough to enjoy life in a single box. In our opinion, this box will delight connoisseurs.

Berkeley Square – Artisanal Gin – Ultra-Premium – Distilled at the Perfection 70 cl

Very beautiful and prestigious product made at the largest distillery in England. It is a very refined and supple spirit which, for us, is one of the best gin in the world. During distillation, they infuse a bouquet filled with the following ingredients: basil leaves, sage, combava and lavender. All these plants provide aperfectly balanced floral taste. Even the choice of alembic is not taken at random. The bottle is also very elegant, just like the drink inside. As you may have guessed, with the high quality gins, it is a great pity to drink them in cocktails, the best being to drink it pure with a lemon zest, to the limit. The slightly high price can make this bottle of gin a beautiful gift that will show class and refinement to the lucky recipient.

Ableforth’s Bathtub Gin 1.5 L

A reception approaching? You have the right product in front of you! This gin model is quite rare as it is a magnum of the Ableforth’s brand that you will only find in France on Amazon with its fast delivery. Indeed, the production is done in small batches of about sixty bottles at a time. After distillation, the alcohol is cold infused with a fine selection of plants. Among them, we have of course juniper berries, coriander and cloves, but what makes it so charming are cinnamon and lemon andorange peels. On the palate, there are notes of coriander and cloves while remaining smooth and rich. As for the finish, it gives off beautiful citrus fruit aromas.

Japanese gins

Etsu Handcrafted Gin 0.7 L

Little known to the French public, Japanese gin is nevertheless a good asset in the world of this drink. Indeed, Japanese gins are very tasty with beautiful floral and exotic notes from Asia. Here with this bottle, this is typically the case! Very floral with aromas of yuzu, the famous Asian lemon. It’s a beautiful harmony in the mouth, we have a taste of pepper balanced with wild berries and green tea. This product can be enjoyed neat to appreciate all the flavours or in cocktails with tonic to find the best combination of aromas. Generally speaking, Japanese spirits are original and pleasant thanks to their oriental ingredients. Moreover, the bottle symbolises all the finesse of the Asians in their distillation work.

Japanese Roku Gin (1 x 0.7l)

The change of scenery is total thanks to this Japanese alcohol. In our opinion, it is surely the best Japanese gin in the world! Yes we dare to say it. Indeed, the brand Suntory very well known for its Japanese whiky is not at its trial run and is once again delighting us. A beautiful brandy made with Japanese plants such as cherry blossom and leaf, sencha tea and gyokuro tea, sansho pepper and yuzu bark. You might as well say that the flavours are crazy even if you find juniper, coriander and orange peel. In short, the few French people who have already tasted it have adopted it and we understand it is a delight!

How is gin made?

Gin is made fromethyl alcohol which is flavoured with other ingredients and plants. Generally speaking, gin is flavoured by infusion. The main ingredients are juniper berries, then coriander and lemon and orange peels are often used in the bouquet garni. The plants are therefore placed above the alcohol in thestill. During distillation, the alcohol boils at around 80° making steam which will charge and infuse the herbs. Just before being bottled, the gin is diluted with a little water to reduce its alcohol concentration and become the gin we drink.

Which tonic for gin?

To impress your friends or for your own personal enjoyment, you are looking for the best tonic to make the best gin cocktails. There are many different flavours to make the best possible gin cocktail. Sweet, bitter, rather floral or woody, everything is possible! The best known and appreciated brand among gin connoisseurs is Fever-tree. Indeed, the range of tonic at Fever-Tree is wide enough to suit your taste or any particular desire. However, there are also the brands Schweppes, Fentiman, Erasmus, and 1724 ton ic, each of which offers perfect tonic ranges for a wide range of gin cocktails. We’re nearing the end of our specialist article on gin, we hope you’ve learned a little more about this drink. Especially since you will have found gin at your feet. And last but not least, we recommend to all gin and other alcohol lovers to drink in moderation.

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