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Who during thewinter days has never been cold and never wanted to roll up in a warm duvet? Well it certainly wasn’t us! The low temperatures are an ordeal and you stiffen your whole body with cold to your greatest despair. In short, anyway, the return of the cold is not your cup of tea. However, there is one way to drink your tea peacefully in a warm place… the warming blanket! Repairing all your winter ailments but in a different way thanan essential oil diffuser. It cheers you up and warms your body. Does the choice of a heated blanket seem complicated to you? Are the terms used difficult to understand? Don’t panic, goodrater is there to help you! Discover our selection and comparison of the best heated blankets. Finally learn what criteria are essential to make the right choice of self-heating blanket.

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Why buy a heated blanket

If you would like to get one for yourself or are hesitant to offer one, here are our reasons to take the plunge.

Being in a cocoon

Whether it’s after a day’s work or during a day off, snuggling up in the warmth is one of our first reflexes. As the lack of warmth is largely due to this, we want to remedy this lack. The heated blanket is then the perfect ally to feel in a small cocoon in the warmth. It must be said that cold and rain do not do much good for morale. In order to avoid the little winter blues, you need to take it easy but also to take short relaxing breaks. From time to time, taking time for yourself is also a good remedy for dealing with the greyness. In short, to conclude, the heated blanket will delight all those who are cold and in love with fleece.

Muscle relaxation

What we think about less and yet which is just as important is muscle relaxation. The cold makes us feel cold and makes our upper body, especially the shoulders and neck, very tense. In addition, the cervical vertebrae are also affected, as are the lumbar vertebrae and the feet. Muscle tension is spared with the gentle and constant heat from an electric blanket. The positive effects can even be described as“therapeutic“. That is to say that, thanks to its adjustable temperature, you can choose the intensity you need to relieve muscular pain or rheumatism. Finally, for any blood circulation problems, the heated electric blanket should also have its effect.

Our selection of the best heated blankets :

KLARSTEIN Dr. Watson XXL – Electric heated blanket 200 x 180 cm

To start off strong, here is the XXL heated blanket from Klarstein Dr.Watson. This brand is rather well known in the market of electric blankets with heating. Its soft and fluffy material comes from the blanket’s microfibre. With a power of 120 Watts, you have three temperature levels at your disposal. On the other hand, what is practical for watching a movie or sleeping, is its automatic switch-off after 3 hours of operation. In addition, its large size of 200 x 180cm allows you to snuggle up in it as you wish. Above all, what we find useful is the possibility to wash it in the washing machine simply by unplugging the electric control cable. However, we are a little disappointed with its heating zone. It is not on the whole of the heated duvet but only on the centre of the blanket. It is possible to heat the bed or to warm oneself alone, but it is a shame.


  • Very large format of 200x180cm
  • 3-hour automatic safety shutdown
  • Machine washable


  • Heating surface smaller than the dimensions of the duvet

MaxKare – Electric Heating Blanket 130x180cm

This model from the MaxKare brand, which specialises in wellness heating products, heats up quickly. In addition, the 130×180 cm blanket made from flannel and lambswool is already warm in itself. This electric blan ket can be adjusted with 6 temperature levels. Your cold will be put to the test thanks to its heating from 20 to 45°C. After three hours of use, the blanket is switched off safely. In addition, the heated duvet can also be put in the washing machine at 30°, once the removable control has been removed. Finally, there is a real desire on the part of the brand for its customers because the after-sales service is reactive. However, remember that this kind of product is fragile. Even if the heating system is good, a few customers can only use it for a few months because of a malfunction for which the after-sales service is present.


  • Even heating over the entire surface of the duvet.
  • Six heating levels with a range of 20 to 45 degrees.
  • After-sales service present and reactive


  • Type of product a little fragile

Navaris – Electric Heating Blanket 180 x 130cm

Very nice Navaris heated plaid, the brand has a wide range of products for the home. First of all, it is equipped with the safety shut-off after 3 hours to prevent overheating and other accidents. Secondly, the plaid measures 180 by 130 cm and has 3 temperature settings. The starry, slightly childish design makes it perfect for children and teenagers. It is also possible to put it in the machine on the delicate programme because the remote control is detachable. The heating blanket has a 2-metre mains cable and has a power rating of 120 watts. Finally, made of micro plush, it is very soft to the touch and comfortable. Nevertheless, the heating is quite long, it should be switched on at least 30 minutes beforehand, in order to have a warm bed. Moreover, the model is quite rigid, rolling up in it is not very pleasant.


  • Automatic safety shutdown
  • Very soft and pleasant material
  • Heated plaid model with rather rare patterns


  • Slightly long to heat
  • A little rigid according to some customers

Navaris – Electric heated blanket 180 x 130cm – Soft Plaid Sofa Bed

Second model of the same brand, Navaris signs a very cosy blanket and plaid collection. With a standard size of 180×130 cm, the heated fleece blanket is very soft on the skin. The stop timer cuts off the use of the blanket after 3 hours of use to prevent overheating. In addition, you can choose between three heat levels to find the one that suits you best. Alternatively, if you wish to wash your electric blanket, you can gently run it through the washing machine just after removing the electric control. This model seems to be quicker to heat up and generally more appreciated by customers. However, as mentioned above, these are rather fragile products that may have a small malfunction on certain models. Here, there are really very few of them, moreover, the after-sales service is reactive.


  • Correct price/quality ratio
  • Fast warm-up time
  • Professional and reactive after-sales service


  • Type of fragile product

Cosi Home – Electric Luxury Heated Blanket

Next, here is a thick and soft warming blanket from the Cosi Home brand. It is very soft and heats up quickly on its 160×130 cm surface. What’s more, what you really appreciate is its timer that can be set for up to 9 hours! You can keep the whole day warm all day long. There is also a possibility of 9 settings for the temperature, which is very rare. All the same, the anti-overheating safety is not forgotten and is also present. In addition, the cable of the remote control can be detached so that the heated duvet can be washed in the washing machine at less than 40°. In short, it’s quite good and more advanced than the others, which makes it a good buy. However, as seen on a previous heated electric blanket, depending on the model, the electric wires are not always well distributed over the surface. As a result, the blanket may not heat evenly over the entire area.


  • Good value for money
  • 9 possible temperature settings
  • Timers up to 9 hours


  • Rare defect in the distribution of the heating wires

Best heated capes

MaxKare – Back, Shoulder, Neck and Neck Heating Cushion – 60 * 90cm

Specially designed for the upper body, especially the back and neck, this little heating cape from MaxKare relaxes the stiff neck and shoulders. With a dimension of 60cm wide by 90cm long, your entire back is covered with the heating cape. It can be worn on your back with a belt to be tied on your stomach and a magnetic button on your neck. You have the possibility to heat up to 5 different temperatures. In addition, the timer for one or two hours is also very practical for a short wellness session. In addition, everything is designed for you and your mobility with a 240 cm power cable. Otherwise, the flannel blanket is full of softness. Nevertheless, one of the aspects that we find unfortunate is that it covers the back, shoulders and cervicals very well but not enough the lumbar region, which is often painful too.


  • Format very suitable for the upper body
  • 5 heat levels to choose from
  • 240cm power supply cable to keep the minimum active


  • Not large enough to cover the entire lumbar region

ATMOKO – Portable Shoulder and Back Heating Pad 60 x 85cm

Finally, here is a model comparable to the previous one, with a few differences. First of all, it measures between 60 and 65 cm wide and 85 cm high. The heating time is fast and you can choose one of three intensities between 45 and 65 degrees to suit your needs. Like the other model, it can be put in the washing machine. Made from flannel and fleece, the cape is extremely soft. Moreover, this heated cape has an automatic stop after 1h30 of use in order to consume less and avoid overheating. Finally, its power cable is no larger than the previous model. On the other hand, this model is also too short, heats a little too much or not enough depending on the user. One of the problems is also that it does not heat evenly over the whole back. Finally, the collar does not heat up for safety reasons, so don’t be surprised.


  • Quick to warm up
  • Possibility to wash it in the machine
  • More suitable for people under 1m60


  • A little short to warm the lower back of tall people
  • No heated collar

How to choose your heated blanket?

Choosing from a wide range of brands and models is not always a simple matter. All of them are better one than the other however, sometimes you have to be able to read between the lines! In order to do so, it is above all necessary to know which criteria are important to better target them and examine them when making a purchase. That’s why we help you to see more clearly with our advice and the criteria you need to pay attention to.


Depending on what you want to do with your electric blanket, the choice of model will not be the same. In fact, each electric blanket meets a different need. For example, if you simply want to warm your bed, a large blanket will be required. If you prefer to curl up in it, you may prefer to go with a softer model. On the other hand, if you want to do thermal therapy, opt for the heating blanket instead. Don’t neglect other aspects such as temperature levels, timers, heating time, washing machine use, good after-sales service, etc., which are also very important. To do so, you need to know what you want from this heating blanket in order to make the purchase that best suits you.

The style

As far as the style of the electric blankets is concerned, it is not as developed as one might think. This can be explained by the average age at which this type of product is intended. However, more and more young people are interested in and consume self-heating blankets. For the moment, the models are quite sober, but with beautiful colours. However, some rare blankets may also have designs such as the Navaris star pattern. You can also find heated blankets with different thicknesses to have a blanket with volume and thickness.


Big points to check also on the user comments you can see by clicking on the Amazon links. They often testify to the quality of the product. Still, you have to take a step back from what you can find there. Dissatisfied people are more likely to say this than happy ones. However, keep in mind that this type of product is still fragile and not very durable. If the heating blanket already lasts 2 years it will be suitable. If, on the other hand, it lasts less than a season, then there is a manufacturing problem and you should contact the after-sales service.

The price

For once the prices are more or less all in the same range, which is reassuring. The market is therefore stable. In order not to make a disappointing purchase, remember to look at customer comments to see what they think of the quality/price ratio. Take the benchmark of at least 60% customer satisfaction to make a purchase with the fewest worries.

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