Which Tap Draft Beer Machine should I choose?

Written by Agathe Rosse

Are you a beer lover? Do you often party with your friends? Are the bars (still) closed? Then this is the product for you! Find out all about the beer taps so you can choose the best one for you. Because you’re never better served than by yourself, you’ve made the choice to invest in a beer tapping machine and it’s one of the best decisions. However, the choice is complicated to make because of the many machines on the market. So instead of being pressured into making a difficult choice, we’ll help you drink it faster by helping you! First, we’ll answer the most common questions about beer taps. Then, you will find our selection of the best beer pumps!

Where to find a beer pump?

First of all, it’s a good start to know where you can get a beer pump. As you might expect, there are many places where you can find a beer pump:

  • In supermarkets: Carrefour, Auchan, Leclerc…
  • In specialist household appliance stores: Darty, Fnac, Boulanger, Electrodépot…
  • On specialist beer websites: Beerwulf, Saveur bière…
  • Online on Amazon

However, we often forget the disadvantages of some and the advantages of others. For example, in supermarkets, there is not much choice and the after-sales service is not always conciliatory. In household appliance stores, the choice is greater but prices are starting to rise and the salespeople are often smooth talkers. Then, on specialised sites, they generally have a partnership with a single brand of beer taps and the prices are often above the market. Finally, on Amazon, the purchase is dematerialized, but the choice is very large, the prices are the best and the after sales service is better and better. That’s why we advise you to follow our comparison and buy via Amazon to get the best buying advice and the best prices on your beer taps.

How to choose your beer machine?

Yes, it’s hard to choose the best beer tapping machine from all these models. Here’s our buying guide to make it easier for you!

The beer tapping system

Not all beer taps are created equal. In fact, not all types of beer fountains are compatible with all the kegs you like.

  • For example, the Sub type of filler, born of a partnership between the Heineken and Krups brands, is exclusively intended for 2-litre beer kegs. It is compatible with beer kegs from Heineken, Desperados, Pelforth Blonde, Affligem Blonde for the most popular brands.
  • The Beertender system, also made by Heineken and Krups, can be used with 5 litre kegs. This system is compatible with brands such as: Heineken, Desperados, Pelforth Blonde, Pelforth Brune, Affligem, Fischer Blanche…
  • Then we have the inevitable Perfectdraft system made by Philips. This system is compatible with 6 litre beer kegs. These machines can be used with the following brands: Leffe Blonde, Jupitel, Stella Artois, Hoegaarden, Bavaria, Bavaria Hooghbock and many others.

The quantity of litres

Whether you’re a party animal or an epicurean enthusiast, choose the quantity you need! Not all beer dispensers have the same capacity of litres for the keg. If you want to create a bar atmosphere at home for a birthday party or football night, choose a beer fountain that can holdat least 5 litres of kegs. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a small pleasure in life, it’s best to buy a small capacity beer fountain.


This is a very important criterion for easy and smooth operation. Think about how the beer dispenser works. This way, you will use it more often and the price will quickly pay for itself. Moreover, if the beer taps are self-service, there is less risk of breakage if the operation is clear and ergonomic.

The design

You may think that this is a trivial criterion, but this is where the charm of the beer fountain comes into play! When you buy a beer dispenser, it’s for practicality, but above all to make it look like a bar. To this day, bars are still closed. So the idea of having a bar at home just for yourself and your friends is the best! So you might as well push the design to the max for a nice atmosphere.

The price

Finally, the nerve of the war: the price. We often want to find the cheapest dispenser, but will the cheapest one be long-lasting? Sometimes it’s better to hold on than to run. Sure, it’s an investment, but getting the cheapest beer dispenser isn’t the best idea either. In our selection, beer fountains range from around €100 to around €300. This makes it a fair price for the quality of these beer taps.

What pressure for a beer tapping machine?

As we all know, to have draught beer, it has to be under pressure. This means that the beer can only come out if it is replaced by CO2 and “propelled” by it. The pressure gauge is used to adjust the pressure so that the beer can flow. Be aware that the hotter it is where you are, the more pressure you need to increase. If the pressure is not set properly, it can either foam or not come out. So, for the beer to flow out of the keg, the pressure needs to be at 2.2 bar, at an ambient temperature of 20°C.

How to use a beer filler?

Whether it’s a Beertender or Perfectdraft beer taps, the set-up is very simple and similar.

  • First of all, you have to remember to put your keg in the fridge 1 day before. (This will help the beer to cool down more quickly)
  • Then connect the seal to the keg inlet (for the Beertender model)
  • OR connect the tube to the tap of the machine (for the Perfect draft dispenser)
  • Then open your beer pump and slide your keg in
  • Wait for the temperature to be right and enjoy your drink with a glass.

Which is the best beer tapping machine?

According to our research, the best beer pump is in our selection below. The best brands of beer pumps are the Beertender from Krups and Seb and especially Perfectdraft from Philips. The Koenig and Klarstein machines are also good, but not as good for us. We hope you enjoy reading about the best beer pump!

Seb Beertender Black and Chrome, Beer Machine, Beer Filler, Beer Pump, Beer Machine, Pressure, 5L Barrel, Temperature Indicator VB310E10

First of all, this Beertender from Seb can accommodate 5 litre kegs. When the keg is opened, the beer has a shelf life of one month. The machine has a cooler that keeps the beer at a temperature of 4°C. A light indicates when the cooling process is finished and the drink is at the right temperature. Otherwise, the black and chrome design of the machine looks very much like the ones you might find in a bar. On the other hand,using the dispenser is easy, you just have to bring your glass. Moreover, the delivery is free. To conclude, this is a really nice product at a reasonable price.

Leffe Blonde PerfectDraft Beer Filler and 1 keg 6L Belgian Abbey Beer – 5 euro deposit included

No products found.

We continue with this famous Perfectdraft beer pump model. In fact, we have here directly a pack of a beer pump with its keg of Leffe beer. What more could you want? Another beer? It’s possible, you have a wide choice of quality! Not to mention the quality of this beer tapping machine. This Philips machine has a cooler that can cool the beer to 3°C. The technological design is a nice asset in a house. What we really like is the display. The display shows the temperature of the beer, the remaining quantity and a 30 day countdown for the conservation. In conclusion, this is a very good starter kit and very appreciated as a gift!

Krups VB650810 Sub Beer Press Black Torp Beer Tap 2L Barrel

This beer dispenser is the perfect model for the occasional drink. Indeed, this beer dispenser is only compatible with 2 litre kegs. Its small and cute design in shiny black fits perfectly in any situation. However, don’t worry, your brew will always be full of freshness. With its integrated cooler, the beer reaches an ideal temperature of 2°C. In addition, the tap of this Krups Sub is easy to use for both left and right handed users. In addition, the beer cartridges are easier to store in the fridge than a pack of beer. Finally, the beer pump gives you a good quality beer like in the bar but at home. However, the kegs do not have a long shelf life: 2 weeks.

Krups Beertender Loft Edition Silver/Chrome Beer Maker, Beer Filler, Beer Pump, Draught Beer Maker, 5L Keg, Temperature Indicator, Remaining Volume Indicator VB700E00

Second Krups Beertender machine for our selection of beer fountains. This one has the most beautiful design with a lot of character. These beer dispensers are compatible with 5 litre kegs. On the other hand, the temperature thanks to the cooler can reach 4°C and a shelf life of 30 days. The LCD display shows the temperature and the amount of beer left. Finally, with its free delivery, you won’t find a better price online than on Amazon. Finally, the product’s large drip tray makes it clean to use if the drink or foam spills out of the glass.

Philips HD3720/25 PerfectDraft, Domestic Beer Filling Machine, 6 litre kegs

The Perfectdraft 6-litre keg compatible machine is the perfect ally for beer lovers on a daily basis and at parties. The cooler of these beer fountains cools the beer to an ideal temperature of 3°C. Otherwise, the LCD display is very useful for information about the temperature, the remaining quantity and its conservation. On the beer taps market, this device has the best quality-price ratio and many people have adopted it. It is very ergonomic to use, with the machine opening from the front to replace a keg. What’s more, the Philips brand offers free delivery! Remember, the Perfectdraft beer pump also offers a wide range of 18 renowned draught beers just for you, at home.

Krups BEERTENDER Beer Filling Machine Beer Pump Beer Pressing Machine 5L Temperature Indicator Remaining Volume Indicator Black and Chrome VB700800

We finish our selection with this Beertender beer pump from the famous brand Krups again. This beer pump is also a very good model for several reasons. First of all, it has a display like many machines, which shows the cooling level and the remaining volume. The cooler keeps the beer at 4°C. Secondly, Krups delivers the beer machine free of charge. However, this product is a bit expensive for the quality of the device. In conclusion, simply bring a glass to drink your favourite beers with this very ergonomic beer pump.


It’s already the end! We hope that your choice is made and that you will be delighted. Enjoy refreshing yourself with a beer taps but remember, alcohol abuse is bad for your health.

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