The Best Baby Care Kit: Review and Comparison

Written by Agathe Rosse

When baby comes home, he needs a lot of attention and care. Body care, nose care, ear care, temperature control, etc., there are many accessories to check that our little one is doing well, and to take care of his little body. The best thing is to have the necessary tools at hand at all times to be well equipped and ready at all times! For this, nothing better than a baby care kit. These baby vanitys make our daily life easier with our little one, to control all situations!

You can find many models of baby toiletries on the market, in terms of design, price, capacity etc.. To help you in your choice, discover our buying guide and our comparison of the best baby care kits, to find the one that will suit you best on a daily basis, at the best value for money!

🏆 The best baby care kits


What is a baby care kit?

A baby toiletry kit is a small kit where you can find everything you need to take care of your little treasure. It allows you to centralise all the equipment you need for baby care in one place, so you don’t have to run around looking for the thermometer, nail clippers or baby fly. These kits are designed to have a specific organization, so that you don’t have to search and lose time before getting your hands on the desired material. As well as toiletries such as wipes and moisturising cream as well as care products such as nail scissors or baby fly, you can store all the accessories essential for the well-being of your baby.

Practical and small in size, the baby care kit easily finds its place next to the changing table in the bathroom, but also in the changing bag, so you can take it everywhere with you very easily.


How to choose a good baby toiletries kit?

meilleure-trousse-de-toilette-pour-bebeThere are multiple models of baby kits available, so you have to be vigilant about certain criteria to choose the kit that best suits your baby’s needs. We have put together a buying guide to help you make your choices.


A key feature of the baby toiletries kit, practicality is one of the first things to take into account when you buy it. Thought to facilitate your daily life with your little one, it must be easy to use, and take up very little space. The objective is to be able to carry it everywhere, while storing all the essential products. So choose a care kit according to the space you have in your changing bag, while being complete for baby’s first aid.


The type of baby kit

To adapt to the needs of your little one, you will have the choice between various care accessories on the market. Each product responds to a specific need according to your baby’s age.

For toddlers, on leaving the maternity ward, the infant kit is the most suitable, and will contain everything necessary for the needs of a newborn baby.

The baby care kit will provide you with the baby‘s accessories, as well as other materials you will need to take care of baby, such as scissors or a brush.

Also, you will find complete care kits or sold empty. Depending on the material you already have or not, you will have the choice to buy a kit sold with all the accessories, or with nothing, if you just want to change the design for example.


Material and design

Knowing that the kit will follow baby everywhere, it can be quickly stained during your care. It is important to choose a kit that is made of solid material and is easily washable. Choose natural materials, such as cotton or recyclable fabrics that are easy to clean. Conversely, plastic or latex materials should be avoided as they are not suitable for babies.

In terms of design, you will find models for every taste! Both in the aesthetics of the kit as well as the baby accessories supplied with it. In the shape of animals, colourful, or very simple, you will have the choice for the care accessories.



Some care kits are more or less complete, and do not necessarily offer the same baby products. It’s up to you to choose according to the equipment you need.


Best Baby Care Kit: Comparison Chart

Here is our selection of the best and most popular baby toilet kits on the market. We have compared the different models of care kits to help you choose the model that will best suit your little one!

Our favorite ❤️
Babymoov Baby Healthcare and Grooming Set, Grey/Blue
Philips Avent All Baby Care Essentials Set Including Digital Thermometer, Nasal Aspirator, Nail and Hair Care - SCH400/00
Tommee Tippee Healthcare Kit for Baby
Safety First 2012 Collection Bathroom Kit
Badabulle Plouf Grooming Set with 7 Accessories
Babymoov Baby Healthcare and Grooming Set, Grey/Blue
Philips Avent All Baby Care Essentials Set Including Digital Thermometer, Nasal Aspirator, Nail and Hair Care - SCH400/00
Tommee Tippee Healthcare Kit for Baby
Safety First 2012 Collection Bathroom Kit
Badabulle Plouf Grooming Set with 7 Accessories
Our favorite ❤️
Babymoov Baby Healthcare and Grooming Set, Grey/Blue
Babymoov Baby Healthcare and Grooming Set, Grey/Blue
Philips Avent All Baby Care Essentials Set Including Digital Thermometer, Nasal Aspirator, Nail and Hair Care - SCH400/00
Philips Avent All Baby Care Essentials Set Including Digital Thermometer, Nasal Aspirator, Nail and Hair Care - SCH400/00
Tommee Tippee Healthcare Kit for Baby
Tommee Tippee Healthcare Kit for Baby
Safety First 2012 Collection Bathroom Kit
Safety First 2012 Collection Bathroom Kit
Badabulle Plouf Grooming Set with 7 Accessories
Badabulle Plouf Grooming Set with 7 Accessories


The best : care & toiletries kit for Babymoov babies

In this little kit, you will find everything you need for baby on a daily basis with 9 essential accessories to take care of your little one: digital thermometer with soft tip, baby vacuum fly, pair of round-tipped scissors, nail clippers, nail file, bath thermometer, brush, teething ring and gum massager. Everything is perfectly in place and organized thanks to elastic bands and small compartments. One of the most complete kits, this care kit offers you many accessories, and leaves room to add the missing material you need (creams, compresses, wipes etc.). With its sleek and modern design, it’s compact, allowing you to easily store it in a bag when you’re out and about. It also has a large handle, so you can carry it like a bag or hang it on the stroller for example.

The most The least
  • Storage for adding new accessories
  • Handle for transporting it
  • Organized and complete
  • A modern and pure design
  • No small comb
  • Slightly fragile closure

The Babymoov care kit in pictures



The most complete: Philips Avent Baby First Aid Kit

With its 10 accessories, this toddler toilet bag is well thought out for baby’s daily well-being. It includes all the essentials: digital thermometer, manual baby fly, gum massage finger, round-tipped scissors, nail clippers, three nail files, comb and soft bristle brush. Very complete, it does not however leave much room for adding other accessories. It is very compact, which makes it easy to take with you, but does not allow you to complete it.

The most The least
  • Organization
  • Complete
  • Compact
  • Little space for other accessories
  • Not very modern design
  • Manual baby fly, less efficient than a suction baby fly

Philips Avent Skincare Kit in pictures


Practical: Tommee Tippee Baby Care Kit

Tommee Tippee Healthcare Kit for Baby

Tommee Tippee offers you 9 high quality accessories to take care of your baby on a daily basis. You will find the essentials for hygiene and care, namely: a digital oral thermometer, a brush, a comb, a pair of round-tipped scissors, a nail clipper, two nail files, a toothbrush, and a nasal aspirator. With a simple and elegant design, this small case is light and compact, to be carried everywhere.

The most The least
  • Sober design for all tastes
  • The quality of the material
  • All accessories for hair care and manicures
  • Lack of space to add accessories
  • Nasal aspirator too large for small infant nostrils

The Tommee Tippee care kit in pictures


The mid-range: Safety 1st care kit and towel

This travel care kit contains the essentials for your little one’s daily life: nail clippers, mittens, nail files, comb, brush and toothbrush. Rather designed for travel, the Safety 1st kit lacks many accessories, containing only the essentials. However, the kit has a variety of storage spaces, leaving you room to add other accessories.

The most The least
  • Practical and compact for outings and trips
  • An original design
  • High price compared to the quantity of accessories

The Safety 1st care kit in pictures


The best value for money: Plouf Badabulle care kit

Very organized and complete, this Badabulle kit offers you 7 accessories: a bath thermometer, a brush, a comb, a file, a nail clipper, a pair of round-tipped scissors and a silicone gum mass. With a very original and attractive design, its compartments allow you to have a wide view of all the accessories to get your hands on what you are looking for in no time. With its numerous storage spaces, you can add the accessories you need for more comfort. In the form of a small case, you can carry it everywhere with you to take care of your little one.

The most The least
  • Its funny and cute design
  • Complete
  • Organized and easily transportable
  • Excellent value for money
  • Lack of a baby fly and a digital thermometer
  • Less compact

The Badabulle care kit in pictures


Necessary accessories

To take care of your little one, you will need to gather various accessories in your care kit: hygiene products, toiletries and first aid.

Equipment for the care :

  • Physiological serum, essential for washing baby’s eyes
  • Chlorhexidine or aqueous eosin solutions to clean and help heal your little angel’s umbilical cord
  • Biseptic, mild antiseptic to treat small boo-boos
  • Sterile compresses or plasters to protect sensitive parts and help healing


Bathing equipment :

  • Cleansing gel, shampoo and liquid soap, all the body and hair care to wash baby’s little body
  • Bath sponge
  • Toilet gloves


Toiletries :

  • Moisturizing cream, diaper cream and body lotion, to prevent irritated buttocks and promote good skin hydration
  • Hydrophilic cotton pads or cotton swabs for baby, to safely clean the ears
  • Limescale Liniment, a solution that cleans baby’s bottom without the risk of inflammation or irritation
  • Wipes


Care Accessories :

  • Nail scissors, regular nail care prevents your little one from scratching and injuring himself if his nails are too long.
  • Hairbrush
  • Bath thermometer and clinical thermometer
  • Baby fly
  • Diapers, you can put some in the care kit if you are on the go, if you don’t take a changing bag.


Both a toiletries kit and a pharmacy kit, you’ll be able to put together all the hygiene and care products you’ll need to take care of your toddler, wherever you are.


Precautions to be taken

Certain accessories should be banned from the baby care kit, such as cotton buds for adults, which are dangerous for baby’s sensitive eardrums. Also avoid using scented hygiene products, as scents are produced from chemicals that can be toxic to your little one.

Be careful when using the washcloth and sponge, which quickly become real nests for germs. Remember to wash and change them after each use. As for the wipes, use them especially when you’re out and about. They can cause irritation on toddlers’ buttocks if used too often. At home, prefer the washcloth.


Organisation and maintenance of your baby care kit

Organising your baby toiletries kit is a key point to avoid wasting time, especially when baby starts to get restless. Between the different kit models, the best option is to opt for a kit with specific storage space with different compartments and elastics, provided for each accessory. This will save you the trouble of searching for the tool you need. This will give you an overview of each object.

The maintenance of the baby kit is very important, as the hygiene of the care equipment ensures the good health and well-being of your little one. Therefore, the container and contents must be clean to avoid undesirable bacteria. So remember to clean the care kit regularly for a healthy environment for the accessories. After each use, it is advisable to wash the equipment to have as few germs as possible in the kit.


Where to buy a baby toiletries kit?

The baby care kit is not to be taken lightly when caring for your toddler. It is best to buy it in a pharmacy, to ensure the quality and safety of the accessories provided. If you wish to buy them elsewhere, you can find them in many children’s shops, such as Bébé au Naturel, Verbaudet, La Redoute, Oxybul etc.

Of course, you will find a large choice of models on the internet, directly from the brands, or on platforms such as Cdiscount or Amazon.


Better baby care kits: why trust us?

Thank you for reading this article! Because we know that it is not always easy to make the best choice without trying, each of our recommendations is the result of a long work of analysis of consumer opinions on flagship and little-known products on the market, of comparison of prices and technical characteristics, but also and above all of tests by a team of men and women constantly renewed in order to keep a real objectivity to help you in your purchasing process.

All the purchasing criteria are scrutinized for the realization of our comparative guides: budget, level of range, functional and practical aspects, design, pack and accessories, safety… All this in order to help you choose the products best suited to your needs, desires and constraints on a daily basis, at the best price!

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