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Twist and Shape: buying guide and reviews

Written by Agathe Rosse

The weight training equipment provided at home is very practical. They allow you to train in complete tranquillity without having to go to the gym. Of all types, you will be able to find some to work the different muscles of the body according to your desires. We will introduce you to the Twist and Shape, a fitness machine that helps to work the abs, but also the arms, thighs and buttocks.


TWIST & SHAPE Unisex Home Exercise Machine for Core, Abs, Legs

  • Platform dimensions: 44x41 cm
  • Handlebar dimensions: 120x70 cm
  • 5 levels of handlebar adjustment
  • 3 drive modes


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What’s a Twist and Shape?

The Twist and Shape is an all-in-one weight training machine for effective and fun bodybuilding. The principle is rather simple, you just have to stand on the device and place your hands around the two handlebar grips. Then rotate to the left and then to the right, rotating the top and bottom of the body in opposite directions.

The handlebars can be adjusted in height to adapt to your height, but also to offer 3 different levels of difficulty to intensify the exercises and work the different muscle groups. A small screen is visible on the handlebars, for visual monitoring of your training, calories burned, number of movements performed etc.


Why use a Twist and Shape?

This device allows you to do muscle strengthening at home without the need for various devices such as dumbbells or a stationary bike. The Twist and Shape is all in one, and therefore allows you to do multi-level strength training exercises to work the different muscles. Depending on your position and the muscles you want to target, you can work on abdominal and obliques as well as shoulders, buttocks and thighs.

In addition to working the muscles, the Twist and Shape allows you to push your cardio, in a simple but effective way, without having to pedal for hours on an elliptical bike. This device promises you a complete, effective and rather fun workout.

Let’s face it, Twist and Shape is not a miracle solution, you can’t expect to melt and eliminate all the extra pounds in no time. On the other hand, this device allows you to tone your muscles and maintain your fitness and muscle tone, for results on your tone.

I bought this device 2 years ago, it is part of my daily life at a rate of 40 minutes every 2 days…
I’ve lost two hip sizes and my thighs are perfect…
I recommend this device to… /…only happiness, and with a lot of determination, a lot of results!


How to use the Twist & Shape?

Depending on what you want to work on, it is possible to have several positions and modes of use. You will be able to switch between 3 training modes :

  • 1st position: the basic training is done with stretched legs, standing on the apparatus, with a 240° rotation to work the central and oblique abs.
  • 2nd position: If you bend your legs a little and lower the handlebars, while keeping this rotation, you will work the muscles at the back of the thighs as well as the buttocks.
  • 3rd position: on the platform of the Twist and Shape, you will see two round anti-slip trays that swivel 360°. For more challenge, the 3rd training mode consists in placing your toes on these circles, heels off the ground. Bend your legs and turn. Being flexed with your heels off allows for a deeper rotation and a more complete workout of the body. In this position, all your muscles are engaged, for fast and effective results without effort.


Twist and Shape: our assessment

Notre évalution
  • Design
  • Fonctionnalités et choix
  • Qualité
  • Rapport qualité / prix


Très pratique, cet appareil permet de s’affiner et se raffermir de manière simple et efficace. Avec des résultats visibles plutôt rapidement, il permet de faire du sport sans impacts violents pour les genoux ou autres articulations.

What we like

  • The 3 training modes are suitable for all sportsmen and women: novices as well as the most experienced.
  • Reinforcement is gentle, starting slowly before increasing the difficulty.
  • Practical and technical question, the device is well thought out, and is very easy to mount, you can adjust it to fit your size simply.
  • It is rather light and easy to move or install.


What we like less

Despite its efficiency and practicality, the Twist & Shape has a few flaws.

  • Sometimes the unit’s chain may squeak during rotation, which can quickly become annoying, and the area is difficult to access for grease.
  • The display on the handlebars is a bit small, and the information is not always very reliable.
  • Also, it is important to know that the maximum load is 150kg.


Where can I find a Twist and Shape?

If you’re looking for the Twist and Shape, the easiest way is to buy it on Amazon, where you’ll find the original model. It is also available on M6 shop but the price is higher. On Rakuten, you can find it second-hand at very interesting prices.

If you are looking for other similar fitness equipment, you can turn to Decathlon or other sports signs.



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