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Lack of moisture is not good for your health. As a living being, we are composed of a high percentage of water. The human body consists of 60% water. All our organs, muscles, bones and skin contain water. If there is a lack of water, our body may have minor or even major problems. In your situation, the purchase of a humidifier will help to solve minor inconveniences. If, the choice of a humidifier is complicated for you because it is difficult to understand all these terms, we have only one piece of advice. Follow our purchasing guide, which will first introduce you to the advantages of a humidifier, and then our detailed selection of the best humidifiers. Finally, we will tell you which water to choose for your air humidifier and then, the criteria for your choice when buying.

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Better health

As said before, water is essential for our bodies to function properly. This is why a humidifier can contribute to our good health, mainly in the respiratory and ocular tracts. Often, during the summer, our bodies tend to dry out with water. Our skin shows signs of dryness, while our nose is dry and our mouth is dry. This is typically what the humidifier will have an effect on. During your working day at the office or at night, there are models for every use. Furthermore, babies need to be well hydrated, as they are 75% water. With a humidifier, your baby will have healthy, moist airways that are not blocked or dry.

More freshness

In very hot weather, humidifiers are very useful to bring freshness to your home. Although a house or flat that is too damp is a sign of mould,allergies and germs, an interior that is too dry is not good either. On the one hand, it is suffocating when there is nofresh, moist air. On the other hand, when it is too dry and hot, breathing is difficult as if the atmosphere is overwhelming. In fact, the humidifier acts like outdoor misters, on its small scale of course. There will simply be more mini-droplets of water in the air. On the other hand, dryness can cause cracks in your walls that are too dry and lack moisture, just like your skin.

Our selection of the 8 best air humidifiers :

KLARSTEIN Maxfresh – Air Freshener and Humidifier 6L

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For starters, we offer you this large 6-litre model, designed by the Klarstein brand. First of all, don’t worry about this German brand, which is not a first time user. It manufactures many household products for the kitchen and the home in general. Getting back to the product, this humidifier has several timers ranging from 1 hour to 3pm. Four diffusion modes are possible for each need, day and night. It is mounted on castors and can be moved wherever you wish. As with its diffusion nozzles, they are also adjustable, perfect for targeting you. On the other hand, as you can see from its name, it is not only an air humidifier, it is also an air cooler. Don’t expect an air conditioner but a fan that diffuses moisture at the same time.


  • 4 operating modes and several timers
  • Large 6-litre tank for prolonged use and diffusion for a large space
  • Model with integrated air freshener for an extra cooling effect


  • High price if you are only looking for a humidifier

TaoTronics – Baby Home Air Humidifier 4L, up to 50 m² (538 sq ft)

Subsequently, our selection also includes this more compact model from the electronics specialist TaoTronics. With its 4L tank, the humidifier can vaporize for about 20 hours. Moreover, it can humidify a room perfectly between 10 and 30 m² but is also suitable for rooms up to 50m². Moreover, with these 3 levels of diffusion you will be able to adapt the diffusion to your needs. Otherwise, with this model, the diffusion is done thanks to ultrasounds and therefore allows the humidifier to be much quieter. Finally, the humidifier also has several timers to program the diffusion time. However, during the night, beware of people with a light sleep, some customers are not satisfied with the noise level.


  • Good value for money for a reasonable volume of water
  • Choice of humidification intensity according to 3 levels
  • Simple operation with only 5 explicit buttons


  • Not quiet enough for rare users

Levoit – Air humidifier 6L, up to 70 m²

Next, here is a beautiful model signed by the Levoit brand. You can go there with your eyes closed, this good brand offers a wide range of products tosanitize your whole house. The capacity of the humidifying machine is 6 litres, so we are on a big model but it remains compact in its dimensions. As a result, thehumidifier can diffuse during about thirty hours quietly and treat a surface of 70m² maximum. In addition, the touch interface, completed with a remote control, will make it easy for you to use. Equipped with ultrasound technology, the humidifier is not very noisy. Moreover, it has a compartment for adding essential oils. A practical way to perfume your home. On the other hand, it is rare to come across a product that is defective within a few weeks. Don’t worry, the after-sales service is respectful and you have a 2-year warranty.


  • Insert for diffusion of essential oils
  • Large 6 litre tank
  • Easy to operate remote control and touch model


  • Type of product that remains sensitive with rare malfunctions

Dyson – AM10 Humidifier and Fan

Then we couldn’t pass up the famous Dyson humidifier model. When you want a quality humidifier, it’s best to go with a Dyson. This model has a 3-litre tank, so it’s a pretty compact model. So it’s also set up for smaller spaces such as bedrooms. And with its timer and multiple intensity settings, you’ll be delighted. It still has an autonomy of up to 18 hours, which is not negligible for a small model like this one. Above all, what we appreciate is its dual ventilation function. Perfect to make it profitable. Like all dyson fans. It has a magnetic remote control. In addition, it works with a piezoelectric transducer. Nevertheless, some customers do not find it powerful enough. Its maintenance is fundamental if you wish to keep it as long as possible.


  • Humidifier and ventilator: dual-purpose device
  • Perfect for room size
  • The 2 operating modes and its timer


  • Highest price on the market

HandFan – Mini USB Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

We also wanted to introduce you to a “pocket humidifier to follow you everywhere! It is of course a small capacity, count 480mL for this one. So, it has two nozzles for a dissociated spraying. When only one nozzle is working, the autonomy is 6 hours, as opposed to 3 hours if both nozzles are working. It’s perfect for use when you’re working or watching TV. It recharges via USB when it runs out of power. Moreover, you can choose between continuous or intermittent operation. Otherwise it’s pretty quiet with its 30 decibels. On the other hand, with this kind of small product the durability will surely not be the same as with big models. The after-sales service seems to be active in case of problems.


  • Compact and portable model perfect for support use
  • Several choices of operation
  • Has two nozzles: very ingenious for a small model


  • Do not expect a rather local ambient humidity

Philips – Humidifier HU4803/01 with natural NanoCloud technology

Here is one of the most famous humidifiers manufactured by the philips brand. It is moreover governed by a NanoCloud naturalevaporation system using a filter that draws in air and introduces water molecules to humidify. Moreover, this technology limits bacteria. The humidifier can operate at 2 diffusion speeds. On the other hand, its 2-litre tank can perfectly humidify a maximum space of 25 m² for 8 hours. Otherwise, its digital display and controls are easy to use. Its night mode is very practical for a good night’s sleep thanks to its silent operation. However, take a good look at its dimensions before buying it, many people are surprised. On the other hand, take care of the filter because it can deteriorate quickly and its cost is a little high for some users.


  • The air is humidified quickly and without bacteria
  • Convenient, efficient and silent night mode
  • The promise to humidify the air in a 25m² room is kept


  • A little cumbersome
  • Filter maintenance

Baby air humidifier

Babymoov – Hygro Plus, Humidifier

When it comes to appliances to put in the baby’s room, there’s no question of choosing at random. That’s why we offer you a special baby humidifier from the famous Babymoov brand specialising in newborns. First of all, it is very quiet, with less than 25 decibels your child’s sleep will not be disturbed – on the contrary. Moreover, its multicoloured nightlight is a plus that reassures many children. Its capacity is 2.5 litres of water, which is probably why the diffuser has an autonomy of up to 22 hours. In addition, its timer and outlet nozzle are adjustable for even more adaptability. Very easy to use and tactile interface, in short, everything is there! However, what is a pity is its luminosity, a hair that is too backlit and its maintenance to be done regularly but when you can also diffuse essential oils it is understandable.


  • Very easy to use, easy and quick to learn
  • Its night light very appreciated by children
  • It does a very good job for rooms of less than 20m²


  • Maintaining and cleaning the humidifier is important
  • Price a little high for the size of the tank

TaoTronics – Silent Baby Humidifier 2.5L, Nightlight

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Last but not least, this is a second special children’s humidifier from TaoTronics. Initially, it too has a large capacity of 2.5 litres. Its misting for a room between 10 and 25m² makes it perfectly humidified. In the shape of an original whale and accompanied by its night light function, this humidifier will delight and heal. Moreover, its diffusion, which can last up to 30 hours, considerably improves the quality of your baby’s sleep. In addition, you can adjust the intensity of the humidification. Otherwise, the model is made without harmful BPA for children and pregnant women and can also diffuse essential oils. However, take a good look at its dimensions – the size may be larger than you think. However it is a very good value for money.


  • Night light and essential oil diffuser function
  • Good value for money
  • BPA-free and child-friendly

Which water should I use for a humidifier?

As such, all waters are suitable. Withtap water, the only problem is limescale and bacteria that settle in the humidifier. Therefore, if you have a water softener in your home it is better. Otherwise, to cope with it, change the water every day if possible and clean it once a week. You can clean the humidifier with a sponge and a cotton swab for the nooks and crannies. Demineralised water is then better for the durability of your appliance, you will have much less problems with limescale. However, its cost will be expensive in the long run.

How do I choose a humidifier?

It is very complicated to understand all the terms and to know if such information is useful and indicates an interesting parameter. Recently in vogue with an increase in the wellness trend, air humidifiers are still in a competitive war. This is why we give you the keys to make the best choice. Find out without further ado what it takes to choose an air humidifier!

The use of

First of all, you need to know what you want to achieve with the humidifier. To humidify a children’s room, yours or your whole house? Each answer to a model that corresponds to it. To humidify a baby’s room, please refer to our special baby humidifier section. If you wish to humidify your room, a fairly compact model will suffice. Just make sure that the treatment area corresponds to the surface area of your room. If you want to humidify a living room or large spaces, a 6-litre humidifier should do the trick. Finally, if your need is punctual and outside your home, think of the small portable humidifier model.

Type of humidifier

Indeed, as seen in our detailed descriptions, there are several technologies. Ultrasonic, evaporative and filter diffusers such as the Philips model and those with Dyson technology. Here it’s up to you. Remember especially to look in the customer comments if the moisture created ends up in droplets on the mus and furniture. This is not normal for any of these types however, it can happen. Similarly, some are studied to limit allergies and fight bacteria. If you have problems with allergens, make sure you check out the Philips and Dyson models.

The design

Concerning, this criterion is a little bit the problem of this device. Often bulky and unsightly. However, we advise you to take a model that you like visually in order to use it anyway. Try to coordinate the colour of the humidifier with your interior to make it as invisible as possible. Above all, look at the dimensions and measure to see how much space it will take up. Photos are often misleading about their size.

Building materials

The humidifiers are all made of the same materials. However, there is one element that can be hidden in them that is not well recommended: BPA. It’s very important to look closely at whether it’s there. The materials on this type of appliance will heat up a little during use and then be propelled throughout the room. It ends up in our airways and lungs. Therefore, we do not recommend that you buy a humidifier made with BPA. This chemical compound has been recognised as an endocrine disruptor that is bad for our health.

The price

Rather complicated to evaluate and estimate, this criterion is no less important for all. Prices range from around thirty to several hundred euros depending on the model. It’s quite complicated to gauge but we estimate that under forty euros, quality will not be there. On the other hand, if you set the price, don’t expect a miraculous product, it will just be options and longer durability. Therefore, we also advise you to find out about the market and what is being done and at what price. We hope we have helped you and wish you a good visit on the site and discover many more comparisons!

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