What is the Best Cotton Candy Machine in 2020?

Written by Agathe Rosse

All pink dressed with its airy texture like a little cloud, you will have recognised it, we will talk about cotton candy. Your fondest childhood memories of a trip to the fair never ended without this little treat. But how sad it is to have to wait until the fair passes through your town to eat it! So we thought that if cotton candy comes to us too rarely and well, let’s make sure we can come to it more often. Indeed, you must surely know that itis now possible to make it yourself at home thanks to the domestic machines for making cotton candy. No more waiting for the party to come to us! So we’ve put together a delicious shopping guide to help you find the best cotton candy machine. Your favourite childhood sweetness is just waiting for you!

🏆 Best cotton candy machines in 2020

Balvi Candy floss machine American Dream It has a compact design and is very easy to use Plastic
Gadgy ® Cotton Candy Machine
SucceBuy Professional Cotton Candy Floss Machine Ideal for Birthdays and Festivals (Red)
Balvi Candy floss machine American Dream It has a compact design and is very easy to use Plastic
Gadgy ® Cotton Candy Machine
SucceBuy Professional Cotton Candy Floss Machine Ideal for Birthdays and Festivals (Red)
Balvi Candy floss machine American Dream It has a compact design and is very easy to use Plastic
Balvi Candy floss machine American Dream It has a compact design and is very easy to use Plastic
Gadgy ® Cotton Candy Machine
Gadgy ® Cotton Candy Machine
SucceBuy Professional Cotton Candy Floss Machine Ideal for Birthdays and Festivals (Red)
SucceBuy Professional Cotton Candy Floss Machine Ideal for Birthdays and Festivals (Red)

Why buy a cotton candy machine?

What a pleasure to taste it when we are lucky enough to find some! However, what a pity not to be able to eat it when you feel like it! Of course, this little cloud of sugar is not very healthy, but waiting a year before eating it again often causes us more frustration than anything else! Moreover, it is important not to deprive yourself of what you like.

Childhood memories

Its sweet smell of strawberry and caramel, its airy texture that melts in the mouth, our little fingers all sticky and its size 3 times bigger than our little face are indelible memories of our childhood. Buying a cotton candy machine is not only to fall back into our tender age, but also to bring our most beautiful memories to the surface. The taste memory never deceives us and that is why finding that unique and delicate taste will plunge us into a bubble of sweetness.

To please and indulge

First of all, nothing is more pleasurable when things are homemade. For example, what a pleasure it is to make your own yoghurt, even with a yoghurt maker. Here, it’s the same! Buying ready-made cotton candy in a jar is clearly not a success, so you might as well make it yourself. What’s more, you’ll be delighted and your children and relatives will want more. Nobody can resist this delicacy and you are well placed to know it because you are even the first to treat yourself. Moreover, it is a very good investment to make beautiful birthday parties but also to reinvent yourself in dessert and pastries!

Our selection of the best cotton candy machines :

Leogreen – Electric cotton candy machine: the most economical

Leogreen - Electric Candyfloss Machine
Leogreen - Electric Candyfloss Machine
  • ✅ Make delicious candy floss in minutes Comes with a user guide for your convenience
  • ✅ Perfect for fairs and parties to entertain children, friends and family Light-weight and easy to store
  • ✅ Easy usage: Comes with spoon and sticks so that even your children can make candy floss without any difficulty Create your own flavor of candy floss: vanilla, caramel, strawberry, etc.
  • ✅ Have fun mixing different colors of sugar to create your own special candy floss Easy to clean with a wet cloth or a damp sponge
  • ✅ Wattage: 500W Accessories: (1x) Measuring spoon (10x) Sticks Standard/Certification: CE, ROHS
This small and handy model comes with a user manual. That is why it is very easy to use. Moreover, after having practiced a little bit to learn the right gesture with the wooden sticks provided you will be able to treat everyone. Moreover, it only works with granulated sugar. However, you can vary the tastes and colours of the sugar to make your cotton candy visually and taste unique. Its very reasonable weight of 1.7 kg makes it a very handy and transportable cotton candyfloss machine. Moreover, the non-slip suction pads under the 4 feet are well thought out and provide good stability. On the other hand, with amateur machines like this one, don’t expect to make gigantic sugar clouds, its 500W power doesn’t allow it. However, after heating it up, in about 20 minutes you can make 5 cotton candy bars.

The advantages

  • Lightweight: it is easily transportable and stable
  • The explanation manual for a quick and easy handling
  • Supplies delivered include 10 sticks and a measuring spoon.

The drawbacks

  • Not suitable for demanding people due to its 500W power output

Balvi Machine Candyfloss American Dream: the best value for money

Balvi - Machine Candyfloss American Dream
  • EASY TO USE. With just one button for operation. It works with normal granulated sugar.
  • Compact design. For home use, it has a compact design to occupy less space. It is ideal for children's parties.
  • EASY CLEANING. The upper tray is removable for easy cleaning.
  • 220-240 V AC, 50 Hz, 500 W. EU TO UK ADAPTER NEEDED, NOT INCLUDED.
  • Dimensions: 22,5x27,5x27,5 cm Material: plastic
Balvi is a very creative brand offering appliances and objects for the home. With this machine, you will be able to please all your friends and family, young and old! Its retro grey design guarantees you beautiful cotton candy in a few minutes. Well thought out, its transparent rim not only allows you to see what you are doing, but also prevents sugar splashes everywhere. Moreover, you might think that it is complicated to clean but make no mistake, it is easy to take apart and is very simple to wash. The American Dream model also comes with a measuring spoon. This amateur model seems to prove its durability compared to the others. Here too, we are on an amateur model with a power of 500W so giant cotton candy can’t be made. Nevertheless, it is a simple and efficient model, with the help of a hand, a cotton candy candy is formed in 3min!

The advantages

  • Retro design for a very friendly atmosphere at parties and garden parties
  • Resistant appearance for an amateur model
  • Do not throw sugar out of the machine when using the machine

The drawbacks

  • Delivery which may be incomplete, an exchange will have to be made with the brand
  • Like all amateur models, cotton candy won’t be as big as at the carnival

Gadgy ® Cotton Candy Machine Trolley : the most folkloric one

To begin with, the Gadgy brand specialises in home articles and has several models of machines from amateur fairs. The design is worked out, very typical of funfairs like in the good old days. This is the great advantage of this machine which will bring back a lot of people for a birthday or an associative action. Moreover, its small size is practical and weighs less than 2kg to transport it easily. Otherwise, on the use side, it is easy to handle and small clouds of sugar are formed either with granulated sugar or with hard candies. It is easy to dismantle for cleaning in every nook and cranny! Moreover, its affordable price makes it a very decent amateur machine. However, the edges of the cotton candy machine are a small hair and sugar and sugar threads can fly out of the container. Again, cotton candy with this kind of model cannot be XXL size but is perfectly suitable for small sweet treats.

The advantages

  • Design very similar to those of the time, creates a very appreciable atmosphere
  • Small, space-saving format for your own pleasure

The drawbacks

  • Lack of stability because no non-slip surface
  • Slightly short edges that do not retain all the sugar threads

Ariete 2971 Cotton Candy Machine: International

Ariete - Cotton Candy Machine 2971
  • The device is suitable for making cotton candy or hard candy. Despite its small size, the device looks very impressive.
  • In the set you will find a spoon, which will additionally measure the correct volume and two plastic cones.
  • Power: 450 W. The possibility of making cotton candy with sugar candy.
This cotton candy making machine is very popular internationally with our Italian and English neighbours. In France, however, it is struggling to take off. However, it is known to make beautiful clouds very dense and full. In addition, the Ariete brand comes from Italy and is specialised in small household appliances. To have a helping hand and to be patient is important in order to make them a success. Moreover, it is also easy to clean with its detachable parts. The dosing spoon provided will allow you to dose the granulated sugar to be used to make your cotton candy or hard candy. Moreover, we appreciate the paper cones provided to embellish and put our little cloud on it. On the other hand, with a power of 450W it can be a bit long for some to heat up. To see if it lasts over time, many are not satisfied with its solidity, is it a defect or a bad delivery?

The advantages

  • Well finished design
  • Satisfactory cotton candy texture

The drawbacks

  • Sustainability to be reviewed

SucceBuy Professional Cotton Candy Machine: the simple professional machine

SucceBuy - Professional Cotton Candy Machine
  • 【COMMERCIAL QUALITY】- Maximum heating power. 1000W, 30W operating power. Food grade 21" stainless steel bowl, easy to clean. Aluminium sugar outlet, can be heated evenly
  • 【Practical and effective】- Simple and precise control area with: voltmeter, fuse, continuous temperature controller, easy on/off button. Easy to use, even for beginners. Fast yet quiet operation allows you to produce up to 7 portions of tasty dad beard in one minute, creating a wonderful experience for you
  • 【STABLE DESIGN】- Sturdy stainless steel locking clamps and rubber seals help keep the bowl firmly in place. Non-slip rubber feet reduce vibration, making candy process smooth and quiet
  • 【Easy operation】- Turn on the engine and let it heat for 2 minutes. Then turn on the reminder (4 minutes warming). Just pour the silk into a sugar cap and you will have your own dad beard! Convenient drawer for storing raw materials and tools
  • Practical and enjoyable: Its innovative design makes it easy to install and clean, allowing you to enjoy a treat when you do not waste time cleaning it. Ideal for birthdays, graduation parties, festivals, carnivals and fairs
Finally, for the fans and pros of this sweet sin, here is the best cotton candy machine. You won’t find a better quality machine than this one, professional excellence, no disappointment on the menu! Although professional, it remains as easy to use as the others. What makes the difference here? Its food-grade stainless steel container and its 1000W of power for fast heating. Its stability is perfect, no worries with its attachment system between the bowl and the block and its non-slip rubber feet. Its large rims keep the sugar flying inside. Its quality materials make it more than efficient and very robust to last for many years! It is the ideal companion for all types of associations to raise funds. Therefore, quality also means high price, which is normal in view of the very resistant materials used. Important to note also, its weight is 13kg but when you see the beast, you are no longer on the add-on models at all.

The advantages

  • Exceptional material quality perfect for the trade
  • Robust and can make ten cotton candy flosses in only 20 minutes
  • Make huge cotton candy worthy of a fairground fair

The drawbacks

  • Professional quality prices
  • Very heavy weights due to good materials

Royal Catering Professional Candyfloss Machine with protective lid RCZK-1200E: the professional candyfloss machine with lid

Royal Catering - Cotton Candy Machine with Professional Lid
  • Candy Floss Maker - pink - with removable cover
  • 1.200 Watt - 1 portion (12 - 18 g sugar) / 60 s
  • fully automatic temperature constancy control
  • measuring spoon inculded - easy handling and cleaning
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 52 x 52 x 50 cm - Weight: 11,8 kg - Shipping Dimensions (LxWxH) 56 x 56 x 87 cm
Royal Catering is a very nice German brand, mainly for professional kitchens. Royal Catering is well known in the industry. With a power of 1200W, this machine allows you to make cotton candy in only 1 minute! But above all, its advantage is the lid supplied. With this, no more sugar throwing around if you use it indoors. Conversely, no more dirt or dust sticking to the cotton candy when used outdoors. What’s more, its large built-in drawer is handy for storing utensils! While its large 52cm tub is much appreciated, and moreover, the parts that make up the machine are removable, washing it is complicated in terms of space. Indeed, its diameter is a little large to wash it quietly in a sink. Doing it in a shower or bathtub is more practical.

The advantages

  • The lid that guarantees a cotton candy made according to the rules of hygiene
  • Huge cotton candy is possible and easy to make
  • Good quality of materials

The drawbacks

  • Fibre a little because of its great power
  • High price

Royal Catering Cotton Candy Cane Machine Set RCZK-1200-BG on trolley: the professional machine on trolley

Royal Catering - Cotton Candy Machine Professional trolley
  • Stylish design - turquoise casing, voltmeter, sticker, spoked wheels
  • Separate control of the thermostat and rotation
  • Mobile and flexible thanks to the cart
  • Stainless steel - Low-maintenance and durable
  • Incl. measuring spoon for precise portioning
Here again, we offer you a model of the Royal Catering brand. Its small particularity, you will have guessed it, is its support integrated into a trolley. Thanks to this model, you will be able to wander through the party and make cotton candy for whoever wants some! It’s just as handy to transport it because, remember, professional cotton candy machines are heavy. Moving around will be easier and more manageable. Otherwise, in terms of quality, we are once again at the top with the stainless steel bowl and an emergency stop system if a problem occurs. It’s really pleasant. Although the weight is not a problem, as the machine is rolling, the whole unit still weighs 16kg. However, the trolley is very handy as it reduces machine vibration and makes the model more stable!

The advantages

  • The trolley adds more manoeuvrability to be able to move around and makes the machine more stable even when in use
  • Good quality of materials
  • 52 cm bowl for making large cotton candy floss

The drawbacks

  • Very high price because the product is integrated on the trolley
  • Takes up more space than a machine without a stand

How to choose your cotton candy machine?

Making choices is not always easy, but when you have to choose a cotton candy machine, it is even more complicated. Who is naturally familiar with this kind of purchase? Not many people, that’s why we offer you the keys to get the best deal! Here is our guide to the criteria to take a closer look at for your cotton candy machine.

The use of

What are you going to do with your machine? This is the first question to ask. Then, depending on the answer, it all depends on how often you use it and how much cotton candy you want. If you plan to use it occasionally to make original desserts and cocktails, one of the small machines will suffice. If you are in the associative sector of all kinds, it is best to opt for the professional model. It allows a consequent and long-lasting yield of cotton candy. On the contrary, if it’s to make your little sins of the month, an amateur machine will do the trick. However, if this pleasure is rather frequent, you can consider taking a professional machine, it will only be more durable! Finally, if it’s for use at children’s birthdays or garden parties with your friends, it’s best to take a model with a high output. Think about it, if you want to make cotton candy for big occasions, with a lot of people, the professional model is necessary. Nevertheless, there are not many opportunities… That’s why we invite you to buy it with several people! This way, the cost is reduced with top quality when you need it.


The machines for amateurs are not very powerful (450 – 500W) compared to the professional models which are around 1000W. This means two things. Firstly, the warm-up time for an amateur machine will be long, so there is no need to be in a hurry. Secondly, it means that the amateur machine will reach the end of its capacity more quickly. It is recommended to take a break every 5 cotton candy bars so that the machine does not overheat (no longer works). This is why it is so important to use the machine in a targeted manner! With the professional models, you won’t have to worry about this.

Tank size

The diameter of the bowl is also of interest. The larger the diameter, the larger the cotton candy candy can be. Conversely, the smaller the diameter, the more complicated, if not impossible, it is to make large cotton candy. Generally, amateur models have a diameter of less than 30 cm, while professional models are larger than 50 cm. This will also make all the difference for gourmets!

The design

Criterion a little less relevant, but not negligible all the same. As you have seen, there are several styles of machine aesthetics. Between the retro, typical and simple models, the choice is great! If you want to impress both children and adults, we advise you to opt for a design model. Finally, at parties, the professional model is not the most fun to look at, we grant you that. However, the choice of decor is totally up to you! The tablecloth, the stand layout and the signs are small elements that you can think of to make a fly effect.


Here again, the difference between amateur and professional machines can be felt… especially in terms of weight! After all, quality materials are heavier than plastic. For an amateur model, count approximately between 1.5 and 2.5 kg, while for a professional model, the weight is more than 10 kg. You have to think about this criterion if you let your children over 13 years old do it themselves, it will be better if it does not weigh very much.


Finally, here too the gap between work and home is palpable. The price of a small machine is mostly between 30 and 70€. On the other hand, for a top-of-the-range model, you will have to add at least a hundred euros, if not more for another machine. In order to make a good choice and not throw your money away, we have two tips. The first one is to always ask for customer feedback to see if the model is reliable or if the quality/price ratio is good. The second is not to deprive yourself of a durable model. Amateur machines are very correct, no doubt about it, but they are quite limited during parties. Therefore, if you want to buy a cotton candy machine for this reason, buy a professional model with several people, be it colleagues, neighbours or family. The price will be lower, it will be used more often and the quality will always be there!

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