How to get rid of mice: our tips

Written by Agathe Rosse

The little mouse, we love it when we’re kids, but much less when we’re grown up! When mice start to invade our house or apartment, it’s a whole different story. These mice raid our closets, rip open our bags, nibble on our electrical wires and even leave us little gifts on the carpets: a real mess that can quickly become very large if we don’t take things in hand quickly. Max2kdo shares his tips to get rid of mice and find peace of mind at home!


Where do the mice in the house come from?

To begin with, before tackling these little beasts, you need to answer one crucial question: how do mice get into your house and where do they come from? You’ll have to be a keen observer to find out what attracts mice to your home, and how they manage to sneak in.

As soon as you see the appearance of small rodents in your home, inspect your walls and every nook and cranny, under and behind the walls, high up, in all rooms, especially where there is little noise and stay quiet, such as the cellar, laundry room and attic, or where there is food to eat. Once you have sifted through your house or apartment, you will have identified the mouse holes, and their passages to enter your home, it is in these places that you will have to act in your fight against mice!

Whether you live in the city or in the country, in a house or an apartment, you are never safe from a rodent invasion. Of course, country homes, especially old houses with many nooks and crannies, are more at risk. Adored by pests, our homes are full of resources: enough to eat, enough to hide, and to live a cushy life, safe from danger… or almost! Thanks to our tricks, you’ll be able to get rid of them quickly!


Observe their habits and movements

Now that you know where they come from and where they go, take some time to observe them, and find out their little habits and the passages they use most to get from point A to point B. Be alert! Mice are tiny little creatures that can easily crawl through pipes, cracks, holes in baseboards, both on the floor and on the ceiling! Be conscientious so that the rat control that will follow is as effective as possible!


Solutions to get rid of mice

se debarrasser des sourisThere are many ways to get rid of these small rodents. Mousepads, capture cages, poisons, glue boards, ultrasonic repellent: you will find multiple traps to eradicate your invaders. For more details and to choose the right solution for your pest control needs, find our selection of the best mouse traps.

Before buying a mouse trap, think about your needs! Not all traps are suitable for all rodents, make sure you choose a model that fits. Whatever your budget, you will easily find an effective solution to avoid having to call a pest control company and deal with the problem yourself.

Also think about what you want to do with the mouse! You can choose between different models depending on whether you want to treat the problem permanently, for example with fags, poison granules or sticky glue boards. If you want to be a little gentler and just want to keep the mice away or move them around, opt instead for an ultrasonic repellent or a capture cage, which will allow you to release the small animal.

Do prevention!

Before you have to get rid of mice, think about prevention if you have a house or apartment that is attracted to rodents. Here are some tips to keep mice away without even seeing them or hurting them!

To avoid being invaded by mice, take a few precautions: don’t leave food outside for too long, try to clean up crumbs regularly, and protect bags containing food that can be easily gnawed. Choose aluminium cans or jars to keep your food dry.

To learn how to keep mice away and scare them away, you can also set up ultrasounds in your home for regular preventive treatment. Just plug one in the rooms at risk (kitchen, attic, cellar, laundry room), and the frequency will keep the mice away before they even have time to settle down! This treatment is inexpensive and really effective for prevention, and has the advantage of not being harmful or disturbing!


What bait to choose?

quels appâts pour attraper des sourisWhatever trap you choose to eradicate your unwanted visitors, you’ll need bait to attract them and maximize the chances of getting them.

If the mice have already nibbled on some food in your kitchen, it’s because they like it! Get some more of the same food, to make sure you catch them.

If your visitors have not been through the kitchen, you have a lot of bait to choose from! Very greedy, the mice are quickly seduced by the treats. Forget the cliché of cheese, prefer foods high in calories, such as hazelnut jam, chocolate, peanut butter or sweet biscuits like cookie bits. If you have pets, dog food may also be suitable.


Choosing the right places to place mouse traps

Once you have clearly identified the places where your little mice pass through and hide, you must place the rodent traps judiciously to catch them successfully. Mice mainly move along walls, which is a great place to set your traps with the bait. Remember to put some under or behind furniture, inaccessible nooks and crannies that they use to feel protected. You can also put some in front of or in their holes, such as poison pellets (inserted in bait).

When placing or handling the mouse traps to set them, it is advisable to wear gloves to avoid impregnating the traps with human scent, which could keep rodents away.


We hope you find our tips useful in answering your question “how to get rid of mice in a house”

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