What is the best diffuser for essential oils?

Written by Agathe Rosse

If you agree with the adage “A healthy mind in a healthy body” then you will understand that for you to feel good at home, your home must be healthy before you. That is to say, depending on how you feel about your home, you must (or at least can) improve the negative points. However, who knows how much of a handyman you are… It’s a good thing, you don’t need to know how to paint for our solution. As surprising as it may seem, an essential oil diffuser can really make a difference! It gives your interior a visual and olfactory boost. If you are looking for the best essential oil diffuser, look no further, you have come to the right place! Simply follow our selection of the best diffus ers and our buying guide. We wish you a pleasant reading.

🏆 The best essential oil diffusers

550ml Essential Oil Diffuser/Humidifier, Bluetooth Aromatherapy Music Diffuser with Remote Control for Spa/Yoga/Office etc.
VicTsing 130 ml Essential Oil Diffuser Silent Mini Air Humidifier Portable Ultrasonic Aromatherapy with 4 in 1 Button, Sleep Mode, 8 Colours for Bedroom, Office, Living Room
550ml Essential Oil Diffuser/Humidifier, Bluetooth Aromatherapy Music Diffuser with Remote Control for Spa/Yoga/Office etc.
VicTsing 130 ml Essential Oil Diffuser Silent Mini Air Humidifier Portable Ultrasonic Aromatherapy with 4 in 1 Button, Sleep Mode, 8 Colours for Bedroom, Office, Living Room
550ml Essential Oil Diffuser/Humidifier, Bluetooth Aromatherapy Music Diffuser with Remote Control for Spa/Yoga/Office etc.
550ml Essential Oil Diffuser/Humidifier, Bluetooth Aromatherapy Music Diffuser with Remote Control for Spa/Yoga/Office etc.
VicTsing 130 ml Essential Oil Diffuser Silent Mini Air Humidifier Portable Ultrasonic Aromatherapy with 4 in 1 Button, Sleep Mode, 8 Colours for Bedroom, Office, Living Room
VicTsing 130 ml Essential Oil Diffuser Silent Mini Air Humidifier Portable Ultrasonic Aromatherapy with 4 in 1 Button, Sleep Mode, 8 Colours for Bedroom, Office, Living Room

Why buy an essential oil diffuser

On the one hand, it is a design element, on the other hand, it hides well its playfulness. Essential oil diffusers, on the other hand, make interiors healthier. Whether in a bedroom or a living room, it is important that these rooms are purified of any bacteria or microbes that cause bad smells and illnesses. Moreover, even if you don’t necessarily believe in these new healthy lifestyles mixed with “spiritualism”, you will surely notice some small pleasant changes. For example, the delicate scents of this or that plant that you enjoy will bring you joy unconsciously.

Olfactory atmosphere

We’ve all been to a friend’s house, where there was an odour we don’t know what, like a clean smell where you feel good. Believe us, there’s a good chance that his steam diffuser had something to do with it. Indeed, depending on the essential oil chosen, you have the possibility to create energy in your home. Afterwards, these plant smells form a dynamic, a state of mind in your home, where each of us feels it in the long run. We are all sensitive to the smells that surround us because smell is an essential sense. It allows us to know and feel many more things than we think. Indeed, our sense of smell is very closely linked to our memories and to our memory where each smell means or reminds us of a feeling, a sensation.

Benefits of essential oils

For years, essential oils have been known to have extraordinary benefits. So first of all, yes, essential oils have ” super powers “, but please ask about the counter-indications according to each person. Thus, the diffusion of essential oils is also a way to benefit from them. For example, lavender and sweet orange essential oil will allow you to relax, while lemongrass essential oil will help you to relax keep mosquitoes away without taking the risk of burning something. Finally, essential oils of Scots pine and eucalyptus have properties to help you breathe better in winter cold weather. However, there are dozens and dozens of them that will offer you many other benefits such as good mood and sleep!

Our selection of the best essential oil diffusers

Tenswall – Essential Oil Diffuser 400ml

For our first selected model, we recommend the Tenswall brand with a nice range of different diffusers. This one has a capacity of 400 ml of water, which can diffuse up to 10 hours in a row. Moreover, it is perfectly suitable for a space of between 10 and 60 square metres. Underneath, it should not be left to diffuse for a long time. For large spaces of more than 60 square metres, the effects will not be felt as much or several diffusers will be required. Very quiet, to help you sleep or concentrate. It is also bright, if your aim is to relax. On the other hand, for some, its steam is not abundant enough. However, this essential oil diffuser is good value for money with different timers.

The advantages

  • Sober and fine design to enhance the decoration
  • 1, 3, 6 hour timer or continuous timer
  • safety device that switches off the diffuser when the water runs out

The drawbacks

  • Less steam than some others

Tenswall – Essential Oil Diffuser Remote Control 500mL

Afterwards, we offer you a second model of the Tenswall brand, which has a 500ml water tank. This diffuser has a purer style with a light wood base and a white cap to give more visibility to the light effects. Moreover, it is made without BPA, like many of them, but it is really a criterion of choice for your health. It will be ideal for rooms ranging from 25 to 60 m². Equipped with a remote control for remote use, it is very practical. Like the previous essential oil diffuser, it has several timers and two diffusion systems. However, a small and rare problem can occur, it is a mistake on the sending. That is to say that he sends you the same one but with a smaller capacity. If this happens to you, don’t panic, just send the diffuser back (although it works too).

The advantages

  • Play of light more highlighted with this design (perfect for calming children)
  • Capacity of 500mL which can be broadcast for 10 hours
  • The remote control for remote use

The drawbacks

  • Possibility of error in the order

VicTsing – Essential Oil Diffusers 300mL

Concerning this diffuser, it is more suitable for small spaces because it has a coverage of 30 m² and a 300mL tank. Otherwise, on the characteristics side, it also has a timer of 1, 3 or 6 hours or the continuous function that can last up to 10 hours. In addition, its light wood-coloured drop shape is very restful and soothing for a zen spirit. All this is enhanced by its LED lighting strip. Finally, if its technical characteristics do not appeal to you, its low noise level of 23 decibels will convince you. For your meditation sessions or silent naps accompanied by your essential oil diffuser. However, the maintenance of the diffusers is important for their proper functioning. Indeed, tap water is often calcareous and obstructs the diffusion.

The advantages

  • Perfect diffuser for smaller spaces such as in a flat
  • Very quiet compared to other essential oil diffusers
  • Zen style for a beautiful Scandinavian-style decoration

The drawbacks

  • Think about maintenance to keep it as long as possible

Odoga – Essential Oil Diffuser 500mL Decorative

First of all, its metal shell with its beautiful openwork design sets it apart from other diffusers by far. Moreover, when the light effects are activated, the dark colour contrast will be a delight for the eyes, even more so when you are in the dark to fall asleep. Not to mention, its tank is 500mL and it can diffuse up to 12 hours in a row or be set to diffuse only one hour following the timer. Otherwise, theintensity of the mister is also adjustable, as are the lighting colours. However, don’t rely on the photo that shows the reflection of the patterns on the wall, this is not possible. So the price is a bit higher than the others however, its design is quite unique which explains this. The quality is of course the same or even better than the others.

The advantages

  • Unique openwork design that creates a beautiful contrast to the LED lights
  • 500mL tank that can diffuse for 12 hours
  • Adjustable timer, mister and light settings

The drawbacks

  • Slightly higher than average price

Simpeak – Essential Oil Diffuser 100ml

Small but powerful, this is the credo of this model with a capacity of 100mL of water. All white, it blends in perfectly with your decoration. Its compact design allows you to carry it easily. Equipped with a safety stop when there is no more water in the tank, it is perfect for a bedroom. In addition, the essential oil diffuser comes with a measuring glass. The light effects can also be independent of the mister. This means that the diffuser can be operated without light effects and conversely, the lights can only be switched on without the diffusion. However, don’t forget that this is a small model so it won’t have a timer, it will be up to you to measure the broadcasting time. It remains a little expensive for its capacity but it does its job and are few to be small model.

The advantages

  • Small in size, it is well suited for a bedroom
  • Stops when there is no more water in the tank

The drawbacks

  • No timer

Aidodo – Essential Oil Diffuser 400ml Omasi

This Aidodo brand essential oil diffuser is top of the range. We can see it in its elegant and sophisticated design with curves that make it a piece of art. Equipped with non-slip feet andautomatic shut-off when the water has evaporated, this diffuser is very safe. In addition, its 400mL tank gives it the possibility to diffuse essential oils for 12 hours. Very silent, with a noise level of less than 20 decibels and a timer that can be set for several durations, it is perfect if you want to fall asleep more easily. Nevertheless, it is a little fragile and needs to be well cared for by washing it with a cotton swab so as not to obstruct the diffusion slot. Remember to look at its dimensions, it is a little bulkier than average.

The advantages

  • Double safety: non-slip foot and automatic stop
  • Very delicate and sober design that enhances the decoration
  • Silencer for its volume of water

The drawbacks

  • Don’t forget to maintain it to keep it as long as possible

CkeyIN – Bluetooth Essential Oil Diffuser 550mL

First of all, its great advantage is its Bluetooth compatibility. It therefore enables it to become one of the few Bluetooth speakerphone broadcasters. Very practical during meditation, relaxation or other sessions to have the benefits of essential oils accompanied by your music from your phone. Moreover, supplied with a remote control, it will facilitate its use when you are not next to the diffuser. As for its design, we love the openwork which looks like flower petals, a soothing effect guaranteed day and night. Moreover, it is one of the only ones with a tank of more than 500mL. However, be careful, this brand has several diffusers including the same model without the Bluetooth function. It may be that the brand is sending the wrong product, you will have to send it back and ask for another one.

The advantages

  • Bluetooth functionality, to enjoy broadcasting and music
  • Large water capacity and can broadcast for more than 12 hours
  • Very original design that plays with the contrasts of light effects

The drawbacks

  • Test its Bluetooth function as soon as possible to see if there are any model errors
  • Sound quality is neither extraordinary nor bad, the quality is correct

VicTsing – Essential Oil Diffuser 130mL

About the size of a large pear, this compact and cute light wood coloured diffuser is perfect for a bedroom area. Its 130mL tank is not large but is enough to refresh the smell of a room, not to mention its very quiet operation at less than 19 dB. Moreover, it is manufactured without BPA and has an automatic stop when there is no more water, this diffuser is well adapted for children too. Then, what is appreciated is the possibility to set a desired colour and not have the whole cycle running. On the other hand, it too needs good maintenance to keep it as long as possible. Without it, it gets stuck and doesn’t work anymore.

The advantages

  • Small format very practical for small bedroom-type spaces
  • No BPA and safe it is perfectly suitable for a child’s room
  • Very quiet, it is practical to recharge your batteries for a few moments

The drawbacks

  • Its maintenance is not negligible in view of its small size.

Related products :

To be able to use your diffuser, you must also think about essential oils, which are once again a complicated search and choice. Indeed, essential oils are not to be chosen lightly. Already, it is important to know that essential oils should not be overdosed so as not to risk having irritated respiratory tracts or a bad reaction that could lead to convulsions. It is therefore recommended not to put more than 5 drops per 100mL. Also, some essential oils are not recommended for diffusion. This is why we advise you to always inform yourself about each essential oil in order to see its benefits or contraindications.

VicTsing – Essential oils for diffuser, 6 X 10ml

For this first set, here is a selection of the 6 essential oils most commonly used in diffusion. They are not certified organic, but their manufacturing process is still correct, so it is good to use them in diffusion. Moreover, thesmell and their perfume concentration are validated by the majority of consumers. Moreover, the oils are long-lasting and well packaged. The price-quality ratio is therefore good.

Mearome – Boxed set 8 x 10 ml Organic essential oils – Made in France

Concerning these essential oils, we are on something else than the previous one. Indeed, here the essential oils are certified organic as well as other relevant labels. The organic label is very important. It testifies toessential oils that are 100% natural and made without synthetic products / perfumes that are not recommended for our health. If you wish to use your diffuser on a daily basis, we invite you to start with organic essential oils of much better quality. Even if you have to pay a little more, we advise you to opt for quality organic essential oils. For these, the scents are more concentrated and are well packaged. They are also made in France and are responsible. Finally, the chosen plants are perfect for relaxation, cleaning up the house and helping you to breathe.

Puressentiel – True Lavender Essential Oil – Organic – 10 ml

Then, if you don’t appreciate all the essential oils in these sets, you can also buy them separately. Puressentiel is one of the best known and recognised brands in organic essential oil-based products, which is why we offer you the opportunity to put your trust in them. It will also be cheaper to start or if you only need the benefits of one plant. These essential oils are also certified organic with other labels and are well packaged. Lavender essential oil is one of the first to have as it has many benefits. In particular, it solves problems of stress, insomnia, migraine, little pain and many others!

How to choose an essential oil diffuser :

It’s very complicated to find your way around. Indeed, essential oil diffusers are still quite recent objects or at least have been trendy lately. How to choose one among so many others? Which aspects are important? So many questions and so many answers! This is why we invite you to read this little guide to the criteria for choosing an essential oil diffuser. Diffuseur-visuel02-Simpeak

The type

To begin with, there are several types of diffuser. The most modern is the ultrasonic one and the oldest is the one with a nebulisation system. In our selection, we have only put models with the first technology because this is the best available in terms of diffusers. Moreover, they do not have any negative impact due to the ultrasonic pad, neither its strident nor any other mischief. The benefits of essential oils are better perceived with this type of diffuser. Unlike the others with the nebulisation system, which has a pump that makes more noise and is less efficient.

The design

It’s all a matter of taste of course! You can find all kinds of them: large or small, curved or more geometric, dark or light, wood or metal effect… In short, there are many different styles and choices. For the size we advise you to see in which room you want to put it. Depending on the size of the room, we advise you toadapt its size. Then, regarding its design, it also depends on theuse you want to make of it. If it’s to purify your house and remove the bad smell, we would rather direct you to a decorative model without seeing much of the light effects. If the use is intended for relaxation, meditation or sport sessions, you can afford to choose one with more visible light effects with a Zen visual. Then, why not go with the Bluetooth speaker. Finally, if you want to put it in a room, we advise you to combine the 2. That is to say, a decorative model while keeping the lighting effects present to turn them on if you have to get up during the night.

The manufacturing materials

It is very important to look at them with a fine-tooth comb. The materials, for an essential oil diffuser, will heat up a little during use and then be propelled throughout the room. To end up in our respiratory tracts and lungs. Therefore, we do not recommend that you buy an essential oil diffuser made with BPA. This chemical compound has been recognised as an endocrine disruptor that is bad for our health. Moreover, the vast majority of diffusers are made of plastic and not wood as their visuals may lead you to believe. Otherwise, remember to check that these essential oil misters are well equipped with non-slip feet to avoid falls.

The capacity

Studying the capacity of the water tank is interesting. It allows you to know where it is best adapted. For example, a small diffuser of less than 300mL is very good for a room. Conversely, an essential oil diffuser of more than 400mL is at least recommended for a large living room. In fact, the capacity makes it possible to know the space coverage of the essential oil diffuser. It also determines the diffusion time, in fact, the larger the tank, the longer the diffusion will last.

Additional features

They all look less alike, however, some are equipped with certain features while others are not. Here is a non-exhaustive list of additional technical features:

  • Light effects (continuous runway or possibility to fix on a colour)
  • Timers
  • Bluetooth equipped speakerphone
  • Automatic shut-off when water runs out
  • 2 types of misting (intense or alternating)
  • Remote control for remote control
  • Very quiet system

The price

Last but not least: price! Very often complicated to estimate. The fear of not being fooled is common to all. However, there is a very effective solution, that of looking at customer comments. You’ll know directly if the model is worth it and therefore the cost! If not, for you, essential oil diffusers on the internet cost between 20 and 50 euros. They will indeed be cheaper on the net than in shops.

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