Parisian Wardrobe: The deco selection in vintage style

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We don’t hear much about it, but it’s certain that the Parisian wardrobe will make people talk about it! A decorative element, but above all a storage item, the Parisian wardrobe will add style and cachet to any room in your home! The only problem? It’s hard to find them easily. That’s why we make a selection of the prettiest Parisian wardrobes. Just before, we will answer any questions you may have about this wardrobe with a soft vintage touch.

What is a Parisian wardrobe?

The other day, your colleague told you that she was redoing her child’s bedroom and in the discussion she talked to you about wanting to put in a Parisian wardrobe. It was at that very moment that you asked yourself: “What is a Parisian wardrobe?”. There is no shame in not knowing what it is, here is our definition of a Parisian wardrobe: it is a high standing storage cupboard made of wood. It has large doors and some have small drawers, a wardrobe and shelves. It is characterised by a very Scandinavian style without frills or even minimalist, reminiscent of the vintage with the antique wardrobe.

The Parisian wardrobe, trend of the year 2021?

armoire parisienne bleuStar design on the Pinterest application, the Parisian-style wardrobe is an asset for 2021. On the one hand, this design is timeless, so it will last for years to come, but on the other hand, it brings character to your home. Soft and straightforward at the same time is what you need to awaken your interior. The double use of storage and decoration is its real advantage to have a tidy and stylish home. In 2020, we all realised that having a well organised house where we feel good is very important. The Parisian wardrobe is then THE design piece of furniture to have at home and which will do good in 2021. Going to the essentials, going back to basics and bringing a “wow” effect is all you need to make this wardrobe the trend for 2021. Moreover, it fits in every home because of its simplicity and the multiple colour palette that can be found on the market. Finally, its varying composition can really suit everyone. Shelves, wardrobe or drawer you will be served and will have the choice to make the best purchase! If you’re looking for inspiration in photos, we suggest you take a look at Pinterest to find the atmosphere you want for your home. Antique charm, modern, Scandinavian style or vintage you can dare to do anything with this piece of furniture.

Where to find Parisian wardrobes?

armoire-parisienne-blancheIt is true that it is complicated to find Parisian wardrobes. You can find them in furniture and decoration shops but often you can only find one or two in the same shop. However, the La Redoute shop is full of this style of wardrobe. There are also a few at Maison du Monde and Smallable. To avoid running around, here’s our selection of Parisian wardrobes, as much deco as Scandinavian and vintage! You’re sure to find what you’re looking for in the shopping list below to decorate or redecorate your room or interior. The little extra in our shopping list? All the storage furniture in our selection is in delivery. Goodbye to the hassle of transport and unnecessary trips to the shop! Here you will be pampered from start to finish.

Where to put a Parisian wardrobe?

The Parisian wardrobe has many places to be put in our homes! Whether it’s in your bedroom next to the bed, in your study room, in the living room or your child’s pink bedroom, it will go anywhere! However, for a beautiful effect, it is absolutely essential that the room is not too cluttered, otherwise the wardrobe will accentuate the charged effect. So you just need to be careful with the colour you choose to match the environment. Just be aware that there is not just one colour. Although white is the favourite colour, this piece of furniture is available in duck or dark blue, pink, grey, khaki and in any other colour you wish.

Our selection of the most beautiful Parisian wardrobes.

Here is without further ado our top of the Parisian ward robes:

Solid pine wardrobe, Harold Blanc

Armoire parisienne harold

Let’s start with the first model in our selection of La Redoute Interior products. This beautiful wardrobe with a simple design unveils behind its two hinged doors a large wardrobe with rod to put your clothes such as shirts, skirts or dresses on hangers. Then, underneath, you will find two small drawers and a large practical drawer for underwear for example or various textiles. It is 102cm wide and 180cm high and 56cm deep. It is made of solid pine and fibreboard. It would be perfect for an entrance for example, to store coats or in a children’s room with its rounded shapes. Please note that you have to assemble it yourself as it comes in a kit. Our opinion: In conclusion,we have a nice wardrobe for an affordable price that fulfils the function of a dressing room as entrance or bedroom furniture. See the price

ALVINA 2-door wardrobe ALVINA

armoire parisienne alvinaHere is one of our favourite products. First of all, we love its design. It’s a vintage wardrobe that also has a Scandinavian feel with its trendy eucalyptus green colour. The wooden doors hide a nice storage space. Inside, there is a large shelf at the top, a half-high wardrobe and a low drawer. Moreover, it proves to be very practical in terms of type of storage, everything has its place. The overall dimensions are 100cm wide, 190cm high and a nice depth of 60cm. Its structure is made of solid pine, as is the top shelf, while the panels are made of MDF. It will look great in an adult or baby room with this green paint, soft to the eye. Finally, its Scandinavian design will blend perfectly in a white room so that it stands out and expresses all its style. Our opinion: A superb wardrobe with a reasonable price for all that it brings in character and style. Its interior organisation is very well thought out like Scandinavian furniture. See the price

2-door wardrobe, Eugénie

armoire parisienne eugenieDo you like the charm of antique furniture? You will be served with this Parisian wardrobe with beautiful mouldings on its doors. We love the old country spirit that this wardrobe exudes. It is composed of a shelf at the top and a rod for a wardrobe. In terms of dimensions, it is 1 metre wide, 2.01 metres high and 44 cm deep. Otherwise, this wardrobe with light grey paint is made from MDF. Moreover, the small detail of the black metal knob handles gives it a vintage style like antique furniture. It would look great in a child’s or baby’s room with its low depth. Otherwise, you can furnish it with shelves to have a good cupboard. Our opinion: Very nice piece of furniture that has the charm of the old. It is a perfect wardrobe for a child. See the price

2-door cupboard with 1 drawer in solid wood – AR083 – Terre de nuit

armoire parisienne terre de nuitThis is the most authentic Parisian wardrobe you will find in our selection. In a white or grey shade, it has been a decorative asset for years and for a long time to come! Its dimensions are 90cm wide, 190cm high and 55cm deep. It offers a nice storage space and a good saving of space. The large bottom drawer is also a great place to store household linen or underwear. Its big advantage is its construction. For one thing, the construction material is solid wood that complies with the FSC forest label, so it is environmentally friendly. On the other hand, it is a responsible purchase because it is handcrafted in a traditional way, which gives it even more cachet. Finally, this wooden wardrobe is of very good quality and will last over time. Our opinion: A nice responsible purchase due to its manufacture with good durable materials and the craftsmanship of its design. See the price

2-door wardrobe 1 drawer khaki green, Selena

armoire parisienne selenaVery beautiful piece of furniture with abrocante effect that will delight all lovers of stylish wardrobes. The doors are enhanced by beautiful mouldings and an aged effect on the edges. This Parisian wardrobe has the following dimensions: 190 cm high, 104 cm wide and x 50 cm deep. It is also made from solid pine and fibreboard, but don’t worry, the wood is also FSC certified. Above all, we really like its many storage spaces! One side has shelves and the other side has a wardrobe and a locker. In other words, we have 5 lockers, a rod and a drawer that takes up the whole width at the bottom. It can be used in a bedroom or in the living room and can be used as a cupboard by removing the rod. Our opinion: In conclusion, a second favourite for us. It’s a very good purchase with good value for money at Maison du Monde. Finally, what we love is the delivery: the furniture arrives already assembled. See the price

Parisian 2-door wardrobe blue

armoire parisienne passage vernetAnother Parisian wardrobe worthy of the name! First of all, we love the antique style that it exudes while remaining simple. What’s more, its dark blue paint can give your whole interior a new look. In terms of dimensions, it is 2 metres high, 1 metre wide and 55 cm deep. Otherwise, it is made from maritime pine and beech wood, so it is solid. Inside there is a large shelf across the entire width and 4 lockers to store your clothes. Then, on the left, there is a cloakroom with a small rod. If you don’t like the colour, this wardrobe is also available in pale grey and dark grey. You can find it at the Maison du Monde shop in delivery and already assembled, what the people are asking for! Our opinion: A great asset for homes, this Parisian piece of furniture is a favourite for its old and modern side at the same time. See the price

Laurette – Parisian Wardrobe – Duck Blue

armoire parisienne lauretteLast model of our selection but not the least. Indeed, the Laurette model can be modulated as you wish for the interior. Either it is a wardrobe with shelves only or you prefer the large dressing room. Otherwise, you can combine the two for a greater storage capacity. The dimensions are 89.5 cm wide, 178 cm high and 40 cm deep. This is why it’s perfect for an office room which, at the same time, will give it a little makeover in terms of decoration with its duck blue colour that you can see everywhere on Pinterest. The Laurette wardrobe is available for delivery and comes assembled. Otherwise, it is also available in old pink or in different greys. Our opinion: This is a beautiful Parisian wardrobe with beautiful framing and finishing on the doors and made of beech wood. See the price And that’s the end of our article. We hope that you have found answers to your questions but above all that you have found the Parisian wardrobe of your dreams! See you soon.

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