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When summer comes, all eyes are on the air conditioners. Which is the most efficient among this jungle of fans? The shelves are packed to bursting, promotions in every direction and multiple brands present. But Dyson, an appliance brand, seems to have made a name for itself! So what’s the Dyson brand worth? Let’s take a closer look at the best Dyson fan. Their range is quite extensive and quite innovative. Simple air conditioner? Very little for Dyson. Always looking for a product with multiple functions, Dyson designs appliances that combine performance, quality and design. So let’s get to the heart of the matter. First you’ll see the key benefits of these products, then we’ll take you through our selection of the best Dyson air conditioners. Then we’ll help you make your choice, with a buying guide that brings together all the relevant criteria.

🏆 The best sellers of the moment

Why buy a Dyson air conditioner :

Essential for summer… and winter..

As said before, the fans are getting a bit of a rough ride in the summer. What a pleasure it is to have some fresh air in stuffy flats or arid, dry regions. Air conditioners help us to have better days. Plus, whether you’re working, watching the Television. Read a book and even sleep, the Dyson brand will surprise you with its low decibels. It’s a great way to spend peaceful nights without dripping sweat from the heat. And, what you may not know, Dyson air conditioners are rarely single task. That means many of them also do air cleaning and heating! It’s really a product you’ll find useful in both summer and winter.

Dyson a brand of choice

And you’re probably already familiar with the Dyson brand, which has been a mainstay in the home appliance market since 1991. This brand has a philosophy of always doing better and more efficient without consuming too much. Pushing the boundaries to create quality, innovative, efficient and ergonomic products for a better future. Design is also always at the heart of their research. Their product prices are certainly higher than average, but theirefficiency is relentless and their promises are kept. Their flagship product remains their V11 hoover, yet its air conditioners have nothing in common with the others. Dyson was one of the first to design a fan without a propeller that guarantees safety, design and silence.

Our selection of the best Dyson air conditioners:

Dyson AM07 – Tower Fan Air Multiplier : The Classic

Firstly, here’s the standard Dyson model. It’s a simple fan, but you can already see that it’s not like the rest of the market. Dyson air conditioners feature Air Multiplier technology. That means it allows air propelled from the engine to travel in its circular shape and be distributed around the room. Everything has been thought out to combine design with technology because it has a maximum airflow of 500 l/s. The absence of a blade makes the fan safe and secure for children. As a result, its aerodynamic performance allows the noise level to be lowered, which is very appreciable for a fan. Nevertheless, its price is high compared to conventional fans. However, keep in mind that it has also been designed to consume less energy, so the price can be justified. What you lose in the price is made up for in the electricity bill.

The advantages

  • Its timer goes from 15 min to 9 hours
  • Magnetic remote control so you don’t lose it again
  • 60% quieter than the rest of the market
  • No propeller which makes it safe for anybody
  • Large 1 metre unobtrusive design

The drawbacks

  • High price which, for 10% of users, is not justified in terms of product performance

Dyson AM06 Desk Fan: the compact fan

Like the previous one, this one is the same with the main exception that this model is a small format. This one is only 55 cm high and diffuses air in a targeted way for smaller spaces. This model has been designed to be as quiet as possible, with a decibel level of around 60 decibels. It is also much easier to clean without annoying grilles or blades. What’s more, this compact fan also has several timer times to program according to one’s own needs. It is also equipped with a setting of 10 possible and precise air flows to adapt to each person. Finally, it can produce up to 370 l/s of fresh air. What most often disturbs is of course the price, however, almost 70% recommend it 100%. Don’t hesitate to contact Dyson if you receive the US version that doesn’t fit your sockets, errors may occur.

The advantages

  • Small model, very refreshing in hot weather
  • Useful remote control for remote programming
  • Its noise level is acclaimed by a large number of customers
  • The 10 levels of harmonised flow for each situation

The drawbacks

  • The scary high price

Dyson AM09 – Fan and Blower Heater Multiplier Air Technology: The dual-season air conditioner

Then we finally come to the 2 in 1 range, here it is for a fan with heating. This means that this model provides both fresh and warm air. Very cost-effective for year-round use depending on temperature and need. Moreover, it adjusts to the diffusion of the jet, targeted or wide, it’s up to you! Like the previous models, it also has a magnetic remote control that can be placed on the fan or kept with you to control it from your seat. The air flow is continuous and soft, always with the least possible noise. Above all, it is very safe, no propeller and if it is overturned it stops thanks to a safety device that detects it. Admittedly, they are not as powerful as air conditioning and a wood stove, but they do the job that is expected of these kinds of tools, heating more than a fan, according to customers.

The advantages

  • More reasonable price for annual frequency of use (cold or hot air)
  • Magnetic remote control with air conditioner or programmable remote control
  • 2 possible air jets (diffused or targeted)
  • Safe for children

The drawbacks

  • Fresh air fan weaker than heating

Dyson New Pure Cool – Purifier and Connected Fan: The Connected Purifier Fan

Then, here is a model that is currently the talk of the town. The ventilator that also acts as an air purifier. Very trendy at the moment, air purification is a subject that everyone is talking about because of the increase in pollution. Here, this fan guarantees you a long reach of fresh air, always thanks to its Air Multiplier technology without dangerous propellers. On the air purifying side, thanks to its filter it can filter out almost all particles such as viruses, bacteria, allergens and moulds. Moreover, say goodbye to bad smells that can come from the kitchen, animals or humidity. Finally, you will be able to control all this via theapplication. However, some customers are not satisfied with the results because of the rather high price. However, the price is high because of the air purifier part.

The advantages

  • Perfect filtration of pollution, allergens and bad smells
  • Year-round model with air purification functionality
  • Very stylish fan without blades for more safety

The drawbacks

  • High price for a result that does not satisfy everyone

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Air purifier/heater/fan compact model: the 3 in 1 connected

Finally, here’s the latest model we’re going to introduce to you, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool. The Rolce Royce of air handling products. As you can see, this fan isn’t that basic. In fact, it also heats and purifies the air while being connected to your smartphone to monitor the quality of your air. Its design is always one of its great positive points. In the office version, this air conditioner can be positioned wherever you want. 63 cm high and without propellers, it is really safe for children and anyone else. It is effective against allergens and fine particles such as pollution and cigarette smoke for example. Nevertheless, when you see the price, you hope that this fan works miracles yet although it has two other functions, it is still a fan. Dyson is above all a way of thinking.

The advantages

  • Highly sought-after and modern design at the service of its technology
  • Fan, heating, purifier useful all year round
  • Highly effective purification of pollution and allergens to allow you to breathe in complete peace of mind
  • Connected to an application to follow the evolution of the air

The drawbacks

  • Higher than average price

How do I choose a Dyson fan?

When buying a Dyson fan it’s normal to want to make the right choice. Putting the price tag on can be quite confusing for an air conditioner. But Dyson is a philosophy of life. It’s saying yes to the quest for a better world, with ever-improving performance while consuming less energy! It’s also about being in tune withinnovative new technologies like a famous brand of apple smartphone. If you’re ready to embark on the Dyson adventure, here’s our criteria guide.

The use of

ambiance DysonKnow what you are looking for. It may seem trivial to you, but it is often a mistake. We invite you to really think about what you want to do with it. Now that you know what the Dyson fan range has to offer, you can better plan for a certain model. If your goal is just to have a large fan with no impellers and quieter than average, go for the Dyson AM07, otherwise go for its more compact tabletop model, the Dyson AM06. Then, if you wish to go further, to make it profitable in summer and winter, the following 3 air conditioners are made for you. If you suffer from allergies or are sensitive to pollution and odours, Dyson Pure cool and Pure hot + cool are for you! They’ll improve the quality of the air you breathe. Finally, you can also look into dual-temperature air diffusion. That is to say, fans that also heat. The Dyson AM09 hot+cool and Dyson Pure hot+cool models are great for every moment.


It is very important to take into account that you have to look at the watts the air conditioner uses as much as the number of litres of air treated. The watts indicate the power of the fan; the higher they are, the more powerful the fan will be. However, remember that Dyson units are designed to use less energy, so this will probably explain the relatively low wattage. But don’t worry, it will perform just as well. You’ll be able to check this by the airflow it treats – the higher the number, the cooler it gets. Also try to prepare the ground, if you want to use it in a large space, take a large model that will handle more litres of air at a time. Conversely, a compact model is more useful forlocal use or in a room with a more confined space than a living room.

The design

Here, design is more than just the focus. Dyson uses the design of its air conditioners to make it work, and it works better than other fans. All the air conditioners in the Dyson range have much the same simple, modern design. They’re much like other large fans with large, dust-catching propellers. With a Dyson fan, you can be sure your interior will be sublime. It’ll give it a boost while remaining discreet because it’s so long. Above all, keep in mind that the fan you choose must be aesthetically pleasing to you. Who wants to have something in their living room that they don’t find beautiful? Not many people, so think about it, you’ll be all the more satisfied!

Safety and security

When we think fan, we often think dangerous. This is a point that is really addressed here. That’s because Dyson air conditioners are safe because they have no blades and use new technology. “Air Multiplier” propels air directly from the circular fan shape and generates a large flow with the air in the room. This also makes Dyson air conditioners quieter than other fan air conditioners. In addition, some models are also equipped with a safety device that cuts off the fan as soon as it is horizontal, if it is overturned, for example. What’s more, Pure air conditioners, i.e. those equipped with the air purifier, also improve your safety. Indeed, purifying your interior will considerably reduce bacteria, viruses, allergens, pollution particles and smoke. Your lungs will thank you.


Once again, Dyson has met this criterion with flying colours. The brand does its utmost to make it easy to use. Firstly, thanks to its remote control, which has just 4 buttons to control the air conditioner remotely. What’s more, it’s magnetised and positioned on top of the fan when you’re not using it. On the other hand, on some models the fan can be connected to your Smartphone via the dedicated application. You will be able to program it from it or monitor its performance in real time. In short, no worries to have on this side, they are very easy to handle.

The price

Finally, here is THE long-awaited and delicate criterion. Dyson fans are priced between €300 and €700. Not everyone can afford this price, but it’s a price we can’t afford to pay, and we’re expecting a lot more. However, it’s still a fan, not just any fan, so don’t expect miracles. What can these air conditioners guarantee you? State-of-the-art technology. And it’s already huge, it’s rarely imagined that this kind of innovation takes time to create. However, engineers are working hard to offer a fan without blades, as quiet as possible and with the lowest possible consumption. Buying a Dyson is simply adhering to their mindset of constantly improving things. Afterwards, we advise you to go and read the customer comments in order to have a global vision of the product. We hope you liked the article and, above all, that it helped you see more clearly. See you soon for an upcoming article!

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