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Written by Agathe Rosse

When the summer comes, we like to enjoy our outdoors such as the garden, terrace or balcony. Often we think of arranging them with flowers and beautiful furniture like a garden arbour but rarely do we think ofilluminating them with an outdoor garland. However, this is a very popular trend this summer. In addition to being decorative and pretty, an outdoor light garland is also useful and economical. Whether you like them in any colour or in warm white or cool white, they still make a great statement. However, the reason why many people are reluctant is because of their durability. That’s why we help you with our selection of the best light garlands for outdoor use. To find the outdoor garland that suits you, follow our selection and buying guide below.

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What to do with a light garland?

Decorate your exterior (or interior)

As said before, the light garland is a beautiful decorative object. First of all, it can be in different forms such as with origami, mini lanterns, LED light curtain or simply beautiful round bulbs. Simply switched on and stretched out, it will already bring a lot of cachet. However, you can also wrap your outdoor garland around a terrace column or parasol pole. For a beautiful effect on the balcony, you can also put your garland in a large vase or a large lantern! Above all, don’t forget when you hang the light garland, the best thing is to make it yawn a little for a warmer effect. Finally, you can also make shapes by hanging it up for a more personalised effect.

Lighting the garden or balcony

It is true that the light from a garland of light is not as bright as a conventional bulb, but it still allows you to enjoy it. Indeed, at outdoor parties, they are much appreciated for their warm and intimate appearance. Outdoor light garlands bring a trendy country and country spirit. For your garden parties, they will be your best allies. In fact, when you extend one or more garlands to cover the whole area, they will give your guests enough light. And if you want to spend a romantic evening, it is also the best light. Soft and magical, it’s the right idea that makes theatmosphere cosy.

Our selection of the 8 best outdoor light garlands :

MYCARBON – Outdoor LED String Light 12,5m 36 IP44 Waterproof 4 Bulbs Waterproof 4 Spare bulbs

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We start our strong selection with this beautiful and quite original outdoor light garland. From the Mycarbon brand, what makes the difference are its large visible filaments. In reality, it is more durable beaded LEDs that are used. This outdoor garland measures 12.5 metres and has 36 bulbs. The little extra is the 4 extra bulbs in case they need to be changed. Otherwise, what is practical are the small hooks at the base of the bulbs for easy hanging. The bulbs are also waterproof and rainproof, which makes them easy to maintain. As LEDs, the lights consume little, which is good news for the electricity bill! However, not all products are optimallywaterproof. Some customers find water in the bulbs, so it is better to put them in a more protected place.

The plusses

  • Hanging hook to place the garland wherever you like
  • Original design
  • LED light bulb with lower energy consumption, more durable and safe to use

The minus

  • Not 100% waterproof, place them a little more sheltered
  • Bulbs that remain fragile during installation

Lights4fun – Guinguette Lighting Garland 30 Multicoloured LED Balls for Indoor/Outdoor use

Here is a shorter model, 7.2 metres long, with 30 multicoloured LED bulbs. The bulbs are 25 cm apart. In addition, it also has a 5-metre power cable, which means that a socket next to it is not necessary. Here too, the bulbs have a hook for easy attachment. Thanks to its IP44 standard, it is a string of outdoor bulbs. What’s more, its low-voltage power supply makes it a low-consumption item. If you’re planning a great party with a “guinguette” spirit, you’ve hit the nail on the head. With its four colours, you can create a festive effect of your choice. However, what is unfortunate is that the light intensity is too low compared to what one might expect. Moreover, the watertightness of the garland is not as reliable as some customers think.

The plusses

  • Coloured bulbs for a guaranteed “guinguette” effect
  • The 5-metre long power cable allows for more flexibility
  • Hook for easy installation

The minus

  • The model’s watertightness is not so reliable
  • Low brightness compared to others

Litogo – Solar Powered Outdoor String Light, [Set of 2] 12m 120 LEDs

Later on, here is another model of electric garland, less imposing. It consists of two solar garlands that are recharged by sunlight using a solar panel. These garlands are very easy to install with their copper wire that bends as you wish. Moreover, we appreciate the pointed foot to make it easier to put it in the ground. After a full charge of about 7 to 8 hours, the garland can remain illuminated for 10 hours. The light switches on automatically when it is dark enough. Then, the garland is also waterproof and water resistant. They measure 12 metres, have 120 LEDs and 8 lighting modes. However, in rare cases, one of the garlands may not work after a few days, so please contact the seller who has a good after-sales service.

The plusses

  • The 8 possible ways of lighting (flashing, constant crescendo…)
  • Very malleable to hang them as desired
  • Solar recharging is more ecological and very economical

The minus

  • The garland is very thin and so are the LEDs
  • The electric garlands remain fragile on certain deliveries

OxyLED – Exterior Lighting Garland 8.3m (Timer & Dimmable), Warm White Exterior Lighting Garland

Next, here is one of the best models we offer, the OxyLED brand. This LED bulb light has a very special feature, that of being dimmable. That is to say, you can change its brightness intensity. Moreover, it is equipped with a timer to be able to manage the lighting time from 30 minutes to 4 hours. This garland has 25 bulbs and 3 more in spare. In addition, the garland measures 8.3 metres. Again, there are hooks at the base of the base for easy installation. The same goes for the IP44 index, which guarantees this light decoration is rainproof. On the other hand, we can see a fragility in the bulbs, the glass is a bit thin. This is why it breaks very easily if the installation is a bit chaotic. Don’t worry, the customer service is good.

The plusses

  • Dimmable light bulb with intensity control
  • IP44 standard rather well respected no sealing problems
  • Timer to set the backlighting time

The minus

  • Very thin bulb, risk of breakage if shaken a lot

OMERIL – Solar Powered Fairy Lights, Fairy Lights 50 LED Crystal Ball IP65 Waterproof, USB Connector

Then, second model of solar electric garland. This one has 50 small glass balls with very original water drop effects. With a length of 8 metres, the garland is therefore well supplied and provides good lighting. What is rather interesting is its double charging possibility. Either you recharge it using the small solar panel or you can also recharge it via USB if time is not cooperative. The 8 lighting modes give a small effect to every situation, fixed during meals or flashing during parties. Due to its IP65 rating, the garland is water resistant. All the same, pay attention to the picture, the bulbs as said before are rather small compared to the garlands with real bulbs.

The plusses

  • Warm and romantic atmosphere
  • The double charge, not fixed socket or living room
  • 8 lighting modes to change according to use

The minus

  • Smaller than average LED ball

LE Lighting EVER – 10m Copper Stranded Lighting Garland with 100 Warm White Star LEDs, Waterproof IP65

First of all, from a very reliable brand, this 10-metre Lighting EVER garland is perfect for decorating a balcony, terrace or trees. Made of copper wire, the LED garland can be adapted to any desire by bending easily. The LEDs look like small beads that form a beautiful light decoration once night falls. With its 100 LEDs, you will be equipped with a beautiful outdoor light garland offering 2 meters more for the power cable. With its warm white luminosity, you can enjoy a cocooning and cosy atmosphere. Moreover, it can also be used as a Christmas garland, by placing it in the Christmas tree, for example. However, be careful with the thread, it is quite thin and can break easily if mistreated. Moreover, for some, the warm white colour is not warm enough

The plusses

  • Very thin garland almost invisible when not in use
  • Can be used for the garden in summer and as a Christmas decoration in winter
  • Easy to install due to its model without balls or bulbs

The minus

  • Not very easy to handle due to copper wire remains fragile

OxyLED – Exterior Lighting Garland 17 Meter with 120 Bulbs, G40 Exterior Lighting Garland, IP44 Waterproof, E12

An XXL model for an XXL space. We have also thought of you, who need a great length of 17 metres. Moreover, this garland is also interesting in that it can still be extended by another garland thanks to its end-to-end connectivity. With a model like this with 100 bulbs, you will be sure to have light if you double the wires. But it’s probably more used at garden parties or country style weddings to have a large garland. With its guinguette design and warm atmosphere, you will be immersed in the heart of a movie set. Without forgetting, it also comes with 20 extra bulbs for changing. It is also waterproof. However, please note that we are not talking about LED garland here. These are real G40 bulbs. It’s not the same thing, otherwise the quality seems rather good.

The plusses

  • Very long to be able to decorate at parties
  • End-to-end connection to be able to extend the garland
  • 20 extra bulbs in case of replacement

The minus

  • There is no question of LED bulbs

LE – 10M Multicolour LED String Light, 100 LED Balls, 8 Modes, Waterproof Outdoor String Garland

Finally, a bit of colour to finish off! This very colourful LED model will delight your outdoor lighting with its hundreds of small light balls. Moreover, it measures 10 metres and each ball is 10 cm apart. It is therefore a very complete garland that lights up rather well in relation to the size of the balls. It has several types of operation with fixed, flashing or flashing light. In addition, IP44 guarantees any waterproofing problems that may occur. However, try to install it in a sheltered place, it will only have a longer life. You can use it for any opportunity. What we like, above all, is the extra 3 metres to connect the garland to a socket. On the other hand, like any product, it is not appreciated by all, some find it too small, others do not find it resistant enough or has a junk effect. Nevertheless, don’t worry, this only concerns less than 20% of customers.

The plusses

  • Very pop coloured garland
  • Helpful and friendly after-sales service
  • A large number of bulbs that provide a lot of light

The minus

  • A little fragile for use in windy conditions

How to choose a light garland?

It is often very complicated to find your way through all these models. It’s not so easy to recognise the good and not so good light strings. What purchasing criteria should I be aware of so as not to place an unnecessary order? We explain everything about everything to help you in the best possible way.


What you want to do with your garland will help you to find the garland that suits you best. For example, if you want to decorate your balcony or terrace that is fairly sheltered, you can opt for a garland that is less than 10 metres long. Alternatively, you can also afford to choose a garland that is less water-resistant and less sturdy. Indeed, if the garland is protected, there is no need to worry. On the contrary, if you wish to use it in the middle of your garden or wrap it around your pergola, choose a larger, watertight and resistant garland. Don’t forget to take into account other aspects such as the different lighting modes, the integrated timer and, above all, the economical and ecological solar garlands. Think of the summer evenings but also of the festive season which will sparkle with a thousand lights thanks to these flashing garlands.

The design

To make things clearer, four different styles of garlands can be distinguished. First of all, transparent glass bulbs are very fashionable. This style of garland is very popular at cocktail parties and celebrations. On the other hand, you will find garlands made of copper wire, they are very thin and look like small beads in the air. Then, the coloured garlands are also very popular for a tinsel effect at the beach. Finally, you will find the one with balls or original shapes like the Omeril morning rosé effect. When making a purchase, this is one of the most important criteria. Indeed, if you take a garland that appeals to you in a moderate way but is more in line with your budget, it will be more difficult to be satisfied. Moreover, if you really like its style, you will use it much more often, which is the goal.

Safety and security

Very important when it comes toelectrical appliances that can go outside, possibly in the rain. Remember to ask about the IP44 and IP65 standards often used with this type of product. It is essential to be sure that the garlands can be used outdoors and meet one of these standards. On the other hand, remember that LEDs are low voltage, which makes them safe and less expensive in terms of energy consumption. They are safer because many of them are equipped with a low-voltage transformer.


It’s quite complicated to define this criterion, but you have to look especially at customer comments. However, keep in mind that this kind of product remains fragile no matter what. Otherwise, what can guarantee greater durability is to look at the materials and their thickness. For example, copper is rather a noble and robust material, however, if it is too thin, it will break. On the other hand, the big wires (the sheath here) may not look very aesthetic but what is sure is that at least they protect the electrical wires inside. This avoids bending them too much and prevents the wires from aging. Glass bulbs are also more fragile than others because they break more quickly. Otherwise, in terms of durability, LED lights illuminate much longer than a conventional light bulb.

The price

Finally, concerning the price here again, it’s quite complex. Depending on the model, prices can vary from around twenty euros to more than sixty. It depends mainly on the size of the garland, the number of lights and the materials used. In order not to make a disappointing purchase, remember to look at the customer reviews to see what they think of the quality/price ratio. Take the benchmark of at least 60% customer satisfaction to make a purchase with the fewest worries.

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