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Written by Agathe Rosse

You dream of being able to enjoy your garden this summer but shade is scarce in your home. Eating out, reading a good book or just resting on your relax without being in the sun would be a luxury. Indeed, summer is a popular season, however, the heat and sun are difficult to manage unless you have a garden gazebo. Getting into the business of creating a terrace is not for everyone. On the one hand, from a feasibility point of view (type of land, location…) but also from an economic point of view. One of the best solutions available to you is simply to install an gazebo that will provide shade and style. This is why we offer you a fine selection of the best garden pavilions. In various styles, sizes and budgets, you are sure to find what you are looking for! Then, don’t forget to look at our buying guide which lists the essential criteria for buying.

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Why buy a garden gazebo

Practical in every way

As said before, if you want to enjoy a shady exterior, the simplest option is to opt for a garden pavilion. No work is required, only the installation of the gazebo. Whether it is on a ground already covered with concrete or other materials or on grass, you can do what you want and position it wherever you want. Depending on the material of the roof of the pavilion, you will be more or less protected from the sun and heat. Finally, these gazebos are handy for dressing and giving your garden or terrace a touch of sparkle. Draped, waterproof, coloured or sober, you have a multitude of choices. It’s up to you to make the right choice to enjoy your outdoors.

For outdoor parties

There are of course small and large models. For daily domestic use or for occasional use at family celebrations or birthdays, our selection will be in line with all possibilities. Yes, we also offer barnums to accommodate large tables, stands and more! Waterproof, you won’t have to change your plans if it starts raining on the day of the party. You will be able to continue your little party under cover. Very practical also for weddings and fairs, so you can position them wherever you want and have enough room for whatever you want. Photo stand, games, refreshments… you are the master of possibilities with this gazebo!

Our selection of the best garden gazebos :

gazebo 3m x 3m

TOOLPORT – Garden pavilion 3x3m ALU Premium 280 g/m² waterproof tarpaulin

This beautiful model is rather made for everyday use with its aluminium frame. Moreover, it will be much more resistant thanks to its very solid 9 cm thick legs. Its frame is resistant to rain and corrosion because it is made ofsolid steel. Concerning the roof covering, the tarpaulin weighs 280g / m², which is very remarkable and filters UV with ease. Moreover, its installation is very simple and doesn’t take more than 2 hours, be careful to be at least two. Its design and stability make this gazebo a good purchase with a very correct quality/price ratio. On the other hand, some customers are not satisfied with the defective tarpaulin, if this is your case, the after-sales service is remarkable so go ahead without fear. In addition, don’t forget to remove the roof cover when it rains heavily, this will extend its lifespan.

The advantages

  • Very aesthetic, modern and sober model
  • Stable and resistant gazebo made of very good materials
  • Easy to assemble with all the components included in delivery
  • Highly competent and professional after-sales service

The drawbacks

  • If you are not careful with the tarpaulin, it will eventually give way

VidaXL – Belvedere Round Curtain 3.5×2.7 m Anthracite Garden Tone Pavilion

When the fine weather comes around, garden design is once again one of our main preoccupations. In spite of having time to do major work, here is a small round gazebo that is very pretty to provide a corner of shade while decorating your garden. With a diameter of 3.5 metres, you have plenty of room to put a table and chairs or whatever to enjoy it properly! Moreover, the steel structure is correct and the tarpaulin is UV-filtering and waterproof. The design is very pleasant and has curtains that can be pulled out to hide from the neighbours. However, the instructions are a little complex to understand or even not adapted for some customers. In any case, if you have any difficulties, do not hesitate to look at the internet to see how all gazebos look alike.

The advantages

  • Very original and charming rounded shape
  • The roof tarpaulin is UV-blocking and also waterproof
  • The roof has a ventilation system that is perfect for use with a hot tub

The drawbacks

  • Assembly is complicated for those who are not familiar with furniture kits

TOOLPORT – Garden pavilion 3x3m Polycarbonate Deluxe pavilion roof

Not specified with the previous model, the Toolport brand is trusted. Indeed, Toolport is expert in designing tents for special use (reception tents, storage tents…) but also garden gazebos! This model presented here is top of the range. Because of its unique roof, it is quite rare to see one. Here, instead of having a tarpaulin as a roof, you have polycarbonate panels which are very UV-covering and at the same time 100% waterproof. It takes a little longer to assemble than the others, but with 2 people you can do it in 3 hours. The construction is again of good quality with materials such as aluminium. Nevertheless, the price is quite expensive because quality is really the priority of this model without a roof cover. Polycarbonate panels are also more expensive than tarpaulins for this reason.

The advantages

  • Roof made of polycarbonate panels which is UV resistant with a +50 index
  • The quality of the building materials makes it very stable and durable
  • Very helpful after-sales service if a problem arises
  • Year-round use, very low maintenance (withstands up to 80kg of snow / m²)

The drawbacks

  • The higher-than-average price for a 3x3m gazebo

Hikole – Garden Gazebo Waterproof Folding Tent 3x3m Reception Tent with 4 Weight Bags

Then, here is a very simple model of the Hikole brand. This barnum is perfect if you want to take it with you for a picnic or a flea market. You can however use it as a garden gazebo but you will have to be careful it is a light model. This model is more for occasional rather than daily use. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble. Then, once folded in its transport bag it is a huge space saver! As for the quality of the fabric thickness, it is not referenced but the brand claims that it stops UV rays all the same. The weight bags supplied are very practical for stability. However, it is a model that remains light, so we advise you to fold it if you do not use it and even more so if it rains heavily. This will only cost you 5 minutes and will guarantee its durability.

The advantages

  • Very good value for money
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble (always be 2 in these operations)
  • Nails, tensioning ropes and weight bag provided
  • Compact but efficient model

The drawbacks

  • Remember to fold it if you do not use it in windy and rainy conditions to avoid breakage

gazebo 3x4m

TOOLPORT – Garden gazebo 3x4m 180g/m² pavilion with waterproof roof tarp

Would you like to take advantage of a larger space? We have what you need with this 3m x 4m garden pavilion. Its roof covering is of a quality of 180 g /m², not the best available, but it is enough to effectively screen out UV rays of 30+ index. In addition, its construction is made of corrosion and weather resistantsteel. Its 6cm thick posts provide the gazebo with good stability. The tarpaulins that cover the entire pavilion are all waterproof with welded seams. Moreover, the assembly is very simple by following the instructions, however, it requires at least two people. On the negative side, we don’t necessarily find any, the quality of the fabric is less thick than other arbors of the same brand but does the job. Moreover, the tarpaulin must be removed in winter and during strong winds and storms in summer. The pavilion remains good value for money.

The advantages

  • Good value for money for this model
  • Large gazebo with a very modern and pure aestheticism
  • Easy to assemble, the instructions are clear and self-explanatory

The drawbacks

  • Be careful in case of heavy weather or strong wind, removing the tarpaulin is essential for its durability

Outsunny – Barnum gazebo Colonial Style Garden Gazebo Double Roof Mosquito Net

First of all, the Outsunny brand speaks for itself, offering a wide range of quality outdoor supplies. Amongst its wide range, this beautiful large garden pavilion (3.9 x 2.9m). Its assembly is very simple, it will be as easy as child’s play. Its big plus point is the presence of mosquito nets. This means that you can connect the mosquito nets to each other and be protected from mosquitoes during your meals. Then, if you wish, you can also close the curtains to keep out of sight, wind and rain! Its fabric is of a quality of 180g /m² which is correct all the same to cope with UV rays. Unfortunately, its waterproof side is questioned by some customers who are not totally convinced. Light to moderate rain is possible, but when there is a storm, go back to the shelter.

The advantages

  • Integrated mosquito nets
  • Very easy to assemble by two people
  • Good price/quality ratio for size and strength

The drawbacks

  • Its impermeability is a little low for some

gazebo 3x6m

YUEBO – Barnum Waterproof Folding gazebo 3×6 m Reception Tent

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Rather appreciated for large family or friendly gatherings, this large 3×6 metre barnum is perfect for hosting large numbers of people. It provides extremely good protection from UV rays with a +50 index with its very good quality 270g / m² tarpaulin. The tarpaulins on the sides can also be added to protect you from bad weather if necessary as it is waterproof. Above all, what is appreciated are the windows created in the tarpaulin to keep the light anyway. Moreover, its construction is robust and will therefore last over time while being stable. Easy to put on and take off, it will follow you everywhere in its very practical carrying bag. On the other hand, remember to take weights to put them at the feet of the tent because if it is set up at the highest point, it will be a bit tight. It remains a very good value for money considering its dimensions.

The advantages

  • Windows integrated into the tarpaulins to keep in the light
  • Very good UV resistance of the roof tarpaulin
  • It is quick to install when there are two of you

The drawbacks

  • If there is wind in your area, consider putting weights on his feet
TOOLPORT – Folding Tent 3×6 m without Side tarpaulins Finally, here is our last selected gazebo. This one differs by its total absence of a tarpaulin on the sides. Indeed, for certain uses such as a large buffet at a wedding or garden party, tarpaulins are not useful. Moreover, this makes the gazebo more aesthetic, without tarpaulins hanging and dragging, the result is cleaner. Here, the tarpaulin is very thick as it weighs 300g /m², which is quite impressive! It protects perfectly against even the strongest UV rays. This gazebo is also very easy to install and takes up very little space when folded in the storage bag provided. However, weights are essential if you are in an area with a lot of wind. Indeed, its large dimensions make it more windy.

The advantages

  • More aesthetic visual without the tarpaulins on the sides
  • Very thick, UV-resistant roof covering
  • Very large dimensions for a garden gazebo

The drawbacks

  • Remember to buy weights to avoid lifting in big gusts of wind

How to choose your garden gazebo :

Making choices is not always easy, especially when you want to buy a relatively expensive product that you don’t know much about. Knowing which selection criteria are important helps most people to make the right purchase. With our little tips, you will see that making your choice is child’s play! That’s why we’ll let you use our criteria guide to help you buy a garden pavilion without further ado.


First of all, it is important to determine what you will use it for, or at least what you want to do with your garden gazebo. If you are planning to have your garden pavilion installed all year round, it is best to opt for a solid model. For example, models with thick legs made of steel and aluminium are preferable. In fact, their feet are usually fixed to the ground with screws and provide better stability and anchoring in your garden to remain in place all year round. On the other hand, if you wish to use it on a one-off basis, opt for a model that is easier to handle and quicker to assemble and disassemble. These garden gazebos look more like large tents but are even more effective for this type of use at events, flea markets, fairs, weddings, garden parties, stands and many more. These models are also known as reception barnums.


As you can see, there are many different styles. Square, rectangular, circular, modern, typical or waxed tent, you have the choice and the colours are abundant. The most important thing is to choose a model that you like visually. We can’t say it often enough, but choosing an gazebo that you find pretty will guarantee you satisfaction every time you see it. It is essential to behappy with it in order to use it properly! So make your choice, the moments of relaxation and conviviality are waiting for you.


Then, another important point, the dimensions of the gazebo. First of all, you should know that the standard sizes of garden pavilion are 3x3m and 3x4m. However, you can also find 3x6m and even 3x8m but the choice will be less extensive. To better visualise its dimensions, try to measure the space using a tape measure or by long steps of one metre and put objects in each corner. This will give you an outside view that will project you onto the square your garden pavilion will take up. At the same time, we invite you to measure your table, spa, armchair or whatever you are thinking of putting underneath, so as not to end up under too small or too large a space.

Durability – solidity

Very important before you buy, you must find out about the solidity of the gazebo. This involves analysing the building materials. In order to have a model that will last over time, you have to look in three places: the structure, the legs and the tarpaulin. You have to look at the materials used for the structure; the most reassuring materials are steel, iron and aluminium. If you see plastic, forget it! Concerning the feet, we would like to remind you that the thicker they are, the more stable and solid the gazebo will be. Finally, as far as the cover is concerned, we invite you to choose models with a heavier weight. That is to say that tarpaulins weighing more than 200g /m² are ideal and repel all types of UV rays. However, to ensure that your gazebo is more durable, we give you these two tips. Remember to put weights at the feet of your gazebos to prevent them from flying away but also from moving. This is not pleasant but above all it could weaken the structure more quickly. Then, don’t forget toremove the tarpaulin from your gazebo in the winter and if it rains heavily.


Last but not least, a last but not least criterion. Price is often a complicated criterion to determine, but you’ll see that it’s easy to find your way around. First of all, you have to study the market and see what it’s doing and at what price. For example, for barnums and reception tents the prices will be lower, ranging from 70€ to 250€ for large models. Conversely, permanent garden gazebos are more expensive and can vary between 300€ and 1000€ depending on the materials used. Then, to go even further, don’t hesitate to go and check out the customer reviews to see what they think. This concludes our article on outdoor pavilions. We hope we have helped you with your purchase and wish you a good continuation! See you soon for new comparisons.

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