Which air purifier should I choose? Find the best one in our selection.

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In this period of Covid or not, the air purifier is a major asset for your home but also for the welcoming spaces of the world. It sucks in the air, filters it and removes particles to purify your home. An air purifier can be useful during a pandemic but also when you light a candle or smoke indoors for example. The power of an air purifier to destroy all the pollutants in your home is a definite benefit. However, there are several on the market so how do you choose the right air purifier? Follow our study which answers the questions we ask ourselves and our selection of the best purifiers.

Why buy an air purifier?

Purification de l'airAs explained in the introduction, an air purifier improves the condition of the ambient air in a room. Thanks to its air filtration, it will keep gravitating particles in its filter, which has the effect of “cleaning” the air so to speak. All bacteria, viruses and harmful particles in the air disappear in a short time thanks to a purifier. For example, this product is indispensable for people with allergies such as pollen or dust mites. Likewise, those who live near highly polluted areas in the city or in the country with pesticides. At the moment, with the viruses that are circulating, it is really a useful product. You can see it in its wide deployment all over Europe. Whether you have respiratory problems, (bad) smells in your house, or live near pollution, it will be your daily friend!

When to use an air purifier?

We advise you to use the device 20 minutes in advance when you want to stay in a room where allergens or pollutants are present. Normally, in 20 minutes the air in a normal sized room is completely filtered.

  • We also advise you to purify the air when burning a candle or using solvents to remove particles.
  • Otherwise, to fight viruses and bacteria at this time of year, it is very useful, especially if there are several of you inside.
  • If you have stubborn odours in your home, it results in a purification of the air, which reduces them.
  • Finally, you can use it at times when you feel it is useful toimprove the air quality.

What is the best air purifier?

The market for air purifiers is growing rapidly with the pandemic. This makes it difficult to find your way around all the products and filters of varying quality. The following selection shows you the best devices to suit any budget level and type ofrequirement. amazon table=”4488″] As a reminder, the best air purifiers must have Hepa filters, (a type of high efficiency filter). In fact, the H13 and H14 filter categories are those found in laboratories. This Hepa filter criterion is really essential. For the rest: power, sound level, design, technical characteristics, specialised purification mode… It’s up to you and your needs. Without further ado, here are our top 10 best air purifiers to make the best choice:

Winix Zero Pro. HEPA air purifier to reduce Viruses, Bacteria and Allergens, with HEPA filter (99,97%), Activated Carbon. Up to 120m² and CADR of 470m³ / h.

This is our first air purifier from air treatment specialist Winix. Its dimensions are 24cm deep, 41cm wide and 60 centimetres high. It filters 470 cubic metres of air per hour and can therefore treat a maximum surface area of 120m². Inside the unit there is a pre-filter for coarse particles, a Hepa filter and a carbon filter for odours. What we like most is the automatic mode. Indeed, this function shows its effectiveness because the sensor adjusts its air treatment according to the rate of particles. Finally, its delivery is free and its price is reasonable.

Philips AC2887/10 Air purifier, purifies up to 79 m², triple filtration, real time display of fine particles

Second model of air purifier that is a quality product made by the brand Philips. This one measures 24cm deep, 35.9 wide and 55.8 centimetres high, so it’s quite compact. Moreover, it is a product very appreciated for several reasons of which its silent mode where, the noise level is inaudible. It is also equipped with a pre-filter, a Hepa filter and a carbon filter. In addition, the purifier indicates the air quality in real time. This Philips device can purify 333m³ of air per hour, which is equivalent to an area of 79m². Whether it is Cov-19, bacteria, viruses, allergens or pollutants, everything is eliminated. To conclude, our opinion is very positive, the price affordable and the delivery offered.

ROWENTA PURE AIR CONNECT XL INTENSE AIR CLEANER Silent, Connected, 4 Levels of Filtration, Allergen and Fine Particle Treatment, Anti-Pollution Anti-Bacterial PU6080F0

Then we put this model from Rowenta on our top list. Indeed, their products are of good quality including this device. In terms of dimensions, the air purifier measures 38 x 31.5 x 75 centimetres (LxWxH). Regarding its purifying efficiency, it is capable of eliminating allergens and fine particles for 360 cubic metres per hour! That’s a surface area of 180 square metres. On the other hand, this Rowenta technology has great features such as: programmable weekly timer, programmed start, a mode for each situation. Finally, it is a connected model(monitoring and control of air quality) via smartphone. In conclusion, it is very efficient for the elimination of respiratory health problems however. the connection is capricious.

Dyson Pure Cool connected tower fan purifier – white tower size

Introducing the long awaited air purifiers from the Dyson range! We’re going to take a look at one of their purifiers. To begin with, this one has the following dimensions: 22.3 cm long x 22.3 cm wide and 105.4 centimetres high. Their big advantages are their dual use as an air purifier to treat the air but also ventilation to cool your room. The price of these Dyson products is high, but if you’re a Dyson fan, you know how effective they are. To purify your home, Dyson purifiers are equipped with Hepa filters. The big plus of this device is its connected function linked to a mobile application. So you can follow the treatment and elimination of all kinds of pollution (pollen, pollutants, cov-19…). However, it is not widely available online because stocks are quickly sold out. The feedback and opinions of users of Dyson products (fan, hoover…) are very positive. That’s why there are two links to get it. On one of them it will be available. On the other hand, the delivery is free only on one. Finally, the Dyson brand is a true testament to quality, power, technology and ergonomic features. In addition, its sleek white and silver design makes it a beautiful product.

Daikin – mc70l vm – Ultra quiet 46m² Streamer Air Purifier

amazon box=”B006GAN9WY” description=” “] Here is a model that is a little different from the other purifiers, this one is an ioniser, a different technology. It is perfectly suited for the purification of an area of 46 m² or 150 m³. The all-white device measures 40.3cm deep, 24.1cm wide and 57.6 centimetres high. Its features include a 1, 2 or 4 hour program function. Otherwise, the ionizer has 5 power levels! Moreover, the removal of pollution, micro-organisms (cov), dust and pet hair is done in less than 30 minutes thanks to the titanium apatite of the photocatalysis. According to user reviews, this ioniser produces a very low noise level and its effectiveness is praised. What could be better for our health?

Beurer LW 230 Air washer, humidifier and purifier, for rooms up to 40 m², removes house dust, pollen, pet hair and odours from the air, black

Second product different from the air purifiers that use filters. This time we have an air washer (very close to an ionizer), a type of product that improves thehumidification and purification of the air. To begin with, we are dealing with a small device that has the following dimensions: 30cm x 30cm in length and width and 34cm in height. This air purifier allows the elimination of house dust, pollen and any type of air pollution on a surface of 40 square meters. In fact, the device works with silver ion discs and is therefore particularly hygienic because the ions prevent the development of bacteria. Moreover, the sound power is low, so you can use it whenever you want. Its price is obviously less expensive because the technology is not the same. Finally, it is available with free delivery.

ROWENTA INTENSE PURE AIR BEDROOM AIR CLEANER, Silent, Automatic, 4 Levels of Filtration, Allergen and Fine Particle Treatment, Anti-pollution anti-bacterial PU4020F0

Second product of the Rowenta brand that is part of the best air purifiers on the market. On the one hand, its filtration characteristics with 4 types of filters that will eliminate all the ambient pollution of a house. This Rowenta appliance is more suitable for a small area such as a bedroom or an office. Indeed, the elimination of bacteria and cov-19 is assured for a maximum area of 60-70 m². Moreover, its dimensions are smaller than the first product presented, here they are 30 x 28 x 54 centimetres (length, width, height). This makes it a discreet purifier in addition to its white colour. It is an asset for the health with its automatic mode very relayed in the consumer reviews.

Electrolux PA91-404GY Connected air purifier + unpleasant odour filter up to 92 m², light grey

Just like the well-known big brands, this product from Electrolux is clearly among the best purifiers. First of all, it measures 37.5 x 37.5 cm in length and width by 66 centimetres in height. Its surface area for removing mould, pollen and other microbes is 90 square metres. Furthermore, it is also one of the best devices regarding its very quiet operation. In addition, it has a very aesthetic and modern design which makes it a special object. In any case, user opinions are unanimous in saying that these models of purifiers are the best products of the air purifier type. Finally, this device is available quickly with free delivery.

Aiibot Home Air Purifier, Genuine HEPA and Charcoal Filter, Dust, Pollen, Smoke and Odour Remover, Silent Air Purifier 29dB, Anion Nightlight Timer

Last product on our list, this one comes from the brand Aiibot which is a discount brand that competes with Philips products. Contrary to what you might expect from a discount product, it has several filters, including the high efficiency type for the removal of volatile organic compounds. These features are the same as the others with a timer, 4 speed levels… It measures 31 x 15.3 x 46.6 centimetres, which makes it compact and efficient for a 55m² area. According to customer feedback, it is one of the best purifiers for small budgets. Moreover, it is available for free delivery.

Other questions about air purifiers and accessories :

Where to install an air purifier?

To place your air purifier in the best place you should follow these guidelines:

    • Install it on the floor
    • Place the purifier 30cm away from any other objects/wall
    • Place it near a door to purify your room and shield incoming bacteria
    • Do not put it in a corner
    • Do not place it under anything (shelf/desk)

Niveaux de filtres Is an air purifier effective against coronavirus and other viruses?

For purifiers equipped with Hepa filters, they are more than 99% effective against cov-19. The air is cleaned of all these impurities, however, we must not forget to apply the barrier gestures in society.

When should I change my Dyson air purifier filter?

Dyson air purifiers usually have an indicator on them that tells you when it’s time to change the filter. If not, the brand recommends that you change it at least once a year or more if you live near heavy pollution.

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