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Which muscles work with bike spinning?

Written by Agathe Rosse

The spinning bike is a sports device that offers many benefits, both cardio and muscular. If you want to get the most complete and efficient sports equipment, discover our guide to choose a good spinning bike, but especially the one that will match your goals, your expectations and your use.

The advantage of the spinning bike compared to the treadmill is that you can work with great intensity without shocks to your joints. The spinning bike is a cardio training device, designed to burn calories in mass by alternating intensities of exercise and strength, to promote weight loss.

Spin biking is a very varied and intense workout that follows a musical rhythm to test your physical abilities and burn up to 900 calories in one hour! But what are the real effects on our body, and which muscles are targeted during training?

For starters, know that you will be sweating profusely, which will allow you to evacuate all the toxins from your body! Your heart and breath will be put to the test as you change your pace to boost your cardio and endurance.

In terms of muscles, this spinning bike will mainly engage the muscles of the lower body: calves, thighs and buttocks. By changing the intensities, you will sometimes stimulate them in speed during sprints, and sometimes in strength to climb mountains. The muscle fibres will be abruptly destroyed, to better rebuild themselves.

The spin-bike will also tone the arms, abdominals, and back, with a slight muscular reinforcement.

To explode your muscle fibers, and burn a maximum of calories to melt while strengthening your muscles, here’s a little tutorial session:

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