The best mouse traps: getting rid of pests

Written by Agathe Rosse

Even though we love small animals, they can sometimes annoy us and come to visit our house without our invitation. These little unwanted visitors end up invading our rooms and quietly electing a home within our walls. Despite their size, the damage caused by these small rodents can be very consequential, so it is important to solve the problem as quickly as possible!

To get rid of mice or other rodents, there are many mouse traps on the market. From the classic faggot to poisoning and glue boards, you can find many pest control solutions. The trick is to find the most effective rodent control for your situation, and the most suitable for your home. To help you find the rat trap that best suits your needs, we have carried out a comparative study, so that you can put an end to the ordeal of these vermin at the best value for money, thanks to our testers and their opinions !


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Best Mouse Traps: our top 3

Parasitox – Anti-rat and anti-mouse plastic glue board (set of 20)

Everdigi – Ultrasonic Repellent Set of 2

SYTS – Mouse Trap, Rat X6 – Mouse Trap


Why use a mousetrap?

The objective in using one of these traps is to get rid of mice, rats and other rodents, or to repel them to discourage them from coming to your home. These pests can quickly cause damage, especially if you have a garden or live in the countryside. These small bugs like to ravage poultry houses or hives, gnawing them to the point of destruction. That’s why it’s important to deal with the problem quickly, especially if you have insect hotels in your garden, which rodents will be happy to nibble on. The same is true of your home, mice and other pests are very attracted to crumbs or food scraps, and love to gnaw on furniture.

Through traps or repellents, these solutions allow to say goodbye to occasional visitors for a healthy and quiet habitat. The advantage is that there are all sorts of effective and non-harmful pest control devices available for you and your home. No toxic aerosol, no stain-proof and safe for children. The different models of mouse traps give you the choice in your rodent control, with radical solutions to exterminate them, repellents to discourage them or traps to capture and release them. Whatever the solution, you will be free of small animals for more tranquility!


How to choose the ideal mouse trap?

Before rushing out to buy a mouse trap, it is important to evaluate a few purchasing criteria, to make sure you choose the anti-rat solution that best suits your solution and your home. Before you get started, you need to be able to evaluate all of these criteria to make sure you make the right choices and are satisfied!

The treatment

Before buying one of these solutions, you should evaluate your needs and the usefulness of the mouse trap. The model will depend on whether it is used for prevention or for pest eradication. If you are already a victim of an invasion, you also need to measure the extent of the invasion. Some traps are not suitable for all invasions, depending on the location and the number of mice.

The type of trap

Depending on the size of the invasion and its nature (mice, rats or other rodents), you will be able to more easily determine the trap model you want. In general, mousepads or glue boards are sufficient to control an invasion, but they do not fit all configurations. You will discover the best mouse traps and their detailed description in our comparative shopping guide so that you can choose the most suitable type of trap!

Your home

To find the ideal mouse trap, you need to know how they managed to get into your house or apartment. You need to study their behaviour to find out where they come from and where they are hiding so you can set the traps in the right place. Depending on where they are hiding, you will have to choose a solution adapted to the configuration (if it is a cramped place, under a piece of furniture, etc.). The more you know about their movements and hiding places, the more effective your choice will be!

Your expectations

Your choice to buy a rat trap will obviously depend on what you want! If you want to prevent or get rid of a large invasion, you will have to choose the trap accordingly. It also depends on your goals in the face of the little beast that bothers you! Do you want to capture, corner her, or kill her? You will find solutions in all cases, to release the small rodent or to say goodbye for good.


Best Mousetrap: our opinions and comparisons

Here is our selection of the best and most popular mouse traps on the market. We have compared the different trap models to help you choose the model that will suit you best and allow you to get rid of pests as efficiently as possible.


K & B – Set of 20 mouse traps

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Unmanageable, the mousetrap is your best ally in the fight against the mouse invasion. This batch of 20 traps will allow you to quickly and simply eradicate small unwanted visitors. The manufacturer is a specialist in animal traps and offers an effective solution with solid materials such as wood and steel. This model is washable and reusable, and is therefore very economical in the long run, especially when you see its derisory price which allows us to get rid of rodents at the lowest cost! Of course, you’ll have to add bait to the spot on the fag to make it useful.

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Parasitox – Anti-rat and anti-mouse plastic glue board (set of 20)

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These small plates coated with high quality glue will catch your mice efficiently. This pack of 20 allows you to place them in many places if the invasion is large, especially along the walls and near their hiding places. The advantage of these plates is that the glue does not dry out in the open air, and remains very sticky at all times to block the mice. If you are a little sensitive, remember that this type of model does not kill mice, but captures them. The mouse will eventually die of stress or starvation, stuck to the plate..

Be careful though, this model is very suitable for small rodents such as mice, but is less effective for large ones such as rats, which can manage to escape.

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SYTS – Mouse Trap, Rat X6 – Mouse Trap

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These 2.0 mouse sissies revolutionize the concept of the faggot with a robust solution that is 35% more powerful than the classic faggot. These mouse traps work in the same way as a faggot, just place a bait in the designated area, but without the risk of injury by inserting the treats from underneath with a screw-tank. When the mouse comes to nibble, the mechanism triggers itself to kill the mouse with a snap. Unlike wooden sissies, the advantage of these is that they are very strong, made of durable ABS plastic, which allows you to use them both indoors and outdoors. The trap is very simple to set up and is very easy to use. Very effective, you will be rid of it in less than two, we recommend!

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Everteco – Set of 2 Rats Mouse Traps

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Thanks to its design, these rodent traps make it possible to capture pests without injuring or killing them. Made of ABS plastic, this capture box is durable and can be placed inside or outside without risk of damage or being eaten by pests. Very easy to use, just place a bait inside the cage and open the door. When a rodent enters, the spring-loaded door mechanism snaps into place with the weight of the animal, and automatically closes behind it. Once captured, you can release him wherever you like by simply opening the door. With five air holes, the little beast is safe! Sold in pairs, you can set these traps in different locations for immediate results.

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Everdigi – Ultrasonic Repellent Set of 2

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This alternative to the mouse trap allows for prevention, or to keep away unwanted visitors if they are few in number. These boxes simply plug in, and emit ultrasounds inaudible to humans or pets, covering up to 120m2 of surface area. Both rodent and insect repellent, this solution is effective enough to repel pests. However, sounds do not pass through walls, so be sure to install them in the different mouse-friendly rooms. Without odor or toxic product, this box changes frequency regularly to avoid the adaptation of pests to ultrasound.

In addition to scaring away mice, you’ll be rid of mosquitoes, flies and other insects that bother you, for more tranquility in the house!

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FIXMAN – Mouse Trap 197512

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Hyper efficient and above all very good value for money, this capture cage for rodents will get rid of pests in the blink of an eye, without hurting them! Its simple mechanism triggers the closing of the cage when the animal comes to nibble the bait on the hook. Safe for critters, the size of the cage allows you to catch mice, big rats, field mice and shrews that you are free to release – or not afterwards.

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When to use a mousetrap?

The problem is that we often wait until we have already been invaded by mice and rats, or other small animals, before starting a rodent control program. However, it is often too late, and it will be necessary to redouble our efforts to chase away these invaders, or else we will have to find effective treatments or call in rat control professionals. Even when you think you don’t need it, the use of a mouse trap can be very useful! Here are the three cases in which to use a pest control solution:

  • Prevention: Even if you don’t have small visitors, preventive treatment can prevent unpleasant surprises and ensure you stay calm. Inexpensive (especially compared to post-invasive treatment), all you have to do is install an ultrasound repellent, which will keep mice or other rodents away and prevent them from coming into your home.


  • Regular treatment: regular application of solutions against harmful rodents both gets rid of those that are present and discourages those that have not yet arrived. This treatment should not be taken lightly and must be done correctly, especially if you suspect the presence of these small animals (presence of excrement, gnawed papers), to prevent them from multiplying and invading you further.


  • Post-invasion: If it’s already too late and you’re overrun with mice, you’ll need to redouble your efforts to get rid of them as quickly as possible. There are two solutions: you can either hire a pest control company (faster but more expensive) or you can take care of it yourself. In this case, you need to find out where they come from and where they’re hiding. You can then simply multiply the traps around these areas to stop the invasion. The first little beasts will get caught in the traps, and the others will understand the message and flee to another habitat!


The different mouse traps

You will find a multitude of models of pest traps on the market. As far as mouse or rat traps are concerned, there are three main types of traps known to be effective:

  • The mousetrap: the most traditional rodent trap known to all, the mousetrap is very effective in getting rid of small invaders. Its concept is simple and easy to use, just place the flap near the mouse holes, with a little treat to bait it (peanut butter, hazelnuts, nuts, chocolate), and you’re done! Be careful, the places where you place the traps must be strategic for the fag to be really effective. One of the big advantages of this little trap is that it is very economical! You can find it in lots for unbeatable prices for a faggot that costs less than a euro. In addition, you can reuse it over and over again, and can control rodents for very low prices.


  • The glue board: this trap consists in blocking the mouse on the sticky board thanks to the extra strong glue that sticks to its paws. The pest is attracted to the trap by an odour that attracts them added to the plate (avoid touching the plate too much with your hands so as not to remove the odour and add the human odour). Dreadful, this solution is very effective and leaves no escape for the small animals, which have no way out. However, unlike the mousetrap, this trap does not kill rodents, but only prevents them from moving (although some die quite quickly due to stress). If the invaders survive, then it will be up to you to end their lives or throw them out with the plaque. One of the advantages is that this trap is also very accessible in terms of price, with lots that cost less than two euros each. They can be installed for several months if the dust does not cover the glue too much, just throw them away after each trapping.


  • The cage: effective but a little more expensive than the two previous solutions, this trap allows to capture the small animals and to be able to release them (or kill them) afterwards. Simply place the cage in strategic places and attract mice, rats or other rodents with delicious baits that will make the little beasts rush to the scent for a snack! Once a visitor arrives, the cage automatically locks to trap them. The advantage of this cage is that it comes in many sizes, and can therefore be used for mice as well as for various rodents, and is very quick to install


Alternatives to traps

Traps are good for trapping or eliminating these little beasts. But there are other ways to scare off or eradicate pests. For example, you can use an ultrasound repellent to repel invaders and prevent them from coming into your habitat. Ultrasounds are designed to change frequency regularly to prevent animals from adapting to the sound produced. This solution is easy to set up, just plug in the box and does not present any danger for the inhabitants, who will not hear the sounds emitted at all. To ensure peace of mind, you can place several ultrasounds in the house, especially in areas where mice are likely to be installed. The advantage of these repellents is that they emit frequencies that not only repel rodents, but some also scare away mosquitoes, spiders, cockroaches and other insects. A good alternative to avoid rat or insect control without using insecticides or harmful products with a non-toxic and non-hazardous solution.

Alternatives to the mouse trap include poison in the form of granules, to be inserted in baits such as peanut butter or chocolate, to poison pests. To maximize effectiveness, place poisoned bait near mouse holes or their living quarters to ensure that rodents nibble and swallow the poison. Be careful, if you have pets, the poison can present a risk if they ingest a few pellets..


What type of mousetrap to choose?

To begin with, the model you choose to get rid of pests depends on whether you want to repel them preventively, kill them, or capture them and release them back into the wild. The mousetrap you choose also depends on the nature of the invasion and its size.

If you wish to install preventive solutions against pests, you can simply use an ultrasound repellent, which will cost you very little per year and will avoid any problems.

To eradicate your invaders permanently, the most effective solutions are mousepads, glue boards, or poison pellets.

In order to capture them safely and without killing them, you can opt for a capture cage, which will allow you to release the rodents far enough away from your home to allow them to resume their quiet little life in the wild. To make sure you get rid of them, we advise you to install an ultrasound repellent in your home once the mice or rats are away, so that they don’t come back to your home.


Depending on the nature of the invasion, you will need to increase the number of rodent traps for your pest control to be effective. The location of the invasion is also to be taken into account in your choice, so that the type of trap is appropriate. For example, a cage that is too big will not fit under a piece of furniture. If the mouse hole is behind a low piece of furniture, use a faggot or glue boards, which will slide easily along the walls underneath the furniture. If the invasion is in your garden or cellar, you can opt for a capture cage or poison.


Where to install it?

For optimal effectiveness of mouse traps or alternatives, it is important to study your habitat and the places where your small invaders have settled. It is important to take a good look at your house and all its nooks and crannies, especially the cramped spaces. Mice tend to hide in small, often inaccessible holes, with passages under furniture, in places where people don’t pass too much, and where they feel safe.

Once you have made a good note of where the rodents live, you will need to place the traps nearby to make sure you attract and capture them.


Best mousetraps: why trust us?

Thank you for reading this article! Because we know that it is not always easy to make the best choice without trying, each of our recommendations is the result of a long work of analysis of consumer opinions on flagship and little-known products on the market, of comparison of prices and technical characteristics, but also and above all of tests by a team of men and women constantly renewed in order to keep a real objectivity to help you in your purchasing process.

All the purchasing criteria are scrutinized for the realization of our comparative guides: budget, level of range, functional and practical aspects, design, pack and accessories, safety… All this in order to help you choose the products best suited to your needs, desires and constraints on a daily basis, at the best price!

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